This site probably saved my puppy.

I have a seven week old puppy. My 4 year old named him Taco, because he’s a very small bassett hound mix and has coloring like a chihuahua. Today our neighbor was having some work done on their side of the duplex and the idiot doing the work decided he had to cut off the entire electric line to fix their side of the house, so for most of the day we were without power. We decided to let one of our other neighbors take the puppy for a few hours. We have two other dogs, and these neighbors usually end up looking after them because they tend to figure out new and ingenious ways to escape the backyard, so we figured the puppy was in good hands. To our dismay, they brought the puppy back wrapped in a towel, cold and shivering, and informed us that he had just had a pretty nasty seizure. They noticed that the dog had fleas (an unfortunate side effect of having an indoor-outdoor cat), and had given him a bath in Hartz shampoo. I didn’t think anything of it because we’d used Hartz flea drops on his mother and another puppy from the same mother and they had no adverse reaction, but this puppy had three seizures in the span of an hour after being bathed with the Hartz shampoo. Luckily I found this website and had my wife bathe him with Dawn, and give him some ice cream. I’m not sure if the ice cream helped any, but the little guy sure seemed to enjoy it, lol. He’s doing much better now, he’s sleeping comfortably and he’s quite a bit warmer than he was when he first came home. I think he’ll be ok… but if it wasn’t for this site I might not have ever figured out what was happening to him.

3 thoughts on “This site probably saved my puppy.”

  1. I put Hartz flea drops on my dogs and now they are itching terribly and scratching constantly trying to get at the spot where I put it on.

    What do I do?

  2. Give them a THOROUGH bath with Dawn dish soap as soon as possible! You might have to do it twice to make sure you get all of it off, but washing the dogs with Dawn usually does the job. It worked great for my puppy, he’s back to his old self again.

  3. Wow that sucks. But think about it: flea “medicine” is a POISON. “But this poison is safe”–what??
    My cat had about the same reaction from the “Frontline” product. I thought he was sleeping rather hard on my lap, then he started seizuring… more violently, then more violently, then really scarily so. I had to shake him to awaken him, and when he finally awoke he was limp as a sack of potatoes and completely out of it. He fell right back to sleep and repeated the performance. At that point I took him into the shower with me and washed everything off as best I could, then wouldn’t let him go back to sleep and carefully observed him for the next several hours.
    Extremely scary stuff.
    Of course I consulted my vet, who “had never heard of anything like that” and immediately we called Frontline. They reassured me the product is 100% safe. This sort of thing just does not happen as a result of their product. They said there must be some preexisting condition in my cat that caused it. I was basically accused of causing this, whereas not more than two hours after I dosed my cat this happened.
    Google search for “frontline seizure” and you get hundreds of thousands of hits. Searching for “flea medicine seizure” gives nearly twice as many.
    Let me say this as plainly as I can: Corporate America doesn’t give a DAMN about you or your pet’s well being. Applying poison to your pets, your home, your yard, for you and your children to contact is A BAD IDEA, period.
    Research natural remedies, avoid vaccines and quick-fix pill pushing practitioners. At least illegal drug dealers tell you their s#!t will kill you.

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