Hartz Nearly Broke My Heart

I don’t normally jump on any sort of bandwagon, but this one has affected me personally.

My name is Victoria, and I have a 6 month old maine coon kitten called Jerry Dorsey; he’s my buddy. We noticed that he’d gotten fleas and decided that we should take care of them right away. So, Jay (my boyfriend) went to Safeway and bought some Hartz flea spray and the monthly drops. He also bought a flea collar, which never made it on the cat after what happened. I’d never had any problem with Hartz that I’d really noticed, I guess this being my first pet without my parents I never paid close attention. I had no idea.

I bathed Jerry in his normal soap and then followed the directions on the spray label. It said that he should have 25-30 sprays of this stuff put on his coat, wait for about 10 minutes, and then towel him off. Well, I didn’t even use half this amount, and followed the rest of the directions. It also said to use it on his bedding and surrounding areas. I did this. After awhile I also put the first monthly dosage of the Ultra Guard plus drops at the base of his neck. I watched him for awhile…

I thought he was just mad at me for bathing him and fussing over him so that’s why he was acting so strange. He was lethargic and didn’t want to play. I tried keeping him engaged, but he just wasn’t interested. Jay and I went to bed around 1AM and he didn’t come with us per usual. He went under the bed instead.

I was awoken to the sounds of scratching at the carpet and some meows. I thought he was being his usual playful self in the morning – he’s always getting into stuff! But he just wouldn’t stop when I would snap my fingers like he always did. So I got up and turned on the light to investigate. The poor thing had pooped all over himself and on the carpet and was trying hard to ‘clean up’ after himself. He’d taken a sock and an envelope and was working to hide what had happened.

Immediately red-flags went up. He’d NEVER EVER not gone in his box. I took him and washed his hind quarters – he was limp and lifelike. I set him down and he tried getting to his box, but soiled himself again. I was absolutely out of my head at this point and decided it would be best to give him a full on scrub down to try to get whatever was left of the Hartz POISON off of him.

I woke Jay up and asked him to help me calm him down after his bath, because he was shaking and wouldn’t purr. We wrapped him in a warm towel and sat with him on the couch. He stayed wrapped up there for nearly an hour. He never does that.

About an hour later I was feeling a bit ill and made my way to the bathroom. I’m embarassed to say – I wound up passing out and losing control of my functions. I woke up with my kittens paw on my forehead, in a cold sweat. I called for Jay and he had to go so far as to SLAP my face to get me to come around again after I’d passed out a second time. He picked me up and put me in the bath. I slept for 8 hours afterward… waking up feeling weak and exhausted.

Jerry and I are feeling a little better now, but I’m watching him closely. I will NEVER, EVER, use any Hartz flea products in my house again. I believe we got lucky this time.

One thought on “Hartz Nearly Broke My Heart”

  1. What’s in Hartz and other supermarket products affects the nervous system of every single creature on the planet. It was used decades ago by vets but they ditched it like a bad date when things like Advantage came along b/c those target only the nervous systems of the parasites, not our pets and us.

    Please, spread the word. Hartz is toxic to EVERY SINGLE LIVING CREATURE.

    Flea collars do not work b/c they only kill the fleas near enough it to be affected by the chemicals and the chemicals are right up near the pet’s mouth and nose, so they’re going to get a dose of what’s in the collar, and…yeah. Pass the word on that, too. I’m a Licensed Veterinary Technician in New York State and I was taught about this stuff ten years ago when I was going through school.

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