Please pray for Peewee

My chihuahua Peewee recently acquired a mild flea problem. Wouldn’t be much of a problem except that he is allergic to fleas. He was so miserable…scratching so much that he scratched himself raw all over his little 7 pound body. I actually put his winter sweater on in an effort to keep him from hurting himself further. On his way home from work, I asked my husband to pick up something from WalMart for fleas. He brought home Hartz Ultra Guard pour on for dogs/cats. We carefully read the instructions and poured a thin line from his shoulders to the base of his tail. About 3 a.m., we were awakened by Peewee scratching. He would rub all over the covers trying to get relief from the itching/burning. I turned on the light and found that he was broken out all over with hives. I bathed him immediately with baby shampoo and gave him a small dose of Benedryl. Then I went online to see what else I could do for him. My search..allergies in dogs from Hartz…brought me to this Web site. I only wish I had the forethought to go online before I put that poison on my baby. Anyway, Peewee is in the hospital right now. By the time we arrived, he was running a fever, his eyes, ears, nose, feet and belly were all blood red, and he was very lethargic. The vet told me that we probably got him there in time, but only time would tell. She also said that they see hundreds of cases like this…due to Hartz. Apparently, cats have more severe reactions and most have seizures and die. How can these people get by with this? They are killing animals, people’s pets, and getting by with it for profit. How can they continue to sell this product??? How many animals have to die before something is done? We thought we were helping our beloved, sweet little Peewee. We had no idea we could be killing him.

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  1. You overdosed your dog. There is no product from Sergeants for a 7 lb dog. Even if only a little was applied, they can still have an overdose.

  2. That’s quite rude, dont tell an owner they overdosed their dog when clearly they werent the ones selling the posion, hartz and seargents are.

  3. Well, “E”,at first I wasn’t going to dignify your stupidity with a comment, but now I think I will. In the first place, I did not say Sargents…I said HARTZ. And the label stated plainly, “HARTZ ULTRA GUARD Flea and Tick Drops for DOGS and PUPPIES weighing 4-15 POUNDS. Unlike you, I can read. In the second place, who the heck are you to say that to me???? Oh, wait a minute…how would you know that Sargents doesn’t make a product for a 7-lb. dog in the first place? Unless you actually work for the company. I do believe we have a Sargents or Hartz watchdog in here. Either that or you sympathize with these murderers who are selling this poison. Either way, this is for the owners of the animals that are being poisoned to share their heartache and grief…not for uncompassionate, ignorant, cold-hearted people such as yourself.

  4. …Sorry hrscrzy50, I know you are distraught due to your doggie however just because someone says something you don’t like there is no reason to call them a ‘watchdog’. People unfortunately do frequently over dose their animals with products and he may have a point. I’m not saying hartz isn’t to blame or anything but maybe you should react calmly before knee jerking.

  5. Sorry, Eli, but my “calm” pretty much went out the window when I was accused of overdosing my dog. After going through every painful thing I went through with Peewee…watching him writhe in agony and not knowing if he was going to die or not…I really didn’t need nor want to hear such a comment. I think pretty much anyone would have reacted the same way had they just gone through what I went through. Besides that, the label read “For dogs and puppies weighing 4-15 lbs.” If it had read “For dogs weighing 15-20 lbs.” I would tend to agree that I could possibly have overdosed my own dog. But, no…I DO NOT agree with that statement at all.

  6. I am most certainly not a watchdog. I am a veterinary toxicology specialist. Sorry I misread your post. But a lot of these products ARE misused or administered as an overdose, causing these reactions that people post on here.

    Having said that, I would never (NEVER) allow a Hartz or Sergeants or any other over the counter flea product into my household. They are crap and should be pulled off the market.

    You get what you pay for. Save money on the flea product, pay dearly later.

  7. I also have a chihuahua named PeeWee that was hurt by a similar product, Sergeants Gold, just this past Saturday. I will shurly pray For your PeeWee Please Pray for mine. It has been 36 hours since I stayed up all night giving him bath after bath and the symtoms seem to be geting better.

  8. I alos got the Hartz Ultra guard pro and the box it self is misleading on the back side of box one label IN UPPER RIGHT CORNER says FOR DOGS AND PUPPIES OVER 60LBS AND ON THE MIDDLE LEFT CORNER SAYS DO NOT USE ON A DOG UNDER 4LBS THIS WHOLE PRODUCET SCREAMS LAW SUIT IMO.

    my dogs are 15 lbs 55lbs and 75lbs .My dogs seemed to have some kind of muscle senitivity to it liked they wanted to move around more and couldnt I washed it off as soon as I noticed this which was about a few hrs after I applied it and they all seem good noe I will never buy this again

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