Help me save your Pet

I’m a victim of Hartz Products from over a month ago and now I’m heading a crusade to save all pets from Hartz products I’m the only person that posted his telephone number on this site and after only two days my phone started ringing off the wall.

I promised Maxwell my dog that i would not rest until i stop this madness to are pets. Maxwell did live and I have been taking care of him for over a month now. if you look under July you will see my story. also If you look under Urgent you will see Stop the madness.

I’m now so angry that i can stop with just letting this continue and after my research I’ve found that everyone I talk to from Major Pet stores to Vets tell me the same thing don’t use Hartz products.

I currently have a case number with Hartz and I’m heartbtroken listening to the stories that Josh post on this website daily.

If you take only 5 minutes and review all the victims you will find yourself asking how can this continue without the FDA/PETA and all the major chains of stores carrying this product continue to sell this on there shelves.

If you truly love your pet i need you and contact me se we as a force can put a stop to the madness.

Josh I have tried to email you to advise you that i have submitted many of the stories on to a major TV network to attempt to get them on board.

I need everyone and anyone to contact me at 951-746-4111 so we can attempt to put a stop to the killing

If someone was killing humans daily the white house would be involved remember if your pet could talk they would tell you I’m dieing please help me.

I have now heard so many heartbreaking stories from people that have called me i now make it my daily routine. to add what i call a minute of kindness for the little things in life that so many of us love like your pet.

Remember if you just stop and look into your pets eyes they will tell you they love you so lets love them back by caring and protecting them from company’s that only care about the almighty dollar.


Joseph Frank

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  1. Joseph…i bathed my dog with this product and shes only 14 weeks old, hate to say this but she isnt doing well at all. Shes very disoriented, vomitting and has diharea. I will make DAMN sure that this product will be yaken out of the market perminately. We need to stop this bullshit. Shes the only thing that has kept me sane from alot of bad things happening in my life right now and i really dont want to lose her.

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