Seargent’s Silver NEVER USE

I have a beautiful 7 month old toy poodle and I almost lost him today because of the allergic reaction to Seargent’s Silver.  I have always used Frontline with no problems but unfortunately he was due for another application and I didn’t have the Frontline.  I decided to try one of the less expensive brands just to see. A half hour after I applied it he started running in circles crying and itching.  I immediately bathed him and then called my vet.  They said bath him in Dawn 3 times.  After the second bath I rushed him to my vet.  He gave him a shot of prednisone, benadryl and washed him again in a special shampoo.  I have to administer 2 more doses of oral prednisone tonight and in morning. I brought him home and he was still itching and crying but now he is calming down in his bed but still itching some but at least he is not crying.  The vet said to keep a close eye and any changes to call immediately.  We think he will be OK but I will NEVER use that product again and Please don’t anyone else use it either.  I feel terrible because I used the cheap stuff.  NEVER AGAIN!  I don’t care about the vet bill just my precious baby.

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