ALERT – Seargeants Gold

Last night after supper I bathed our 2 Chihuahas and applied Seargeants Gold (9-20lb) to them.  Since one is less than 9 lbs, I only put a portion of the tube on him, in fact, only a few drops.  The bigger dog received the remainder of the product.  Within 15 minutes, the smaller Chihuahua began wheezing, coughing, making spasdic movements, digging incessantly, and gagging.  His left eye was swollen and would barely open, and he kept rubbing it.  I panicked and immediately washed him, since it appeared to me that he was obviously having a reaction to the flea drops.  I decided to keep a close eye on him because it looked like we were going to be headed to the vet.  Suddenly from the other room, I hear wheezing, coughing and gagging.  The bigger Chihuahua was beginning to show the same symptoms, albeit his were much milder.  I left the product on him since he wasn’t “worsening” (big mistake).  Both dogs sleep with me, and sometime through the night the chemical got onto my face.  I woke up at about 2 in the morning and my lips were swollen.  I was very thirsty and wondering what in the world was going on.  I got up and grabbed a drink of water and what a shock I got.  As soon as the water hit my tongue it was like a thousand pins and needles stinging it.  I had a terrible taste in my mouth too.  It was clear to me that the chemical had gotten on me and was affecting me.  I rinsed and rinsed until the taste came out, and the pins/needles began to lessen.  Exhausted and knowing I had to be at work in a couple of hours, I went back to sleep.  This morning I have woke up with further symptoms.  The swelling has gone down on my lips, although the top lip still has a numb feeling.  My tongue is back to normal.  I have a strange “cold” feeling running from the right side of my mouth up my cheek and encompassing my right eye.  The closer to the eye, the more the skin feels like a shot of “novacaine” wearing off from the dentist.  My right eyelid is numb.  As for the dogs, both are OK now, the smaller one is sleeping a lot, but no more wheezing, etc.  The bigger one seems almost normal, just very clingy like he’s not feeling good.  Now, I know that it is always difficult de-fleaing small dogs for the sheer fact that they weigh so little. For this reason I always proceed with caution.  I weigh 150lbs and had a minute amount touch my face and look at the effects!  This is ludicrous!  What kind of effects were my dogs feeling that they couldn’t express?  What effect would this have on a small child sleeping with their dog?!  This product is dangerous to animals and humans.  It definitely should be removed from the market.

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