Flea Collar on Cat

My lovely cat has been the victim of fleas recently, and I thought of buying her a flea collar. I bought a Hartz IN Control Flea collar [the one with the purple stripe] and I started reading the directions. Even though alarms were going off I still put it on her. And then I went back to reading the directions and all the warnings, and I was rather concerned so I looked around online and found that it wasn’t good for pets. I immediately took it off upon finding this site. I think she had it on for about 20 minutes. Then I took off her regular collar and wiped off her fur with a wet towel. I’m really concerned for my sweetie pie. Will she be ok? She doesn’t take well to baths and will definitely scratch me all over if I try to bathe her. She seems fine and I’m monitoring her. Boy was I stupid, not researching a product before buying it. >.<

3 thoughts on “Flea Collar on Cat”

  1. Pretty much exact same thing happened to my cat. Was looking online to see if they worked and ended up here. Took it off right away and went to the vet and got flea stuff there. Our kitty is fine and nothing came out of it. Its been about a week now and the fleas are gone now.

  2. a long time ago, now I remember buying a hartz collar. It was a few years back, and it didnt hurt my cats at all, but I thought it was wierd how witihin a day their collars were taken off, some withing two or three. (theyre outside a lot so we didnt see how long but it was definitely gone), so I think she should be fine, its great that you found out before leaving it on longer

  3. I heard years ago, from a neighbor, who also owns a pet grooming salon, NOT to use Hartz or Sergeants. It has been known to kill or at the very least, make pets ill. I have sworn by that for years, and have been OK so far. In buying reputable products such as Frontline or Advantage. A little more pricy, but well worth it.

    Can you people file a lawsuit, class action or otherwise against these companies? Such a shame. One whould not lose thier beloved pet in trying to help it.

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