I used the Hartz flea and tick repellant

I don’t know about anyone else’s ordeals with this stuff, but I would definately like to see this stuff taken off the market and the makers of the product be prosecuted for selling such junk.

Not only was I ripped off, it made the fleas multiply.  I sprayed it and the fleas were gone for about 6 hours.  All of a sudden, my dog was COVERED.  Also, my cat.  I then started to get fleas on me.  It got so bad that when I would stand on my floor I would get 15+ fleas on my legs.  My dog probably had 5000 or more in a matter of a day.

I think Hartz should be sued.

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  1. I just got back home from an emergency visit with my cat’s veterinary office. Just last week, I was evacuated for a hurricane (Gustav), and my cats picked up fleas at the house we were staying during the storm. While there, I went to the local Kroger and picked up some Hartz UltraGuard Pro for cats, intending to rid them of the pest problem once and for all. I’m not made of money, so I thought I’d give the OTC drops a try. Hartz is a reputable name, so I pretty much assumed any product they would sell for use on my pets would be safe. Boy, was I wrong.

    My husband and I spent a good part of the day cleaning up around our apartment, part of which entailed addressing our newfound flea problem. So, I popped open one of the Hartz boxes and applied the product to all four of my cats. No more than five minutes later, I heard a weird noise. I looked over to find my cat, Lucy, salivating profusely from her mouth. Being that I have worked in the medical field, I knew right away that this was a sign of nerve agent poisoning. Little did I know, it was a main ingredient in the flea drops! I rushed her to the after hours animal clinic, where she was successfully treated a while later. My cat was returned to me shaved, scared and wet. The veterinarian examined the empty Hartz box and told me that this was not the first time this product had brought animals into her emergency clinic for care. She advised me that, although the product was sold in many stores by a well known and reputable company, its contents were highly toxic to both cats and humans!!! I was told that Revolution would not have produced such toxic effects.

    A hundred dollars later, I brought my baby home, with advice to watch her closely for 48 hours for any more salivation or possibly signs of seizure. I am absolutely outraged!

    Dangerous products such as these should not be sold in our pet stores, or local supermarkets. They should be removed from the shelves… If I had not paid close attention, this Hartz product could have killed my cat! If you are reading this message, please, please, PLEASE DON’T USE THIS STUFF ON YOUR BELOVED PET!!! I will post the active ingredients and UPC number below, so you can avoid them.

    You can certainly bet Hartz will be receiving a nasty-gram really soon with my return address on it… and a copy of the bill. Good luck to all of you. I hope you get the message in time.

    Heather DeCausemaker Weisel

    Product Name: Hartz UltraGuard Pro for use on cats 5 lbs and over
    Active Ingredients: (S)-Methoprene (CAS #65733-16-6) 3.6% and
    Etofenprox (CAS #80844-07-1) 40.0%
    UPC #: 32700 10843

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