The madness has to Stop and I will not stop until it does

Its time for the madness to stop I’m also a victim of Hartz products. My best friend Maxwell almost died from Hartz flea and tick drops. and now that i have been reading all the victims within the last two weeks i can’t let this continue.

I need anyone and everyone to contact me at 951-746-4111 so we as a team can stop this major company from killing animals. They fully understand what is going on because they have a victims department that only deals with this type of complaint. Also these major stores know what they are selling and the store I purchased my product from told me that they have tried to get it removed from the shelves because of all the problems they have had only to have it returned to the shelf two weeks later. What has America turned into.

I promised Maxwell if he lived ( and he did) i would never stop until this problem was fixed.

If you truly care about your family member (pet) you will help me put a stop to this madness.

Please read my storie Maxwell was 2 hours from death posted 7/29/08


Joseph Frank

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  1. I’ll help. I had 2 dogs poisoned tonight. Hopefully, both will live. I wish I’d read the message boards before I gave them a toxic substance. If it wasn’t 11 pm (the time I finished bathing, treating and otherwise taking care of the kids I’d call you now). I found this post by a search engine, so I’m not sure how to find Maxwell’s story, but I pray he’s made a full recovery. My email is [email protected].

    Keep Nala & Yoda in your prayers until we’re through this,

  2. My one year old Cairn Terrier was just poisoned by this stuff. Bath in dish detergent twice to get it off and your dog will calm down soon. It does not get into the blood stream and has a wide range of safety. Don’t panic unless it goes on for a couple of hours after bathing with no improvement.

    Somebody should start a class action suit against harts for this.

  3. My Shis Tzu Gizmo has been growling and turn his head to his hind end and doesn’t want to walk, He is was bathed yesterday afternoon and treated with Bansect I’m waiting to see if he will start feeling better after his second bath with dish soap! If not were taking him into the Vet!

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