Two weeks ago my elderly mom and step dad had 5 wonderful, healthy cats who they considered their “family” and called them the “kids”.  They ended up with fleas, and someone bought them the flea collars and some Hartz spray for cats.  I live 500 miles away, or would have told them NEVER to put any HARTZ on their pets.  Their cats started to get ill and they do not drive and could not find anyone to get them to the vet.  Four died in 2 1/2 days, and I drove down and got the last one to an emergency hospital and they said the poor thing would have been dead by morning.  The vets at the hosptial TOLD me to sue Hartz.  They gave me back the product and said they encourage everyone to sue HARTZ every time this happens.  My parents are devasted and I am going to do all I can to let other people know how horrible these products are.  Even if they reimburse the $900 for the cat that survived and the $1064 for the cremations, it will never bring back these wonderful animals. Some man on the phone today wanted to know if I wanted the money back for the product!!!   Sick………………………………………………………….

3 thoughts on “LOST 4 CATS in ONE WEEK from HARTZ SPRAY”

  1. Dear mickeymac,
    Going thru the same thing now,but with my Angel baby.First of all the stuff does not work, but interferes with other meds they are on.Angel may end up needing a transfusion because their products are CRAP and didn’t take care of the problem when we first spotted it!Deep in my heart,I know I should have gone the more expensive route,but she only had a mild case and thought the grocery store stuff(Hartz)would nip it in the bud.Imagine my sadness today when we had her at the vet only to hear we were doing more harm than good!I’m 50+ and Hartz has always been a well respected name.Not after today……just wish I had done a little more research before putting my itty bitty baby kitty in such a life threatening situation by trusting a brand name!

  2. I wish I had known that someone bought them that crap to put on them. My vet always told me not to buy Hartz. The Drs. at the emergency clinic told me to go after Hartz for all the vet bills….$900 for the one that lived and all the cremation cost. That wont bring them back. It is just horrible that the co. is allowed to keep that poison out for sale just to make $$$$$$$$$$$$…..

  3. That’s just it…their lives are unreplacable!!!Money isn’t going to do a D*** thing for us.We’ve lost them and I guess they don’t realize the true bond between a pet and the person that loves them SOOOOO much!I have kids and we are doing basically a 24 hr watch on Angel to make sure she’s doing okay.I just don’t understand how after the horror stories I’ve read that they can still put it out on the market!Rainbow Bridge will be pretty scary for them,won’t it?!?

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