Hartz is a hazard

I know I’m one of many and one of the lucky ones, but after finding out today that this problem is of epidemic proportion I decided to post my experience.  If enough people scream and shout, maybe we’ll be heard.

My 2 year old yorkie/shitzu mix, Buzz started scratching a couple weeks ago.  I tried just giving him a bath with flea & tick meds & oatmeal, but it wasnt enough.  I didnt have time to get to the vet for their recommendation, so I purchased the only thing available at one of those huge “mart” chain stores.

As I read in another posting, within a couple hours my dog was itching & whining uncontrollably.  I thought maybe it was because the fleas were on the move.  The next day my dog’s hind leg was so sore from scratching, he wouldnt walk on it.  I finally bathed him & bandaged the wound that ensued, but he was not himself for more than a week.  He is just now eating and going to the bathroom without assistance.

Perhaps these inhumane makers of this product should try some human trials . . . on THEMSELVES!  They’re monsters for keeping this product on the market!

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