Class Action Lawsuit Please Read !!!


On Sept 15,2008 I treated My cat with Hartz Flea drops. Today now thw 16th we arrived home to find our cat outside shaking. We brought her in the house as it was cold out side. My wife noticed something was wrong with the cat.

We thought she might have gotten into some garbage or ate a mouse or rat that was poisined. We then remembered we treated her with the drops. She went into a violent siezure and was convulsing harshly. I found the package and immediatley looked up the information on permethrin.

I called hartz and when I did I got a machine that asked me to press 1 for customer service and 2 for emergency help. I pressed option 2 only to get a answering machine that said all agents were busy and to call back later and it hung up. I called back immediatley and pressed option 1 talked to a rep who transfered me to a emergency care consultant for hartz. He was the most un caring person in the world I was asking if there was any combatant for the permethrin he said ” No sir there is nothing to combat it” and then he sat on the line and was going to leave it at that. Then I asked him how long it was going to be in her system and he said well it can be up to 72 hours. He did not offer and help nor support to me. I told the basterds this was not over and they would be hearing from me and a lawyer.

I ask you to please contact me at [email protected] with the information of your horror story and that you provide me with your name and a address and telephone number where yoyu can be reached by a attorney of law and begin a class action suit against this company for the lack of care and knowledge about this deadly flea medication. Your animal can die from this just being around another animal treated with this cocktail of death.

I am in tears for all of you that have suffered through this. And one more thing there is no documented studies on how to treat this overdose. But do not let your vet use charcoal as this is topical and not ingested this will result in dehydration of your animal and put them in even more danger. Bath your animal with soap 3 times to ensure you have got all of it off and rinse with alot of luke warm water hot water will open the skins pores so do not use HOT water.

This company seems to have no concern or care what they are doing lets put them in thier place and make them care. This medication is highly toxic and needs to be looked into further before more animals die.


Derek Stewart

London Ontario Canada

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  1. i just treated my cat with the hartz ultragaurd and he must of got some in his mouth because the next thing i know he’s got this long glob of drool coming out of his mouth. so i run to wipe his mouth and then i come immediately to the internet(of course NOW i look), and i read this alarming info. not a happy camper. so i go rinse them both off( yeah i treated both of my cats) and now i’m watching them like hawks looking for any signs off anything emergent. so far nothing. Princeton, the one who drooled is sitting in a corner looking at me like he can really rip my head off. Onyx is ok for now. prayfully the rest of the night.

  2. Derek:

    I am very sorry to read your story. I urge you to follow through on your lawsuit. This wonderful site has been collecting similar stories since 2002, and many victims’ sincere rage and genuine determination fade under the pressures and obligations of daily life.

    Hartz relies on our collective inaction. It is what enables them to continue to peddle their poison to unsuspecting pet owners.

    It’s up to us to take Hartz (and the complicit EPA) to task on their senseless slaughter of our beloved pets. See it through, no matter what. I’ll post something on my site ( about the lawsuit you are putting together. Good luck, and please see it through.

  3. I think that this company should take responsibilty for what they have caused they should be ashamed of themselves for putting poor animals throught this.
    My dog is suffering right now. And other then my dogs health, I am concerned about whether or not we will get reimbursed for our vet bill.

  4. I am sitting here absolutely petrified because I used Harts control drops on my cat a couple of hours ago. After about an hour she came running to me, yowling as if she was in terrible pain and scratching at the back of her neck. I washed her neck with a damp cloth, thinking that maybe the drops were irritating her skin, but 20 minutes later she started yowling again and behaving very strangely. I got scared and gave her neck a good wash with soap and water. Now I am just watching and waiting. If anything happens to this cat, I will just die. She is the sweetest thing and she means the world to me. I should have gone to the vet and bought some decent flea meds. Now I feel horribly guilty. Hartz needs to be stopped from putting our pets in danger. Is there anything that can put these creeps out of business?

  5. Early this morn., my boyfriend noticed something was wrong with Spitz,our “kid”, all of a sudden he was extremely disoriented, was shaking all 4 paws, started convolsing, we called a vet, as soon as we were in the car, he had a very bad seizure in my arms. It is nite time now, and after 2 trips to the vet, he is still pretty shaky, we got the med. the vet prescribed, he is calmer, but his poor lil mouth still wont work right, he has a lot of trouble trying to eat a lil canned food, and its real hard to get some water in him.Were both taking shifts watching him. My sister told me about your web site. and were with you 150% She even bloged it on different catagories on craigslist, she even called a few t.v stations. I plan on sueing the shit out of them, plus, i plan on making a flyer with a photo that will “GRAB” the publics eye and tell everyone whats up.Spitz isnt out of hot water yet, but i have faith.If you have a place i can call for the lawsuit, id appreciate it greatly.

  6. I am so angry at the hartz company i was using frontline for a while but my boyfriend was injured at work so is laid off for a while so we had to cut back on our budget so we went to the store to find something cheaper not knowing the damage that i would cause to my brooke!!! At the stores all you see in HArTZ this and HARTZ that. I bought the 2in 1 flea collar the purple one and the hydrocortisone cream spray for her my cat had that collar on for two days and when I was lying in bed petting her one night i noticed that when i touched her neck my hand had blood all over it so i freaked out turned the light on and noticed that her long beautiful fur was gone and her neck was all flesh! raw bloody flesh. so i started calling animal hospitals and told them what happened and they said that they tell everybody that HARTZ is very dangerous on animals. my question is WHY THE HELL IS IT STILL ON THE SHELF THAT IS ALL YOU SEE?I immaditeally called the company and asked hr what they put in this product and she had no heart what so ever about anything she said its not like your cat will die her name was paula. the truth is she is my pride and joy she is like my kid and she means everything to my boyfriend and i And I will fight til the end to stop this company from being able to sell an of these products on the shelves anymore. I have an appointment in the morning wit ha doctor for her and i will be the first to tell you if anything happens to my cat there will be hell to pay on this companies behalf. I wish all of you luck on your stories and hope the best for you and your animals.. Brooke may be a cat but she is my cat and she is not just an animal to me she is my life and I will not let this happen to any other animals. so please join with me and stop all of this posioing of our animals!!!!!

  7. I just sent you a note. I am just back from a long trip to a decent vet 50 miles out of town. I put the drops on Boris at 1 a/m, at 6.30 he went into seizures!!!! He was trembling, his eyes jittering back and forth. I did 70+ mph on a very winding highway with him clinging to me, ocassionally having seizures. They immediately gave him Valium, and took him in for a bath. They’ve got him on fluids and are keeping him at LEAST overnight. They should NOT be allowed to keep doing this to our pets! If I wasn’t so broke, and keeping more pets than I should, I’d have NEVER used their product! But we also have local vets who are very greedy, and charge sometimes twice what a ‘big city’ vet charges for Advantage or Frontline. A local store even had a ‘big sale’ on CapStar tablets, $36 for the 6 pack, which you can get online for $17!!!!!

  8. Marie, I am so sorry, I will pray that your baby makes it through. The first 48 hours are crucial for the seizures. A week ago our beautiful cat did not make it. Please try not to blame yourself, use your emotions to help the fight against these horrible products. Everyone is having a tough economic time, this is why we need to tell everyone not to use these products, the cost is much to high in the end. Our McNalley’s Story is posted on this site. We all need to work together to stop this horrible abuse!

  9. Dear Marie and Wendy,

    I am very sorry this has happened to you and your kittens.

    Thank you for bringing this forward–-as painful as it must be. Hartz, Sergeant’s, BioSpot and other manufacturers using pesticide neurotoxin products have created devastation for pets and families for many years. They have been enabled by retailers like PetCo, PetSmart, Kroger, Walmart, Rite-Aid, Safeway and others who defer their safety standards and concern for pets to the EPA–the most lax regulatory agency in the federal government. Hartz–which caused your problems–has one of the worst safety records in the industry. Their products containing pesticide neurotoxins have accounted for a significant number of the adverse incidents reported to the EPA over the years. Their appalling safety record goes back to the ’80’s and ’90’s with their product, Blockade, which was pulled from the market because of an unacceptable number of animal injuries and deaths. They have been forced by the EPA to make numerous labeling revisions and they have been cited and fined for not promptly and accurately reporting adverse incidents to the EPA. Their cat and kitten products were terminated in 2006 when the EPA–under tremendous consumer and media pressure–issued a Cancellation Order (2005) against Hartz because of their deplorable safety record. Please, take one important step to help yourself and other pets and pet owners. Please take the time to report your incident to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC). This organization works with the EPA to compile the database of incidents and statistics that will be analyzed and used as a basis for corrective action. The NPIC can be reached at 1-800-858-7378. They are very professional, courteous and efficient. This is a critical step in the public forcing the EPA to finally do the right thing and get these neurotoxin pesticide ingredients out of the marketplace. Also, please call Hartz Mountain and report this incident to them. They WILL NOT be happy to hear from you, but they–-like all the manufacturers–-have an obligation under federal law to forward your report to the EPA. As I mentioned, Hartz Mountain has been cited and fined for not properly and promptly reporting these incidents in the past. Their telephone number is 1-800-275-1414. Put the pressure on Hartz by giving them the details and forcing them to report to the EPA. Also, they should be asked to reimburse your medical expenses…don’t hesitate to ask for this. Also, most veterinarians are willing to work with you regarding your financial situation. They have seen first hand the devastation that these products are causing–-they understand the pain and suffering. If you need financial assistance to treat or euthanize an animal most veterinarians will attempt to work with you. Thank you again; so very sorry for what has happened. It’s reprehensible that Hartz, BioSpot, Sergeant’s and others continue to injure and kill thousands of pets–-it’s absolutely unacceptable. We should all do whatever we can to prevent this from happening to others. Communications to the proper regulatory agencies, manufacturers, NPIC, retailers and the media and politicians are critical steps. All the best to you.

  10. Matt,
    Thank You so much for honest concern and compassion. I am reporting this to everyone, I have a long list and am working my way through it. EPA and Hartz were the first ones I reported too. I am not sure Hartz will be happy to pay my vet bills because I did everything to save my McNalley- over $2000 in bills. It wasn’t about the money for our family, not to say it isn’t always a factor, but McNalley is and always will be a family member. I would have made the same choices had it been my child or grandparent. Sadly, one of the emergency vet was initially very rude to me. I think she thought I should have saved everyone the hassle and just had McNalley put down. She kept telling how much things would cost. Finally, I told her JUST DO IT. I don’t care about the cost, after that she was much better, but I was very angry for the attitude. After reading through somethings, I realize that attitude is pretty common among people. I am not sure why there can’t be more compassion among animal lovers.

  11. PLEASE do not use Hartz Ultra Guard Onespot treatment for cats and kittens. I applied this to all three of my cats last night and all three have been sick all day. It doesn’t even kill the fleas. I called Hartz and they told me there was no possible way their product made my cats sick. My cats were playful and healthy before using this product, but soon after using hartz they became ill. I have given all three baths in dawn dish soap and I am hoping they return to the normal playful kitties they usually are, if not I guess it is off to the vet to spend the money for my mortgage! I cannot believe such a harsh, unsafe product is on the market!

  12. My maine coon kitty, Finn has been in the animal hospital for 5 days now. They think he has brain damage, We used Sregreant Flea & Tick drops.

  13. I have a one-year old Persian, Mr. Hooty. He is my world. I have no children, and he is my child. I was having a pretty bad flea infestation. I had been using Frontline Plus, to no avail. I went to Wal Mart and picked up the Hartz Plus Flea and Tick, making sure there was no Permethrin in it, as I have heard about how that cannot be absorbed by the cat’s liver, and they can die. So thinking that I could use this as a “supplement” to the Frontline Plus, I sprayed him with this. That was a Friday. All weekend he had horrible diarrhea and was not eating. I ended up syringe feeding him with a little ground up turkey and some plain oatmeal to keep him hydrated as well. He seemed to be better after that and started having an appetite. However, he was so agitated. He would flick his tail like a propeller and sit down and lick at himself, jump up as though stuck with a pin, kick out his back legs and then repeat this over and over. It was as though he was extremely itchy all over to the point of making him insane. It came to the point where he was coming to me and pawing at me and yowling. He wanted me to “fix” him. I was very upset. I took him to the vet, and she gave him a shot of benedryl. He seemed better. Then by Wednesday, he was extremely agitated again. I took him back to the vet, received another shot of benedryl plus a steroid shot. This lasted for another couple of days. It’s Friday, and I took him back to the vet for another shot. They gave me some Prednisone tablets to take home and give once a day. We are now going on two weeks with him still having this affliction. The vet said this could be up to a month. I wish I would have come to this site before putting that poison on him. I have been in tears reading all of the heart-rending stories of people who have lost their pets because of this company’s greed. I pray my baby comes out of this okay. I would like to be part of any lawsuit against this company. They should not just be fined but shut down with prison time involved.

  14. my dog, Pudge has been battling Mass-Cell Carcinoma for about three years now and he’s now, hugely swollen on his left side with this cancer even after four operations. email me and i’ll send pics. digiflux at g mail dot com

  15. I treated my three dogs last night with Sentry Pro Flea and Tick. Within a short period of time one of my dogs was whining and trying to scratch her back. She was mildly agitated I bathed her twice and she became somewhat calmer. My French Bulldog became very agitated, had muscle twitches and could not sit still. I became aware of this at 1am this morning and have been up with her all night. I bathed her three times to get this product off of her. I took her to the vet due to her breathing also being labored. A Bulldogs throat can become swollen due to excessive panting and they can suffocate. The vet contacted Hartz and they told the vet to give her a shot of Benadryl and told me to bath her three times with Dawn dish detergent. She is still somewhat agitated at 2:30 pm. Her breathing has improved but is she is still panting. She hasn’t slept or sat still for over 12 hours! I would be interested to participate in this lawsuit.

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