Hartz ultra guard pro killed one of my cats

we had a beautiful 3 yr old cat ,white with long hair ,i applied this medicine first week in july and he developed a skin rash and became very ill, today is august 15 and we had to finally put him to sleep as he developed yellow jaundice from the medication he has continuously been under the care of a vet and we are very very sad to lose our cat, i am so angry right now i wish i had known the possible effects of this medication i would never have used it

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  1. Hello my story is very similar, I purchased those drops abouth a week ago, followed the instructions, then my cat was a little weird abouth a hour later, but i did not worry too much abouth it, next day he was almost in a drunk status, still i was sure he was having a small alergy reaction, next day when i came home he was having convultions and vomiting blood, there was not much else to do but to put him down, HARTZ… you may want to put on the back of you’re products MAY KILL YOU’RE CAT….
    My cat was my friend for over 3 years. Please take these drops off the shelves…

  2. I had grown up buying Hartz flea collars for our many dogs and cats and had always trusted the product and company. So, when I discovered that Hartz made a flea/tick drop medication which was much cheaper than the competition, I decided to try it on my two cats yesterday afternoon. The younger cat (3 yrs.) seems fine, however, my older cat (10 yrs.) is drooling, frightened, is losing her hair, is incontinent and not eating. Last night she had a high temperature as I could feel it as she pressed against me. I am afraid for her health and even more so after reading the many, many similar stories online by other concerned and duped pet owners. HARTZ TAKE THIS PRODUCT OFF THE MARKET!!! YOU ARE KNOWINGLY INJURING PETS! P.E.T.A. WILL BE GETTING A LETTER FROM ME ASKING FOR THEIR HELP IN FORCING THIS PRODUCT TO BE REMOVED.

  3. I lost my Dog of 8 years today due to hearts ultra guard spay from her licking herself, she went into liver toxic state and died after spending $300.00 on vets, Hearts needs to be removed as does the bio-spot’s both are killing cats and dogs due to the pesticides used!

  4. To all who have posted on this thread: I am terribly sorry this has happened to your pets and your families. It is truly a tragedy. Hartz Mountain Corporation has a deplorable safety record over the years. They aren’t the only manufacturer with an unacceptable safety record, but since your problems resulted from Hartz’s products you should know that their appalling history goes back to the late ’80’s and ’90’s when their product, Blockade, was pulled from the market because of an unacceptably high number of pet injuries and deaths, including human deaths. It was later reintroduced and again had serious safety problems. Hartz was cited and fined for not accurately and promptly forwarding consumer reports to the EPA as all manufacturers (and registrants) are required to do by federal law. In the early 2000’s they were required to make numberous package labeling and directions revisions on both their cat and dog insecticide ingredient products. In 2005 the EPA, probably the most lax oversight agency in the federal government, forced Hartz to terminate their cat and kitten products, issuing a Cancellation Order against Hartz’s products containing pesticide ingredients. The number of cat and kitten injuries and deaths was stunning and even the EPA could no longer ignore it. Please also report this incident to the National Pesticide Information Center, at 1-800-858-7378. They maintain a database of pesticide-related illnesses for the EPA. The EPA uses this database to determine if dangerous pesticide products require specific action in terms of safety requirements, including up to removal from the market. Don’t let Hartz get away with the devastation they are causing any longer. They count on victims’ owners taking no action or simply complaining for a week or two and then going away. Please take the time to report this terrible tragedy to the NPIC. Again, I’m very sorry this has happened to you. I have a friend who also lost a perfectly healthy dog as a result of these pesticide products and I’ve seen first hand the damage and devastation they have caused. It’s terrible…particularly since it’s avoidable if Hartz–and other manufacturers–and the EPA were truly concerned about pets and pet owners.

  5. i just used this prouduct on my cat yesterday he seems normal but does blink his eyes somewhat really dont want to be touched what symtoms has other people seen with thier cats

    1. Known Adverse Reactions –
      * Excessive drooling
      * Depression
      * Vomiting
      * Dizziness or symptoms related to balance
      * Convulsions or seizures
      * Tremors of the extremities, twitching
      * Hypo- or Hyperthermia
      * Disorientation.
      * Difficulties breathing
      * Paralysis
      * In extreme cases, death may result from prolonged seizure activity
      or respiratory failure

  6. I don’t know what to say! My boyfriend brought me this product last January from LA. My cat experienced some acne problems for two times and this vet gave her many pills. It was really hard to gave her the tablets as she refused to eat the pills. Only my mom could have her the medicine by syringe! But when I used the product for the first two months all the skin problems gone safely!
    I used the 3rd shot, on June when I saw some spots! And they gone! But she was depressed and has irritation a lot! Just today I found some spots on her head and was trying to order hartz which I saw above comments. OMG! I feel terrible! All the cats are at the same age as mine and I know how it hearts! Now what should I use as replacement! Please give me an advice!

  7. I wanted to know has ANYONE had a good/okay experience with this product i just used it on my 2 6 mth old puppies and i just started to search to see how fast it works and im getting all negative. i’m really worried now.

  8. I use it on my cats with no issues, ever… I used to use it on my dog too before she died of old age spring of 2011. I think this is a case by case basis because personally I have never had an issue with it, my cats have been on it all summer and both of them are completely normal, as they were last year, and the years before that.

  9. I saw a couple of fleas on my cat two months ago and because I love my cat so much I only trust her to my Vet and what he prescribes for her but unfortunately at the time my husband and I couldn’t afford to take her to the vet and we couldn’t afford the medication he recommended we buy at Petco so I went to Walmart and found the Hartz Ultra Guard Pro drops for cats and I knew the Hartz name has been around for years and it was cheap. So I bought it and used the first dose on my cat on September 6th, 2013. The second dose was administered on October 9th, 2013. When I got back from a recent trip to Arizona it looked like my cat got injured. She had blood above her eye. I looked closely at it and I just thought that she must have scratched herself to vigorously because she is overdue for a nail trimming. But then the other day she was lying on my stomach and I was petting her behind her head and around her ears and I felt all these bumbs. like scabs and some of her hair above her brow looked like it has been falling out. I have been wondering what was causing this and I have set up a doctor’s appointment for her (still not putting 2 and 2 together, I never even thought about the flea medication). Then the last couple of days my husband has developed hives and a rash all over his body so of course I asked him all the normal questions like, did you eat anything knew at work or were you exposed to something new at work, did you change your shaving cream or get a new shampoo? He answered no to every one of my questions. But then I thought about my cats rash.I was thinking they might be related since the cat will go snuggle up to my husband when he gets home from work. I don’t have a rash but maybe he’s allergic to something in the Hartz medication. So I asked this question on my browser “Can Hartz UltraGuard Pro give me a rash?” Well I found you guys and I now know what’s making my cat sick and why she has bumps all over. I’m pissed!! When I think back to last month when I gave her the first dose, she was acting strangely. She seemed dizzy, lethargic, she has vomited a few times in the past 6 to 8 weeks and I thought it was hair balls at first but I remember when my mom’s cat threw up hair balls and that’s now what my cat was throwing up. She was throwing up because the Hartz drops made her sick!! I am pissed!! Thank God I came across this web site because I would have given her another dose in 7 more days. I could have lost my poor cat. I rescued her in Nov. 2011 when she was abandoned by her mother. She was so tiny she couldn’t even walk yet and we had to nurse her with kitten formula and bottle. She is going to be 2 years old in November 2013. With some help from the Web and my observations I gave her a Birth date of November 20th. I found her on November 30th 2011 when she was a week old. I cannot believe I could have lost her from these damn flea drops. My cat is an indoor cat and I think the two fleas I saw on her and panicked about were from my neighbor who came over a couple of times to buy movies from me. I don’t think I needed to get drops for my cat. I just needed to not invite that neighbor over again, which I did anyway. I am going to sue if my cat get a serious ailment. Is there a class action law suit out there already?

  10. So glad I came to this website. I purchased the ultra guard flea drops for my dog, I was going to use 1 today. So glad I read all of the comments. Needless to say they are going into the trash.

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