What have you done, Hartz?

It took 4 months and a LOT of patience to get a feral cat to trust me enough to become my pet…she and I became so close that we cuddled together, and just became so close that she was truly a family member. Yesterday she was all sweet, lovable, and healthy…until I used Hartz Ultra Guard Pro for cats on her…one application. She freaked…must have burned…she began licking and pawing at her neck…then took off. In the last 4 months, she has never been out of my sight, or too far away to hear me meow to her…at which point she would come running. Today I saw her once…she looked at me in fear, and ran off. I can’t find her to take her to the vet, but know she is really sick, scared, and hurting. How can Hartz, who has been making pet products for decades, be so inept, cold, and uncaring, as to knowingly make something that HURTS animals? HURTS MOUNTAIN should be their new name. I am devastated and heartbroken.

CAUTION: Seargents flea and tick shampoo for dogs killed my puppy.

I used Sergeants skip flea and tick shampoo for dogs on my 5 1/2 month old Labrador Retriever Heaven every two weeks for the past 3 months. I continued to see no improvement of flea control. I then began using the product every few days for the past three weeks. Heaven immediately became extremely ill with symptoms of seizure’s, drooling, vomiting, lethargy, loss of appetite, skin irritations, and convulsions. I watched my perfectly happy healthy puppies health deteriorate in one weeks time from these severe symptoms to death this morning of 8/11/08. Heaven was taken to an emergency vet clinic on 8/5/08 as diagnosed with a $366.80 vet fee for service/ item fees to counteract the chemical in this flea product. I am deeply concerned with the minor warning labels on the product and unawareness of the drastic consequences of the chemical, in this case, permanent brain damage and death. I requested that my veterinarian bill be reimbursed and that warnings are made more urgent and clear to customers as I have gravely suffered the loss of my puppy this morning. I am still waiting on a response as I will keep you updated. Please be aware that the same does not happen to your puppy or dog as this has been the utmost painful experience of my life.

Hartz is a hazard

I know I’m one of many and one of the lucky ones, but after finding out today that this problem is of epidemic proportion I decided to post my experience.  If enough people scream and shout, maybe we’ll be heard.

My 2 year old yorkie/shitzu mix, Buzz started scratching a couple weeks ago.  I tried just giving him a bath with flea & tick meds & oatmeal, but it wasnt enough.  I didnt have time to get to the vet for their recommendation, so I purchased the only thing available at one of those huge “mart” chain stores.

As I read in another posting, within a couple hours my dog was itching & whining uncontrollably.  I thought maybe it was because the fleas were on the move.  The next day my dog’s hind leg was so sore from scratching, he wouldnt walk on it.  I finally bathed him & bandaged the wound that ensued, but he was not himself for more than a week.  He is just now eating and going to the bathroom without assistance.

Perhaps these inhumane makers of this product should try some human trials . . . on THEMSELVES!  They’re monsters for keeping this product on the market!

Hartz flea spray

We lost one of our cats dusty due to the flea spray, he convulsed and fell over and died infront of his owner, dusty was a wonderful yellow tabby cat and was fine til he was sprayed with the product, Jr our other cat, was also sick too from the spray, he had to get IV fluids cause he was sick from the flea spray, thevet bill alone cost 183$ but losing dusty has been a major loss to us,

Hartz Ultra Guard Pro flea drops for cats

I put the flea drops of Hartz Ultra Guard drops on my cats’s neck in an effort to save money from the stuff I have been buying from the vet- “Advantage”. The ad in the paper that caught my eye sort of said to wise up and stop paying high prices. Well, I noticed he was licking his back neck area and then was not his peppy self. So I went online and saw your comments and got alarmed and washed it off with shampoo right away. I am throwing the rest of it out- here’s the thing I think; Advantage and the other high price stuff from the vets is not so much liquid on the neck. It was a lot of liquid in the Hartz tube and so my cat could reach to where it had soaked. It says to use all the liquid drops. I will pay the high price from now on- it’s worth it.

I used the Hartz flea and tick repellant

I don’t know about anyone else’s ordeals with this stuff, but I would definately like to see this stuff taken off the market and the makers of the product be prosecuted for selling such junk.

Not only was I ripped off, it made the fleas multiply.  I sprayed it and the fleas were gone for about 6 hours.  All of a sudden, my dog was COVERED.  Also, my cat.  I then started to get fleas on me.  It got so bad that when I would stand on my floor I would get 15+ fleas on my legs.  My dog probably had 5000 or more in a matter of a day.

I think Hartz should be sued.


Yesterday I went to the pet grooming store just down the street, which is a small business owned by a very friendly and (usually) knowledgeable lady. I asked her if she carried flea collars, since the newest addition to my cat posse seemed to have some crawlies. I have used collars in the past with no problem, but she didn’t carry them and instead recommended Hartz OneSpot.

I guess I am one of the lucky ones, because all four of my cats are alive and seem ok for now, but I sure got one hell of a scare. About 20 minutes after applying the stuff, Rhythm, 2.5 years old and always sensitive, started flipping out. He went into a panic of writhing around on the floor and howling, and rubbing the back of his neck against anything to get the stuff off. I bathed him right away in an all-natural cat shampoo, Earthbath, that I got from the same grooming store, and he settled down.

Within an hour of bathing Rhythm, Tengo, 5 months old, started acting the same way, so I plunked him in the tub. It was his first shower, and he was extremely unhappy about it. Fever, almost 2, had the worst reaction – she started darting around the house, stopping and changing direction randomly, hissing and shrieking at random objects as though she blamed them for attacking her and causing her the pain.

Only my 8 year old cat Zorak didn’t react badly, but even he has been wandering around meowing casually but constantly, but he is normally the quietest, so it is strange. After looking this product up today, he’s definitely going for a bath. No sense taking stupid risks…

With the exception of Fever, my four seem alright today. Fever has dug a scab and scratched a lot of the fluff off the back of her neck. Which is my next point – no matter where you put this stuff on your cat, they will be able to reach it – if not with their tongue, than with a foot. In their fear, my cats rubbed all over the floor, furniture, and staircase to get it off, so I have to wipe it all down as well.

This product is unsafe, a mess, and I am floored that it is still being sold. It seems I am lucky I haven’t had to make a trip to the vet (so far), most of the stories I’ve read are a lot worse than mine. I will be informing the grooming lady who I bought this from and referring her to this sight, and contacting Hartz as well… they’re lucky their call centre isn’t open again until Monday, when I will have cooled off a little…

Another hapless victim

I too was foolish enough to try to cut corners with vet costs and bought the Sergeants Gold in several sizes for my 8 dogs.  All of the dogs are big dogs, except one yorkie mix.  About half an hour after I applied a partial tube (b/c she is small I didn’t use the whole thing) of the correct size for her, she started having muscle spasms in which her back legs uncontrollably kicked every few seconds, was drooling profusely, was running a temperature and generally appeared to be in a state of pain and discomfort.  Being a long time animal owner, I immediately assumed that it must have been a reaction to the poison so I instantly threw in the sink and gave her a 30 minute rinse down of the product.

She only slept that night if I stayed awake and massaged her back and neck, otherwise the spasms took over.  For 2 days she continued having spasms, although they slowed down, and she developed nasty, crusty sores everywhere that the product had touched her.

After more than a month now, she no longer has the spasms or the fever, but she still has several sores that we are babying.  The big dogs seemed to tolerate the treatment, except for one who had a less severe reaction.  He acted like his back was itching or burning, but never had muscle reactions or a fever or sores.

Until I accidently found this website, I thought that it was just some fluke at my house, that my dog was just sensitive to that particular product.  I am so glad I found this and I will be sure to spread the word to others who have pets and to my vet.

My cat was very sick.

I used Hartz One spot treatment that I bought at Wallgreens on my cat.  She became very sick.  She was acting like she was very scared. I noticed she wasn’t cleaning herself and she didn’t have any energy. I then noticed she wasn’t eating. I didn’t even think of the Flea treatment at first, I thought she just had a regular illness. After two full days of this I started getting concerned and started thinking about calling a Vet. I then realized the Flea treatment I had given her and I immediately gave her a bath. Almost right after the bath she seemed back to normal. She wasn’t scared and she was very hungry and started cleaning herself again. I wonder how many pets get sick from this Harts product and how many die?


On August 4th 2008, I had bought a Hartz Ultra Guard Plus water resistant (loves to swim in our pool) flea and tick collar for our 75 lb black lab.  That day around 1:15 p.m. I had put the collar on Harley.  Thought this would be the safest thing for our family instead of the drops you put between their shoulder blades as we have used in the past.  I was afraid that my 2 boys who are 2 and 7 could get sick from the drops. Didn’t want them to get the drops on their hands and stick in their mouth or eyes.  Safe!!  Was I ever wrong.  At 2 o’clock in the morning I hear Harley licking his mouth continuously and gagging.  He gets up from his bed and takes off to the upstairs and starts to vomit all over my white carpet.  Three times he vomits on the carpet.  I immediately take him to our fenced in backyard where he stayed the rest of the night.  I scrubbed what I could out of the carpet and decided I would steam clean it in the morning.  The next day I got up and let Harley in the house and fed him his breakfast.  I took the boys to Summer camp and returned home about 10:45 a.m.  When I walked in the door Harley did not come to greet me like he always does.  I knew something was up.  I ran to the stairs and their was new vomit on the stairs of the carpet.  I called for Harley and sent him back outside.  He threw up some more and started to eat grass and act very strangely. We have had Harley since he was born and he is now 7 and I know my dog very well. We needed help fast.  I called the vet and told them how he was acting and that I had put on a flea and tick collar on him the day before.  They told me to bring him in with the box and take the collar off.  The vet read the back of the box and said it was the organophosphate chemical and that was the cause.  He also told me about 5 years ago,  Texas had a product that the public could buy to kill ants and their homes.   After people were becoming ill from using this product they had  taken it off the shelf.  (Go ahead and google the word organophosphate.)  WOW!!!!   Makes you wonder why?  It wasn’t until the next day at 5:30 I could pick Harley up.  I could not believe all the work and things they had to give him because his esophagus had swollen and that the chemical had made him so sick.  They told me I was very lucky and that he could have had died from this product.  Never again.  Then to top it off I had called Hartz to let them know what had happened.  When I got done telling what had happened to Harley, I had asked the guy what they were going to do about this and his reply was well I suppose you would like your vet bill paid for.  I said no I would really like you guys to take these products off the shelf and stop killing and making our pets sick.  He then apologize for what happened to Harley and that they go through intensive testing to make sure their products are safe. Are you kidding me? I then had said what if it was my two year old son who had gotten a hold of this and got sick or died?  Are you still going to tell me your sorry then too?  I just can’t believe this has happened and then to find out about all the other animals that this has happened to.  Well I know that this is just the beginning for me.  I will do everything I can to get this product off the shelf.