Patches died today from Hartz Flea Products

I am a veterinary technician and have been in the field for over 15 years. Today I received a call from my fiancee asking me to come to his parents house as their cat Patches was very ill. I rushed over to find the poor cat in the midst of severe seizure activity. As I was looking over Patches I saw the tell tale greasy spot on the back of the neck. I immediatly knew why their perefctly healthy cat was now near death. I asked them if they had recently applied any Hartz Mountain flea product, and they confirmed that they had applied the flea drops the day before. I immediatly called the veterinarian I worked with and arranged to meet him at the clinic. I washed off the offending product quickly and sped off to reach the animal hospital. En route Patches became agonal and died on my fiancees lap. It was not peaceful, it was not painless, and it was completly senceless.

I wish this was an isolated incident, but as you can tell from this website, it is not. Over the years I have seen many, many patients either become severly ill or die as a result of Hartz Mountains products. What enrages me the most is that the owners of these pets are following manufacturer instructions for a product that the company markets as a safe and effective means of flea control, and it has disasterous concequences. I cannot comprehend why Hartz is allowed to sell these products, and why stores will put them on the shelves. There are numerous safe and effective means of flea control and most are over the counter now, there is no acceptable reason why Hartz should be allowed to continue to kill pets with their products.

I implore everyone to continue to spread the word that these products are unsafe and kill pets. If you see someone picking some up at the store, stop them and share your personel experiance and direct them to this website. I always tell people in the store that while Frontline and Advantage may be slightly more expensive, it’s a lot cheaper than a major vet bill, and you certainly cannot put a price on your pets life……..

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