hartz is poison!!!!!!

Today I bought Hartz drops for ticks and fleas at Walmart and applied them on my¬†puppy “Leo” as intructed in the box.¬†Within 20 minutes he started to drool heavily and foam started to come out of his mouth. I immediately rushed him to the animal hospital and they told me to bathe him with dawn and prescribed a medication for his stomach called CARAFATE. He has been sleeping since he got home after I gave him a bath with dawn and dried him with a¬†hair drier. I hope he is ok because I love him like another child so does my husband. He is the best dog ever. If something happens to him I swear I will sue this hartz retards that only care about making money and are killing millions of precious pets out there. I just wanted to share my story and¬†I am sorry for those of you who lost pets. We should get together and do something about this because animals are beautiful creatures¬†that¬†only brighten our days!

Best regards to all


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  1. Thank you for telling your story. I hope he is okay now. When you took him to the vet did the vet washed him with dawn?

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