Danger: Sergeants Gold!!!

I too have recently experienced/experiencing a horrible situation all due to the use of Sergeants Gold flea and tick squeeze on product for my dog Loaf.  We purchased this horrible product last night in hopes of relieving a minor flea problem and now we are face with a mroe fatal and devastating problem. WE applied this squeeze on at about 8:30-9:00ish, after about an hour to an hour and a half Loaf started runnign in circles, whining, whimpering and acting completely crazy like nothing I have ever seen him do before. I just shrugged it off thinking that the fleas were being more annoying than ever because we used that stuff on him. Well we decided to go to sleep and Loaf too his normal spot, right between me and dad, and I did not get a wink of sleep my poor baby was up doing the same circles and whining and scratching as before so at about 4-4:30 am I was like this is not right! So I googled the product and found this website as well as a few other blogs in regards to this same product and I was completely horrified. I went in the other room woke my husband up and said we have to get this crap offf of him right now ( I would have immediately washed Loaf myself but I am literally 1 day away from delivering a child and it is hard for me to get on the ground and wash him thoroughly). At first he was like what are you talking about and I said get the f out of bed and help me give him a bath in Dawn right now! As he woke up I started telling him about these same situations and his heart fell to the floor as well. Our poor lil Loaf was suffering from something we could not have imagined and I felt like a terrible mother for putting him in this situation. We quickly gave him a bath and his demeanor changed he wasn’t as crazy, and he seemed to be a little relieved. Now it is 12 and my poor Loaf is hiding under the bed in a place that I cannot reach him, I am checking on him every few minutes getting on the floor trying to make sure he is still breathing. This is the first time in over a year that he has not been glued to my side. I called the vet at about 10:30ish and the Vet informed me that I did all that can be done and I could bring him in for a check-up but alls they could really do is watch him (the same thing I am doing) and informed me not to ever use that product and that it has this same effect on many animals cats and dogs. I was also informed that this is a fatal product and has been known to kill some animals that have used it! I then proceeded to ask them why it is on the shelves being sold and she said because they get by with that small line that says in case of a reaction call this number or your vet. I am sorry but when I read that line and the word reaction,  I did not think that their terminolgy for reaction also meant life threatening reaction I was thinking a rash or maybe a little itchy! I am now sitting here hoping that my Loaf wil be ok and telling myself that i cannot handle this, he is too much apart of our lives and I feel like that damn company has violated my rights as a consumer, and parent! I hope everyone tells their friends and family members not to use this crap on anything! I texted everyone I know and warned them of its potential hazards! I wish the best for everyone and I hope your pets have all recovered and I have the utmost sympathy and I have cried tears for every poor animal as well as owner that has suffered through this ordeal. Complete disgust is not even the right words I feel after this situation and it isnt even over for me yet..now I have to go take my 9 month pregnant self crawl on the floor and try to get my puppy to come out from under the bed so I can check him!  Good Luck everyone and DO NOT USE this crap, it is only worthy of the trash can and that swtill isn’t satisfying! Sorry about my rambling but I am just so super peed off and I hope noone else goes thorugh this!!!!!!

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  1. We lost our dog, Cheeto, on June 27, 2008 to these products. It is unbelievable.
    Please contact Joseph Frank at 951.746.4111. He is working hard to get these products “off” the shelves.

  2. Hi Bern,

    My name is Julie and I am an online community relations liaison representing Sergeant’s. I am so sorry to hear about your recent ordeal and want you to know that Sergeant’s takes this matter extremely seriously and wants to offer their deepest apology for your misfortune during such a time. If you have not already, I recommend at your convenience, that you or your husband call the 24 hour hotline at 800-224-7387. I recommend you do this so that Sergeant’s can open up an investigation into why Loaf had this type of reaction. We also want to make sure that he is now feeling better and is completely healthy.

    It is important to remember that just like with humans, dogs too can have an allergic reaction to medication even if all directions for application are followed correctly. On the other side of things, Sergeant’s has seen a number of cases that have been the result of misapplication. Because of this fact, an online education campaign called “Look at The Label” has been made available for all pet owners to use. This resource can be found at: http://www.lookatthelabel.com and offers tips and educational videos for flea and tick medication. Of course, this is not to say that you personally applied the product incorrectly or failed to read the label at all. Like I mentioned, reactions can occur even if all precauctions are taken. You took the correct actions by contacting your vet and washing the medication off of Loaf.

    Again, we are very sorry to hear about Loaf’s experience. Please know that Sergeant’s will do everything possible to help you at this time and look forward to your call. Please let me know if there is any way in which I can assist you and your husband further at this time.

    All the best to you and your family,
    Julie and The Sergeant’s Team

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