Yesterday I went to the pet grooming store just down the street, which is a small business owned by a very friendly and (usually) knowledgeable lady. I asked her if she carried flea collars, since the newest addition to my cat posse seemed to have some crawlies. I have used collars in the past with no problem, but she didn’t carry them and instead recommended Hartz OneSpot.

I guess I am one of the lucky ones, because all four of my cats are alive and seem ok for now, but I sure got one hell of a scare. About 20 minutes after applying the stuff, Rhythm, 2.5 years old and always sensitive, started flipping out. He went into a panic of writhing around on the floor and howling, and rubbing the back of his neck against anything to get the stuff off. I bathed him right away in an all-natural cat shampoo, Earthbath, that I got from the same grooming store, and he settled down.

Within an hour of bathing Rhythm, Tengo, 5 months old, started acting the same way, so I plunked him in the tub. It was his first shower, and he was extremely unhappy about it. Fever, almost 2, had the worst reaction – she started darting around the house, stopping and changing direction randomly, hissing and shrieking at random objects as though she blamed them for attacking her and causing her the pain.

Only my 8 year old cat Zorak didn’t react badly, but even he has been wandering around meowing casually but constantly, but he is normally the quietest, so it is strange. After looking this product up today, he’s definitely going for a bath. No sense taking stupid risks…

With the exception of Fever, my four seem alright today. Fever has dug a scab and scratched a lot of the fluff off the back of her neck. Which is my next point – no matter where you put this stuff on your cat, they will be able to reach it – if not with their tongue, than with a foot. In their fear, my cats rubbed all over the floor, furniture, and staircase to get it off, so I have to wipe it all down as well.

This product is unsafe, a mess, and I am floored that it is still being sold. It seems I am lucky I haven’t had to make a trip to the vet (so far), most of the stories I’ve read are a lot worse than mine. I will be informing the grooming lady who I bought this from and referring her to this sight, and contacting Hartz as well… they’re lucky their call centre isn’t open again until Monday, when I will have cooled off a little…

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