Add another victim of Hartz

our cat Tink was given some Hartz Ultra Guard OneSpot Treatment on Monday 9/1/2008. I applied it directly between the shoulder blades as instructed. Within 2 hours she had gone into muscle tremors and having seizures. I rushed her to the Louisville Veterinary Specialty Emergency for animals. I couldn’t take her to a normal vet because I live in Rural area and this was the only thing open for animal care. I was truly concerned because this place was an hour away from me. Upon arrival, the vet took our cat to the back area. She told us to wait in a little room for a bit. The vet came back in the room and started explaining the issue with Tink. The vet tells me that she has pyrethrin toxicity Link: She said that Hartz is a common problem she sees on a weekly basis. This was going to be a rough battle for her. She pretty much said her odds were 50/50. I was also instructed to call back in the morning and get an update. I called them and was told it was the same status as the previous night. I made arrangements for Tink to be transferred to my local vet’s office. He took one look at her and wasn’t very optimistic about her chances of survival. He gave her one more dose of Pentobarb, Methocarbamol, and some additional fluids through her IV. He said that if she is slowly weaned off her meds, and doesn’t seizure in the morning then her chances of survival will go above 75%. Well, today Tink decides that she has had enough and is ready to come home. She decided to get up this morning and wanted to eat and use the potty. The vet told me today that he wanted to keep her there for another 8 hours to finish out the IV bag. Well, it is now 8:20p in the evening. She has been home for about an hour now. She is slowly coming around, but you can tell this was very traumatic for her. I am glad to have her back home. For those who have lost a pet due to hartz, I am truly sorry.

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  1. My little 2 year old chiuahhu(spelling) was appiled with Hartz today about 2 hours later she went crazy running around and wont hold still. She started foaming at the mouth. I bathed her and she has settled a little but still foaming. This is sad. I had no idea.

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