HartzVictims.org saved my cats

Our three cats came down with fleas this August 17 and in previous years we had used Frontline and it worked well.  I sent my husband out for Advantage today at Pet Smart since there have been recent complaints of this years Frontline batch not working. I had one Frontline left from last year so I put it on the cat that I noticed fleas on and waited for hubby to return with meds to put on the other 2 before they became infested. He came home with this Hartz Ultra Guard Pro instead, probably since it was cheaper.  I was wary of this wroduct as I had not used Hartz brand before, so I Googled the product and found BAD reviews, 1 star on all pet product sites. Then I found your site and felt  ILL  .  I was that close to putting it on 2 of my precious babies. I have no doubt that it would have had extremely adverse reactions. I was just one of the lucky ones who found your website and took heed.

Tomorrow the Hartz is being returned….along with a printed copy of ALL of these posted warnings, to Pet Smart, to the manager. I am also phoning Hartz and posting as many links as I can to direct people to your website. Thanks to you MY cats are safe……I will help spread the word.

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  1. me too! i bought some Hartz from walmart earlier, and was going to put it on my kitten (possibly just under 12 weeks) but thought to research the product online a little bit before hand

    I am so happy that I found this website (and other bad reviews). I will return the poison to walmart tomorrow… although i doubt speaking to their manager will do any good, as walmart is another one of those companies that could care less whether our loved pets die because of the products they sell.

    thanks HartzVictims.org

  2. That’s not true! walmart cares for their customers a lot, they only sell it because hartz hasnt been taken off shelves because only government and hartz can do that

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