2100 stories told

As of today, there have been 2,100 stories submitted to HartzVictims.org since 2002.  That’s pretty sad.  My dream is to one day have the luxury of shutting this site down because there are no more Hartz victims.

One day…

Let’s keep fighting!!!

My best,


2 thoughts on “2100 stories told”

  1. Can’t we start a petition to get this off the shelves? I’m 12 and I love animals, i’ve cried so much reading these stories, I can’t believe these products are still on the shelves. Josh, you saved my pug’s life! We got him a month ago, and he has fleas because we misread the frontline plus packet and accidentally took him a bath two days after, so I found this website and read the horrible stories. Three days after finding this, we were at the market and my mom found a shelf filled with hartz products and said, “Oh, look this one’s cheaper than the rest” and I told her how bad hartz is, and if not we wouldve bought it, and my first dog that I love so much could be sick or even gone by now.

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