Another Saddening story

I received a call today fromForrest about his 5 dogs that he applied Hartz flea and tick drops to and almost lost all the dogs. All the dogs started to go mad and run all over the house throwing up. So he contacted his vet and  they told him to give all the dogs a bath right away and bring them in. the dogs appear to be recoving from the treatment. and forrest now is aware of what this type of product can do to his animals. I need people to think about there animals as if they were your children and remember if your cat or dog could talk they would tell you please daddy/mommy take this off me I’m dying. Forrest is one of the lucky ones that was able to save his animals. we hear from people everyday that can’t say they saved there pet only to tell us that there dog or cat is now gone. please take a minute and remember if something cost $5.00 you get what you pay for.


Pets are People too.

One thought on “Another Saddening story”

  1. Buying something for 5 bucks and it not working is a little diffrent then buying it and killing or harming your pet. Most people just figure it dosn’t work as good, not that its lethal and most people just trust that its safe and it goes thru some sort of process to stay off the shelf.

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