I gave my cat Olive a flea treatment in the morning and left for work for the day.  When I returned home at lunch time I noticed he was having tremors and could not control her eyes and arms and legs.  I rushed her to the vet and while in the car she suffered from a huge seizure.  When arriving at the vet the knew exactly what was happening to her.  They told me they have seen this before from flea medications. They had to shave her back and tried wash the medication off.  When relizing that the tremors where not going to stop they sedated her gave her numerous medications,  an I.V., a catheter and muscle relaxers to calm her body down from the shaking. She had to recieve 24 hour vet care because of this flea treatment. This is the most horrible thing I have ever gone through and witnesses.  I am thankfull that the prognosis of her recovery is good.   I wil never ever give any of my animals a flea treament,  it is poison you are putting on your cherrished and beloved pets.


  1. I feel your pain my mom used their drops on her cat who with in a few hours started having seizures and nearly died. And myself used one of their flea collars on my own cat and she had a serious skin reaction (thankfully nothing fatal) and she had raw spots all around her neck, oozing blood within a few days. My suggestion, if you love your animals never use a product from this company.

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