so sad my kitty is gone

Last month my dog got fleas, so we went to walmart to buy some spray for the house, we bought hartz.  I only have carpet on my stairs so I fallowed the directions on the back of the  bottle and sprayed away.  My cat Malaiya loves loungeing on the stairs with her pal Harley our dog.  Two days after I had sprayed the carpet, I woke up to Malaiya acting starnge meowing and limp like, anable to move herself, then she started to sieze and continued to sieze as I held her in my arms crying as my boyfriend drove as fast as he could to the vet.  The vet slowed down the siezeing, but she was still not able to wake up, and she continued siezeing at the vets until later the night it stopped and so did her life as my best frind.  The vet asked if we had any chemicals in our house, and the only thing was the hartz carpet spray.   A few days later we noticed our dog Harley  had a  chemical burn around his bum and  hair falling out in patches on his tail from sitting on the  stairs to our front door where we had used the hartz spray.  I am so  hurt that a animal company such as hatz makes products to help animals, but in actuality is harming  and  killing them instead.   I thought I was going to help the flea problem not lose a friend.  You should be ashamed of your company.

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