Hartz Poison “killed” our Cheeto

We lost our most adorable dog, “CHEETO” this past Friday, June 27, 2008 to what we strongly know to believe, the Hartz 3 in 1 Reflecting Control Collar for Dogs. (UPC 3270004183) purchased at our local K-Mart store. Cheeto shared in all the
symptoms such as (green) vomiting, weakness, labored breathing and hair loss in bunches, just to name some of the symptoms. These symptoms all started after the collar was placed around his neck. He was always a healthy dog, that is until he was introduced to this poisonous collar which ultimately took his innocent life right before our eyes.
When I contacted the Hartz Company, they immediately took steps to help us and did not once deny that the collar was the instigator of the symptoms. I truly expected them to defend their product to be safe, but they did not argue with me regarding my suspicions of “Cheeto” being poisoned by their collar. They cooperated with me and were willing to
work with our vet to get “Cheeto” the help he so desperately needed. The problem with that is that the product they are manufacturing is so deadly that “Cheeto” passed away within minutes of calling the vet to make the antidote arrangements. These items are ultimately the “deadliest” of products and the symptoms come on so fast that they is no time to save them even once you know what you are dealing with and they certainly have NO business being on shelves in ANY stores to be sold to consumers to use on any living creatures.
The product is so unfit that the label actually states
“HAZARDS TO HUMANS AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS” What are they for, skunks, racoons, badgers, ???????????????? I believe that dogs and cats qualify as domestic animals and we the people as humans, so why in the world is the product(s) even allowed to be manufactured and distributed to be sold??????
Anyway, our precious “CHEETO” is forever gone and now the tears are all we have. We are left to live on this earth without him knowing that we placed the poison around his neck that ultimately took him to his “early” grave leaving behind 3 little boys to now resort to sitting next to his grave to talk to him and wish that they could pet him, hug him, walk him, run with him and just plain love him unconditionally, while their parents feel the
guilt of being the ones who actually placed the product of poison around the best friend and loyal companion they ever had. He was a member of our family. He was the foundation of our happiness and our world evolved around coming home to him every night to his wagging tail and unconditional love. Our family is now “BROKEN” all in thanks to HARTZ!!
At the very least, the Hartz products should be recalled from all shelves until they can prove their products to be safe. If they cannot place their products on the shelves without a warning of “hazardous to humans and domestic animals” then their products have absolutely no business being manufactured, it is no good for any living thing. Until they can develop and create a safe product to sell, they shouldn’t be on the market!

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  1. I am sorry to hear about Cheeto. I am a journalist working on a story about pet exposures to pesticides like the product you used, and would really appreciate the chance to speak with you. Please email Mike at [email protected] if you’d be interested in telling me about your experience.

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