Hart(z)-less Bastards

It’s one o’clock in the morning and i’ve just gotten back from the vets. But First, some background info.

Earlier this morning, i found a cat wandering around in the middle of the road towards oncoming traffic. I moved it out of the road, but it followed me back to my car. I tried the houses around where i found it, but they’d never seen it before, so we brought it home, bought it some food, and later, got it some Hartz flea drops, so as to prevent our dog from catching them. Within hours, the poor thing began to freak out, so we took it to the vets. It vomited twice before we got there, and while we were waiting for the doctor, it had a seizure so violent, it almost fell off the table in the exam room. When they took it away to be checked out, we were told that it had had another seizure during its examination.

We could have saved that poor cat, but thanks to a few corrupt businessmen forcing their god-forsaken “product” on unsuspecting consumers, we lost a cat we barely had time to know.

2 thoughts on “Hart(z)-less Bastards”

  1. I was very sorry to read your story…..I am the one whose mom and dad lost 4 cats. That is just terrible because you were trying to help. My parents had wonderful cats… Ringo was 19 yrs old, Buffy was 15, Stripe was 11 and Sarah was 10….What a waste and for what—-$$$$$$$$$—that is what.

  2. I realize that this post is almost 4 years old, but are you certain that the problems the cat had were from the drops and not an ongoing issue that the cat had before you found him? Just curious…

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