Hartz gold—made my dog sick!

I applied the hartz gold flea and tick to my dog today and it made her very sick. The scratching, restlessness, foaming at the mouth, vomiting really scared me. I called the vet and they said  to bath her with dawn dishwashing liquid and wash that stuff of her. They also recommended call the emergency 800 # and they also said to wash it off and encourage her to drink. I hope she will be ok.

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  1. Yes—she is better–TG! Was up all night that night though–she couldn’t sit still..in and out–I felt so bad for her.I was so worried. The fact was she scratch the medicine then licked her paw–so she ingested that poison and got real crazy and ill. I hope there is no permanent damage…or long term–like cancer. =(

  2. he got severly ill about 1 hr. after i used it; i’ve alrady bathed him twice but used his shampoo; i’m going to get the dawn and use it. i’ve never seen him like this and i’m scared to death. he’s 8 yrs. old and has never been sick.

  3. I HATE THIS STUFF. It just cost me $150 in vet bills. Both my 1 yr old and my 13 weeks old dogs had bad reactions vomiting, restless, foaming from the mouth. It was terrible. I cried for hours I felt soooo bad for my poor babies. They were missrable and still are a little restless. DO NOT USE THIS STUFF IT IS TERRIBLE. (Sergeant is the same as Hartz).

  4. I just applied Hartz Gold to two 130+ pound dogs yesterday, both Lab mutts, and when I came home from work today both were sick. One was so sick he couldn’t use his back legs. When I called for him, he just dragged himself to me with his front legs and layed at my feet looking at me, helpless. I googled the symptoms, found hundreds of hits concerning Hartz, and the symptoms matched. So I bathed them both immediately, gave them each a very light dose of Benadryl, and got them to drink as much water as possible. Two hours later, they are both recovering, but the sicker one is still acting pretty lethargic. His skin on the back of his neck (where Hartz instructions say to apply the medication) was oozing blood, now it is scabbing over and I’m trying to keep him from scratching it open again. He is able to stand and walk on all four legs again though, so that’s an improvement.

  5. I bought the Seargeants gold flea and tick today 11-7-08 at Wallmart. I put it on my two schipperkees age 4 years old. Within 45 minutes, they were both running around, scratching, couldn’t sit still, I knew they were having a bad reaction. I got on the website and read the horrible stories about this stuff. I have bathed them each 5 times with Dawn and have given them both benadryl, also I read to have them drink chicken broth as that helps pull the poison out. I am so disappointed in this product. I always buy frontline, but was at Wallmart and decided to try this. How can they put this stuff on the shelves and sell it to the public for their dogs. I may have to end up taking them to the vet. If so, I will be sending my bills to seargent. Get this stuff off the shelves, Please!!!

  6. I went them all my bills and they were ok with paying me back. THey send you a bunch of forms to fill out. Im hope that will you just say screw it and not fill them out but fill them out send them back then they will send you a form to sign then you ahve to send it back and then you will recieve a check.

  7. We also used this hartz product from walmart, not 30 minutes after it was applied, we noticed our miniature schnauzer started itching like mad, then flipping over and over and over trying to get it off him.

    in about an hour he was not acting right at all, with a glazed look in his eyes. right away I gave him half a Benadryl, and gave a long warm bath re-soaping several times, and by the end of the night he was fine.

    Something about hartz products is just not right, and walmart clearly ignores the reports otherwise they would remove these products from the shelves.

  8. I bought some Hartz at Walgreens yesterday because I had noticed a flea or two on my dog and it was conveniently right by the dog treats. Upon application he began itching like crazy which I figured was the fleas dying and biting so I didn’t worry. The rest of the night he was sluggish, began to gag, and paced around my bedroom floor for hours.

    By the morning, I called the vet and they knew right away that I had used Hartz by the symptoms I described. I’m still waiting on him to fully recover, but if anything happened to my dog long-term I would never be able to live with myself.


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