Another hapless victim

I too was foolish enough to try to cut corners with vet costs and bought the Sergeants Gold in several sizes for my 8 dogs.  All of the dogs are big dogs, except one yorkie mix.  About half an hour after I applied a partial tube (b/c she is small I didn’t use the whole thing) of the correct size for her, she started having muscle spasms in which her back legs uncontrollably kicked every few seconds, was drooling profusely, was running a temperature and generally appeared to be in a state of pain and discomfort.  Being a long time animal owner, I immediately assumed that it must have been a reaction to the poison so I instantly threw in the sink and gave her a 30 minute rinse down of the product.

She only slept that night if I stayed awake and massaged her back and neck, otherwise the spasms took over.  For 2 days she continued having spasms, although they slowed down, and she developed nasty, crusty sores everywhere that the product had touched her.

After more than a month now, she no longer has the spasms or the fever, but she still has several sores that we are babying.  The big dogs seemed to tolerate the treatment, except for one who had a less severe reaction.  He acted like his back was itching or burning, but never had muscle reactions or a fever or sores.

Until I accidently found this website, I thought that it was just some fluke at my house, that my dog was just sensitive to that particular product.  I am so glad I found this and I will be sure to spread the word to others who have pets and to my vet.

One thought on “Another hapless victim”

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