Hartz Plus Killed my Best Friend

Last week I bought Hartz Plus, for my 2 cats. They were born 9-17-2001. On Sunday 8-17-2008 6:28 am one of them died from acute respiratory arrest after applying the Hartz Plus flea/tick medicine AS DIRECTED 2 days prior. She was ok at first and it seemed to be working. Then the next day she was a little lethargic and not eating as much, after watching her closely she began to return to her normal self. Then next evening the suddenly fell quite ill and wouldn’t eat or drink. all she could do was lay there. and groan. She was promptly bathed and bottle fed water and liquid food. Once again her condition improved. My wife and I took shifts watching her over the night so we could take her to the vet as soon as they opened. And all was well until about 6:00am. She began to have difficulty breathing. Without hesitation I rushed her to the emergency animal clinic as fast as I could. Speeding, not coming to complete stops, I was lucky to not get pulled over. I arrived at the emergency clinic 6:26 and she was admitted right away. we made it to about as far as the table when she started to have violent convulsions and making the worst wailing sound I have ever heard. She was rushed to the operating table immediately and died within seconds before much could be done to save her. Unfortunately the only bit of relief i could be given was an apology and a statement “We have had increasing amounts of Hartz related deaths”. Then the doctor didn’t even charge me for the services, which is very unlike the emergency animal clinic. They normally charge $96 just for walking in, which is a major detourant for those of us with low budgets, another reason we purchased Hartz, as apposed to Frontline as we would usually get. After this, I will NEVER use Hartz products, EVER AGAIN.



9-17-2001 – 8-17-2008

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