Sadie is gone now thanks to Hartz

I had a beautiful tortoise shell calico cat named Sadie. She was only 9 and a half years old. I had let her become an indoor /outdoor kitty because she loved to chase butterflies .Because of that fact, I wanted to make sure she was not infested with fleas or ticks, so since I was not able to afford the meds the vets use and recommended, I went to Walmart and purchased Hartz Mountain Ultra Guard  One Spot treatment for cats. I applied the drops in 3 monthly doses as the box said, after the first 2 applications, nothing happened. Sadie behaved as normal. About one week after I gave her the last treatment, she started acting strange..Her eyes were not clear and bright, and seemed to be hazy. She also could not walk normally. Instead she walked sideways and her tail was up in the air, She was in the midst of renal failure ,but I did not know that. All I knew was that something bad was wrong with my baby .I called the Emergency  Vet hospital and they admitted her on Aug 10.

While I was doing paperwork, a technician came to my friend who drove me to the hospital,and asked her if we had treated Sadie for fleas, and if so when and what did I use. My friend told her it was Hartz Mountain and the vet immediately said Sadie was suffering from Hartz toxicity .and it had already affected her kidneys. She was having muscle tremors and then seizures. I took her to my vet on Monday the 11th of Aug and my vet tried desperately to put fluids into her system to flush out the toxins but Sadie was too far gone, She was starting to be labored when breathing, and was not responding to anything at all, so I had to make the worst decision of my life and have my baby put to sleep.It almost killed me in the process. I am so upset by Hartz who had the audacity to tell me that the  main ingredient in that product was a growth stimulator and they had no intention of issuing a recall on it. I am writing this to you to please have other people with similar stories to do something to have this horrible product taken off the market or have a warning to not use this porduct on cats over 7 years old.
I want justice for Sadie and I plan to hurt Hartz where it Hurts  in the pocket book
Thanks for your website and I am serious about this
No one should ever have to go through anything like this ever.
Do not use anything except what your vet recommends regardless of the price. I wish I had not done it, but it is too late because all I have left of Sadie is a BEAUTIFUL CAN WITH A BAG OF ASHES!!!! THANK YOU HARTZ MOUNTAIN YOU KILLED MY CAT!!!!!!
Please contact Joseph Frank at Pets are People too. at 951-746-4111 he is working on resolving this hugh problem for pet owners.
Peg Castetter

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