My Pug is very sick from Hartz Flea Drops

Last week I notice my 1.5yr old pug was itching himself.  I had a close look and noticed a black flee and was planning on taking him to the vet to get a product to help.

That night, I was at wallmart shopping and went to get him a treat, when looking I noticed Walmart sold various flea removal products so I deceided to purchase the Hartz once-a-month drops.

I applied as directed and within the next 12hrs things got bad.  I noticed him being very aggiated and itchy, to the point I could tell he was very uncomfortable and crying/morning.  He could not go more than a few seconds without trying to reach or itch himself, I could tell he was in serious distress.

I gave him a long bath and tried washing the area of application, I repeated 3 more baths in the next hour.  At this point he started vomitting yellow mucuis and could not stand still.

I took him to the emerengcy vet who gave him a shot to assist, also provided a benedryl injection.  I had to keep my pug “drugged” up on benedryl to help with his disress for a few days, which helped the affects to his reaction.  After 4 days, he still has a serious itch problem where the application was applied.  I also have noticed a few other issues, which I think is nerve damage.  He has 2 areas near his back side that if you touch, he back legs will uncontrolably kick quickly.

I feel terrible about this whole situation and guilty for giving this to my best friend.

I love him very much and hope this passes, I cannot stop thinking about how I may of caused permanent damage giving this product to him.


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  1. I was shocked when I read your story. For the first time in her life , my pug got fleas. Like you I tried Hartz products and they only seemed to make her much more miserable. She was in such distress all she did was scratch and cry. I finally had to take her to the vet for the PROPER medicine. She is still itching from the fl;ea allergy but with the benedryl not as much. The fleas are gone and we will be using Frontline from now on. I never want to see my baby suffer like that again.

  2. this stuff nearly killed my dog tonite, he is a Australian shepard and this poison nearly did him in. These people should be stopped!

    Scott Morton
    Texarkana AR

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