Please don’t use this…it’s dangerous!!

After noticing some excessive scratching in my jack russel (zoey) and pom (foxie), i picked up some otc flea and tick killer (Seargeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On).  I got the type for dogs 9-20 lbs.  I applied the med at about 8pm.  I noticed no adverse reaction before going to bed myself at around 10pm.  At 4am I woke up to hear Foxie “hacking” in the bathroom (where they sleep).  At first I was not too concerned but I continued to hear Foxie “hacking” and I could hear her nails tapping on the linolium (sp) floor as if she and Zoey were playing.  This went on for too long so I decided to check on the pups.  Zoey seemed just fine (and still does) but Foxie was literally maniacal.  She had pulled out huge chinks of her hair, was scratching and biting as well as running around in a frenzy.  She could not stop and relax for two seconds.  I recognized that something was wrong so I immediately googled the flea med I had used.  I found horror stories of what it can do to pets!!! I was petrified!!  I immediately bathed Foxie in Dawn dish detergent twice to remove the medicication.  Foxie appeared somewhat less distressed and the “hacking” stopped.  Fortunately she has shown no signs of trouble breathing, foaming, siezures or vomitting.  She is still hyped up and does not appear able to rest.  I think so far the reaction is “mild” compared to what I have read.  I will be monitoring her closely for today and going to the vet if her condition worsens.  About 2 hours after her bath she was able to lie down for a few minutes.  Please don’t use this stuff!!  Consult your vet about appropriate and safe meds!

Help me save your Pet

I’m a victim of Hartz Products from over a month ago and now I’m heading a crusade to save all pets from Hartz products I’m the only person that posted his telephone number on this site and after only two days my phone started ringing off the wall.

I promised Maxwell my dog that i would not rest until i stop this madness to are pets. Maxwell did live and I have been taking care of him for over a month now. if you look under July you will see my story. also If you look under Urgent you will see Stop the madness.

I’m now so angry that i can stop with just letting this continue and after my research I’ve found that everyone I talk to from Major Pet stores to Vets tell me the same thing don’t use Hartz products.

I currently have a case number with Hartz and I’m heartbtroken listening to the stories that Josh post on this website daily.

If you take only 5 minutes and review all the victims you will find yourself asking how can this continue without the FDA/PETA and all the major chains of stores carrying this product continue to sell this on there shelves.

If you truly love your pet i need you and contact me se we as a force can put a stop to the madness.

Josh I have tried to email you to advise you that i have submitted many of the stories on to a major TV network to attempt to get them on board.

I need everyone and anyone to contact me at 951-746-4111 so we can attempt to put a stop to the killing

If someone was killing humans daily the white house would be involved remember if your pet could talk they would tell you I’m dieing please help me.

I have now heard so many heartbreaking stories from people that have called me i now make it my daily routine. to add what i call a minute of kindness for the little things in life that so many of us love like your pet.

Remember if you just stop and look into your pets eyes they will tell you they love you so lets love them back by caring and protecting them from company’s that only care about the almighty dollar.


Joseph Frank

Hartz Puppy Shampoo-Jasmine scented gave my dog a seizure

I have a 3 year old MaltiPeke who has been prone to seizures in the past and I am currently monitoring her carefully.  If you have a dog that has seizures you know that every seizure they have opens the door wider for them to keep having more and more until they get one that never stops.  I had a dog previously that began to have seizures from a dip for a skin infection, he ended up taking Potassium Bromide for the rest of his life.  But now my new baby, PDog has had much milder seizures, but seizures none-the-less in the past.  The moral of my story here is that this morning I gave her a bath with the jasmine scented Hartz Puppy Shampoo and now 4 hours later she just had an episode.  I’ve been thinking back on what we did different today that made her have a seizure and her bath was the only thing.  So I hop online and search “Hartz Puppy Shampoo seizures” and much to my shock I find this website.  I must say that I am furious right now!  I trusted this brand, it says “extra gentle” on the label and I bought it for that reason!  And now my baby has had another seizure because of this and I don’t know what to do right now.  I just rinsed her off really good and she seems to have snapped out of it but I am beside myself with worry.  I guess a trip to the vet will be in order now.  THANKS A LOT HARTZ!!!!!  And thank you all for letting me vent.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Needless to say any Hartz Puppy Shampoo or Hartz product of any kind that I had in the house are down the toilet or in the garbage now!!!

My Pug is very sick from Hartz Flea Drops

Last week I notice my 1.5yr old pug was itching himself.  I had a close look and noticed a black flee and was planning on taking him to the vet to get a product to help.

That night, I was at wallmart shopping and went to get him a treat, when looking I noticed Walmart sold various flea removal products so I deceided to purchase the Hartz once-a-month drops.

I applied as directed and within the next 12hrs things got bad.  I noticed him being very aggiated and itchy, to the point I could tell he was very uncomfortable and crying/morning.  He could not go more than a few seconds without trying to reach or itch himself, I could tell he was in serious distress.

I gave him a long bath and tried washing the area of application, I repeated 3 more baths in the next hour.  At this point he started vomitting yellow mucuis and could not stand still.

I took him to the emerengcy vet who gave him a shot to assist, also provided a benedryl injection.  I had to keep my pug “drugged” up on benedryl to help with his disress for a few days, which helped the affects to his reaction.  After 4 days, he still has a serious itch problem where the application was applied.  I also have noticed a few other issues, which I think is nerve damage.  He has 2 areas near his back side that if you touch, he back legs will uncontrolably kick quickly.

I feel terrible about this whole situation and guilty for giving this to my best friend.

I love him very much and hope this passes, I cannot stop thinking about how I may of caused permanent damage giving this product to him.


Hartz severly damaged my dog.

My dog Sabrina was 12 yrs old and very healthy, never one problem in her life. She had fleas and I went to Walmart and picked up a Hartz flea shampoo. I also picked up a Hartz Flea spray that you can use on your furniture to kill the flees. Within 2 weeks my dog had tremors and the Vet said it was toxic Poison from Hartz. We left her in the hospital for 4 days and the Vet thought she was better once we took her home she started vomiting blood and we decided to put her to sleep. She never recovered bc of Hartz products, not only did we lose our dog but I am $2000 in debt bc I wasn’t aware these Hartz products can kill.

Hartz Gold is evil!!!

I have a kitten, a senior cat (12 years-old and my baby) and a dog whom I adore.  I figured all those prescription flea and tick meds were just basically the same thing as Hartz only way over-priced, so I thought I was being clever by saving all that money using Hartz Gold on all 3 of my beloved pets.  Boy was I wrong!!!  Almost immediately, my oldest cat started throwing up and foaming at the mouth.  Thinking she had somehow managed to ingest some of the “medication”, I called the emergency number on the box.  I talked to a man who said to just wash it off and giver some tuna juice and everything would be fine.  I was relieved, but skeptical, so I Googled “Hartz Gold poisoning” and found this site.  My heart almost stopped after reading the first account of the death of someone’s cat, so I immediately called the Emergency vet.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me:  Hi, I just put Hartz flea medicine on my cat and…

Vet:  Oh, that stuff is bad.

Me:  Well, my cat started throwing up and now she’s foaming at the mouth.

Vet:  Have the tremors started yet?

Me:  No, but she’s licking her chops a lot.

Vet:  That’s because she’s nauseated.  Hartz flea medicine is basically poison and can attack the nervous system, causing tremors and seizures.  Pets die from it all the time.

Me (freaking out):  Do I need to bring her in?  Will she be o.k.?

Vet:  What you need to do right now is take some Dawn soap and wash her entire body THREE TIMES, concentrating specifically on the medicated spot.  She will probably be o.k., but keep a close eye on her and if she starts having any other symptoms, bring her in right away.

So, I bathed her three times and scrubbed that spot for all I was worth.  After drying her off, I checked on the kitten and he was licking his chops rapidly.  So into the tub he went for a triple dip with some dish soap.  I didn’t need to wait for symptoms to start manifesting themselves with my dog, and he too got the three bath treatment.  Now I am sitting here, with 3 very wet and very pissed-off pets, cursing Hartz and watching the animals as closely as possible, praying that I reacted in time to prevent anything really serious or even fatal.

I will never, EVER again use any of their products.  They should be ashamed of themselves for hurting our animals.

Patches died today from Hartz Flea Products

I am a veterinary technician and have been in the field for over 15 years. Today I received a call from my fiancee asking me to come to his parents house as their cat Patches was very ill. I rushed over to find the poor cat in the midst of severe seizure activity. As I was looking over Patches I saw the tell tale greasy spot on the back of the neck. I immediatly knew why their perefctly healthy cat was now near death. I asked them if they had recently applied any Hartz Mountain flea product, and they confirmed that they had applied the flea drops the day before. I immediatly called the veterinarian I worked with and arranged to meet him at the clinic. I washed off the offending product quickly and sped off to reach the animal hospital. En route Patches became agonal and died on my fiancees lap. It was not peaceful, it was not painless, and it was completly senceless.

I wish this was an isolated incident, but as you can tell from this website, it is not. Over the years I have seen many, many patients either become severly ill or die as a result of Hartz Mountains products. What enrages me the most is that the owners of these pets are following manufacturer instructions for a product that the company markets as a safe and effective means of flea control, and it has disasterous concequences. I cannot comprehend why Hartz is allowed to sell these products, and why stores will put them on the shelves. There are numerous safe and effective means of flea control and most are over the counter now, there is no acceptable reason why Hartz should be allowed to continue to kill pets with their products.

I implore everyone to continue to spread the word that these products are unsafe and kill pets. If you see someone picking some up at the store, stop them and share your personel experiance and direct them to this website. I always tell people in the store that while Frontline and Advantage may be slightly more expensive, it’s a lot cheaper than a major vet bill, and you certainly cannot put a price on your pets life……..

hartz is poison!!!!!!

Today I bought Hartz drops for ticks and fleas at Walmart and applied them on my puppy “Leo” as intructed in the box. Within 20 minutes he started to drool heavily and foam started to come out of his mouth. I immediately rushed him to the animal hospital and they told me to bathe him with dawn and prescribed a medication for his stomach called CARAFATE. He has been sleeping since he got home after I gave him a bath with dawn and dried him with a hair drier. I hope he is ok because I love him like another child so does my husband. He is the best dog ever. If something happens to him I swear I will sue this hartz retards that only care about making money and are killing millions of precious pets out there. I just wanted to share my story and I am sorry for those of you who lost pets. We should get together and do something about this because animals are beautiful creatures that only brighten our days!

Best regards to all


Sergeants flea drops Killed my cat Fluffy

I recently lost my cat Fluffy he was 7 years old and very healthy I also have a cat named Moe he is 3 years old

I bought the sergeants brand flea drops and applied them to both my cats on Sunday August 17th 2008.
About 3 am on August 19th I got up to use the bathroom and noticed my cat Moe laying on the floor something just didn’t seem right I picked him up and he was limp eyes dilated and drooling excessively (he had a seizure I just didnt know it yet),I checked over fluffy he seemed fine well about a half hour to an hour later I heard alot of noise and went to find my cat fluffy having a seizure it was pretty bad afterward I held him for about an hour once he seemed fine I decided to bath him and moe thinking  it was the drops that caused the seizure after the bath I held him some more and then decided to put him down in a quiet area a few moments later he had another seizure this was about 7 am I called the vet and got him in right away he told me about the pestiside that is in these over the counter flea meds and confirmed that is what was wrong with my cats and he gave them both shots to help the seizures stop, 2 hours later Fluffy was just getting worse and the vet said he was dying so I chose to put him to sleep  I held his paw and told him I loved him and that I was sorry this happened to him and then he was gone ……
Moe is going to be ok he is getting beter he is still at the vet but he will make it out of this alive thank god this did not claim the life of both my cats
I hope this helps you get these products taken off the shelf  let me know what else I can do also ! I am in this fight for Fluffy and Moe so hopefully I can help prevent this from happening to someone elses pet
Kristin Matuch ,Ohio