I’m worried about my kitten

For about 4 days now my little kitten Tom has been very sick. this is a huge problem as i have just been laid off my job and can’t afford to take him to a vet. about 3 weeks ago i bought a hartz collar because he’s indoor/outdoor. I can’t say for sure if this is what is making him sick, but i had a strong feeling about it before even seeing this website. he’s vomiting has no appetite, and sleeps all the time (which is not like him) He did finally eat a little today (i took his collar off yesterday) any recomendations PLEASE!

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  1. Thank you for your help i’m very happy to report that today after not having his collar on for almost two days. i can see great improvement. i washed him down and made sure to keep an eye on him. he’s now playing like he did before, running, meowing again, and he ate a whole bowl full of food. he’s eaten more today than what he had in the last 4 days combined…thank god. I’m furious with hartz if i had known then what i know now grrrr it’s so angering. thanks again.

  2. It’s the collar. ANY flea product you can get in a supermarket is NOT SAFE AT ALL. What’s in those products to kill the fleas will also affect the nervous system of your pet–and you. Get something like Advantage or Revolution from the vet.

    Flea collars don’t work. They only kill the fleas near enough the collar to be affected by the chemicals in the collar and–well, you saw what happened to your little guy. Go with the spot treatment your vet reccomends.

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