Similar story with another OTC product

I read a number of these stories earlier today and was practically in tears. The stories of vets saying that all OTC flea medications are poison sends chills down my spine.

I have never used Hartz on my cats. Earlier this year though, my partner and I gave our year old Domestic short hair/Siamese Poe a dose of Frontline from Pet Supplies Plus, whom we’d adopted from our city animal shelter a few short months earlier. Immediately after, I noticed that Poe didn’t seem himself. He wasn’t eating, drinking, or playing with his brother (our tabby slightly younger than him), and when he started hiding under the bed in the spare room, I freaked out. My partner told me that if Poe was still this way in the morning we could call the vet.

And he was. My partner found the box for the Frontline that said if there are any problems to wash your cat, and he immediately did. Poe collapsed while being washed, and we literally ran him over to the vet’s.

At the vet’s, it was discovered that Poe has congenital heart failure, and this was the reason why he was sick. At the vet’s, we were given a grim diagnosis, that made it sound like Poe had only a few more days to live. The vet put him on lasiks, and this happened in March. Poe has rebounded and been wonderful and fine since then, and it’s now July. Looking back, yes, Poe was always a slower cat, and most of that reason was his heart condition. But the coincidences were too great, and we truly believe that either the Frontline complicated his condition, or was taking its own toll on him before we washed him. Our vet maintains that the Frontline, as long as it was for cats, was fine, and wouldn’t have done that… but, and especially since reading these stories here, I just do not believe him.

I’m terrified about how to treat Poe now for fleas.

Saved thanks to

Last night was a terrible night for our Lola, a 1 yr old mini doxie. We purchased Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze on for Dogs (9-20 lbs) earlier that day for her. We applied it at around 9:30 at night, following the on-package instructions. She started running around the house and at first we thought she was just being silly. But by 10 her eyes started to swell and she was itching at her face. Her breathing was irregular so we called the emergency number. They told us to wash her 3 times with Dawn brand dish soap and then to feed her tuna fish (WHAT?!) so she can get food/nutrients in her system. We washed her 5 times total but she was getting worse. She was frothing at the mouth and vomiting a little blood. All I can say is thank God for this website–I found it quickly and followed the advice. We got her to the emergency vet by 11 and they told us we brought her just in time. After a stressful night spent in the pet hospital, Lola is better (albeit a little sleepy).

The vet told us that reactions from Sergeants is basically how they stay in business. SO MANY dogs and way more cats are allergic to this stuff. Recommend to everyone you know to not buy Sergeants! The effects can be fatal, as too many on this site have proven. Why doesn’t Sergeants have a warning label on the back of their package? They only list the emergency number but from what I’ve read that number is not helpful. They need to put a side effects listing on the package! This needs to be stopped!


On friday night i used hart all in on flea control and i wish i never did my dog is so sick the whole back and side of his neck is burned so bad there are big blisters on his neck, my vet said to wash it with dish sope and put qurtazone cream on it and if it gets worse bring him in as fast as i can and that hartz is the worsest product made as it kills lots of pets every year.i have cryed over the stories i have read hear,i am very sad and sick that they are aloud to keep making this crap!!! i have started a group on face book and join over 100 groups just to spread the word. the group is call DONT USE HARTZ IT WILL KILL YOUR PET please come join and help the fight to stop hartz befor to many more pets die for no reason!!! will post more about my dog scrappy,i am taking him to the vets tomorrow,hopefully they can help him.

Sergeant’s Squeeze-On

We have two cats that both came into contact with Sergeant’s Squeeze-On for dogs and puppies and both went into violent seizures, high fevers, and pupils dialated. We kept them comfortable and continuously squirted water into their mouths from a dropper. It took about fours hours for the convulsions to stop but so far they are ok. I’ll keep you posted. We also bathed them in luke warm water afterwards and baby shampoo.

My Cat is on the Verge of Death Because of Hartz Flea/Tick Treatment

A few days ago, I applied Hartz Flea and Tick month-long liquid repellant to my cats as directed on the package. The cat began acting lethargic a few hours later after having had the energy to hunt a rabbit the day before. Every day he’s gotten more and more lethargic and now is sore all over his stomach to the point that he screams when I try to move him or pick him up. I usually use Frontline, but with the economy so bad and gas so high, I figured I should save the money when I saw the inexpensive substitute at Wal-Mart. Now my cat may very well die in the next day or two, because I used his terrible product. I took the cat to the vet today. It was $100 just for a preliminary exam and $70 more for hydration and pain killers. If I wanted to proceed with full treatment, the vet wanted $500-$800.  Obviously, if I was trying to save $30 by not buying Frontline, I could afford this kind of vet bill. So now I am left hoping and waiting to see if and when my cat will die. I really debated a long time in Wal-Mart whether it would be safe to use the Hartz. I was so worried, that I bought the Hartz for kittens and cats under 5 pounds, even though my at is 9 1/2  pounds. I also checked to make sure thee product was not manufactured in China. The product read “Made in the USA” so I figured it wa safe. My cat had a terrible tick problem, and in the end I thought “Would they sell something dangerous at Wal-Mart?” The answer is “Yes!” There should be a class-action lawsuit against Hartz and Wal-Mart for this product being sold. I can’t believe how many horror stories there are about these products.  Hartz and Wal-Mart are both liable for criminal conduct in selling this product to the public.

I am incredibly horrified

I look at craigslist alot and this morning i stumbled across this website and i am icredably horrified about what i am reading i am glad there is a website to notify unsuspecting people and to the many of people who have lost a four legged family member i am so sorry.

Beware! Hartz 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Cat Spray

My neighbor’s cat had kittens over 3 months ago. They were unwanted and living under a porch, being fed scraps of human food. My family adopted one over a month ago. On June 28th another was found dead in the street. I decided to go ask for the others, despite not being able to keep them, to ensure they would find good, safe homes. They were so infested with fleas that we could not bring them into our home. I tried bathing them in dish soap, but that didn’t do any good. They seemed to be suffering so bad that I bought Hartz 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Cat Spray. The bottle says to not spray on cats under 12 weeks. The vet has told me that these cats are definitely over 12 weeks. I did not spray on the full dosage of around 26 sprays. I sprayed 10 or less on each. I then rubbed them off with towels to get any excess off. Then, despite them acting normal, something inside told me this stuff wasn’t good. At that time, I hadn’t heard anything about how bad Hartz is. Our family has always used flea collars and flea shampoo, so we trusted the company. I gave the kittens baths less than an hour after spraying them. I scrubbed them thoroughly, but that didn’t get all of it off. It appeared that one had diarrhea-like symptoms, but it was not bad and I thought it might be due to their change in diet. They acted perfectly normal. On July 1 my sister and I went out to take them for a walk. We took one out and he was slipping on the porch as he walked, as if walking on ice. His legs were falling out from under him. We took him on the grass and the same thing happened. I immediately knew it must have to do with the flea spray. I called the vet and was told I had to get them there asap or they would die, because “that stuff is like poison in a bottle.” We raced there. The cat with the symptoms could not walk very well at all, as if it was on some sort of drug or alcohol. They also believe it might have gone blind. The kittens are still at the vet now. That kitten is still having trouble walking. I am not sure if it has or will regain site. There will likely be long-term effects. I believe the only reason it looks like they are going to pull through is because we were able to get them to the vet before further, more severe symptoms developed. The vet told me that every over-the-counter flea/tick treatment is unsafe and should be banned! This means that HARTZ is not the only evil! Never buy over-the-counter flea products. On top of this, it usually does not kill the bugs. If you have a flea collar on any of your animals, take it off immediately. These products are also unsafe for humans and should not be in our homes.


I posted a story on here about 2 weeks ago about my cat named Maddy. I wanted to give an update… the last I wrote my cat was staying the night at the vets and it looked as if she would make it, but she took a turn for the worse. It was Hartz Flea&Tick medicine that poisoned my cat. She was only 10mos old! The vet put her on iv antibiotics and tried to flush her system out. Spent a lot of money. She got better but for only about 2days. All of the sudden she took a turn for the worse. By morning she was completely paralyzed. It progressed very rapidly throughout the next 10hrs. She started vomiting, drooling, tongue hanging out and had urinated all over herself. She purred right through the end though. She kept trying to meow but nothing would come out. You could tell that her lungs were filling up with fluid. Then she was gone. It was Saturday night before fathers day. There wasn’t anything i could do. I had no idea of the effects of hartz until the harm was already done. I had already threw the package away before i realized what had happened. Sueing them won’t bring Maddy back. I hope to god that word gets out, and hartz takes their products off the shelves.

thanks to hartzvictims i was able to think quick

a few months ago, my older brother stayed with us for a couple of weeks after his return to iraq, at the time my cat had fleas and without me knowing he bought hartz one spot for my 5 month old cat. I found this website a few weeks proir while doing research, so when i found the flea medicine i quickly told them “that this product what so ever was not allowed on my cat” and that only medicine from a vet well goe on my cat.

now i know i should of tossed it when i had the chance, last night i noticed a peach greasy stain on the back of his neck and on his spine i didnt think anything of it, until i started petting him and chuncks of hair started falling out this morning.

i called the vet immediatly, to see if i should bring him in or what. i told her i think my mom put the hartz flea medicine on him, she told me to give him a bath asap and watch for signs of seizures and others odd behavour.

thanks to this website, all he is stuck with is a rash on his neck, that the vet is treating him for and nothing more.