A 14 and 11-year old shouldn’t have to watch their cat die.

Last summer our family adopted a little grey and white kitten from our local animal shelter–we named HER Grady (yes I’m aware it’s a male-ish type name).  Grady had been with us for a year, but had never had problems with ticks and fleas until a couple of weeks ago.  My mom had bought the Hartz tick and flea medicine for our Grady Girl, so she’d be rid of those parasites.  Day before yesterday was Grady’s thrid round of the medicine.

So yesterday came and all seemed well.  I was home alone with my little brother, and we were kicking a soccer ball back and fourth when we saw our little Grady.  We noticed she was walking kinda funny, but just thought she was trying to catch a bug or something.  Then we saw a long, white thing comming out of her mouth, and we thought it was a string, so we went over to pull it out of her mouth.  That’s when we noticed something was wrong.  It was saliva streaming out of her mouth.  She was violently shaking, and making noises that I had never heard her make before.  My first thought was heat stress, because it was a hot day; I picked her up, and brought her in the house.  My brother got her a bowl of water, but she refused to drink.  I was getting really nervous when I saw a kind of foam come out of her mouth.  Then she had a HUGE attack type thing, and rolled over on her back and was scratching at the floor and looked completely helpless.  I had Mason (my brother) call my mom, who was half an hour away, in town, picking my baby sister up.  While waiting for my mom to come home, all i could do was sit there and pet Grady and beg her to hang in there.  I’m guessing that she lost muscle control because she was urinating and pooping every couple of minutes; her head was shaking so bad that she was biting her tounge, and it was bleeding almost constantly.  Before mom got home, Grady had 2 more of those HUGE attacks, and in between, continued to bite her tounge, shake, and use the restroom all over the floor.

Im not sure if Grady is alive right now or not…she was earlier, but the Dr. asked to keep her another night.  She could be dead.  I dont know.  I want to do something to help get Hartz off the market.  I couldnt imagine what it would be like to lose a cat to something that is supposed to help it.  Together, I think we could all do something to stop this maddness.

Sergeant’s Gold Poisoned my Dog too

I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that will be 1 yr old in Sept. He has always been very healthy, up to date on shots and energetic. Last week I noticed he had a few fleas so on Friday I went to Wal-Mart and purchased some Sergeant’s Gold flea and tick squeeze on treatment. I came home bathed him and a couple of hours later applied the treatment as directed for his size and weight. On Saturday morning he was acting a little weird, hiding under the bed a lot but we had a lot of company so I thought maybe he was just a little scared, even though he is usually very social. Saturday night though I noticed he hadn’t really been eating or drinking that day and he kept rolling on his back and shaking his head a lot like maybe something was in his ear and he was scratching the place on his back where the treatment was applied. On Sunday his behavior got worse, still no eating or drinking, he did not want to go outside at all and now had retreated to the closet as a hiding spot and would not come out even when he was called. His back legs were shaking a little and he was still itching and even biting at the spot where the treatment was applied, he had also began whining. At 3:30 Monday morning my husband and I decided that the Sergeant’s Gold must have given him some kind of reaction so my husband bathed our dog in baby shampoo but it did not help much at all. I finally decided to go online to see what I could find out about this product and found this website. I was horrified by the other stories so similar and even much worse then mine such as seizures and death. I called the toll free emergency number on the back of the Sergeant’s box and was told the same as many of you that I needed to wash our dog 2-3 times in liquid dish soap to remove any of the treatment still on his skin and then to feed him tuna juice because he may have got some of the chemicals in his mouth and the juice would neutralize them so maybe he would eat and drink again. I did as they instructed and have still seen very little improvement in my dog. I have managed to get him to eat and drink a little and to go outside to use the bathroom but he is still jumpy, and itching and in the closet. We do not have the money to take him to the vet this week so we are just pushing fluids and trying to do everything we can for him. I am adding my posting because people need to be aware of this poison if I had known any of the information about the adverse effects of this product I never would have even thought about putting it on my pet. Others need to be informed. I have contacted our local news station and have asked them to do a story on this and let other pet owners know the dangers of this horrible product. I hope to hear back from them very soon because other pet owners must be informed to protect their beloved pets from this poison.

My poor baby Walker

I have a black male pug named Walker.  He is a year and a half now, we have had him on Frontline up until money got a little tight.  We learned about Hartz through friends who had used it on their dog and told us to double the dosage and it was the same ingredients of Frontline.  We tried that, but Walker seemed to loose all his fur basically from his front legs to his behind.  We took him to the vet, and the vet concluded that he had Mange.  He was treated for Mange but the treatment did not work.  He kept itching, scratching until he drew blood, and rubbing his back on furniture until he had scabs!!! I later found out from a friend of my mother, who had also tried Hartz, what was going on!  I immediately stopped the Hartz, bathed Walker several times, and started him on Advantix (which you can buy VERY cheap on EBAY!!) WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! Almost all of his hair has grown back in about a month! and like the commercial says there aint no bugs on him!!!!!

Our kitten was poisoned

We used to have a beautiful orange and brown striped kitten (he was adopted to another home when he was around 9 months).  We have another cat who goes outside on a regular basis and got fleas which she then passed on to Jack (the kitten).  I treated the older cat with Frontline and was going to used a flea and nit comb on the kitten.  My daughter, however, found a very old container of Hertz flea and tick remover and put it on the kitten without telling me.  When we woke up the next morning, poor Jack was shaking violently and had trouble keeping his eyes opened.  I noticed an oily residue on him so I asked my daughter if she knew what it was and she told me about the Hertz.  Knowing that it can be fatal, I rushed Jack to the vet, where he had to stay overnight, got antiseizure meds and fluids, and was thankfully ok after the vet took care of him.  Of course, it cost $400, but it what else could I do?  It was horrible to watch this poor little kitten shaking so violently!

Seizure Disorder, Premature Death.

My 6 year old cat Bergman, died a violent and painful death 3 years after using Hartz Spot-on Flea treatment. In December of 2004, we bought the product because of a flea problem. I had used Front-Line and Advantage with success before and I stupidly thought that this  Hartz product was comparable. It wasn’t. My cat upon licking the treatment which was placed at the nape of his neck, immediatley began foaming at the mouth, and jumping all over the place. I thougt that he was reacting to the medication because it tasted bad or something along those lines.He seemed to regain composure and we went on with life. About 2 weeks later we were woken in the night by Bergman having a grand mal seizure. It was violent and extremely hard to watch. He lost control of his bladder, foamed at the mouth and it was as though he was being electrocuted. We knew something was very wrong. we contacted our vet and told him what happened and he confirmed that HArtz products kill animals. The weird part was that when he wasn’t seizing he was his usual self although he lost his balance easily and prefered to stay low to the ground for fear of falling. This was not his usual behavior, and we knew he dreaded having another seizure. We began treating him with Phenobarbitol once a day, upping it to twice a day as the seizure disorder worsened. He became tolerant of the medicine and his episodes began to increase, so we stopped the meds and he would sometimes go up to a month with out a seizure.  We lived this way with him for 3 years until this summer when his seizures began coming in clusters that would last for hours. He was so out of it and sore after a seizure that he would sleep for long periods of time, and be extremely hungry afterwards. He began to stop cleaning himself which was again not typical. This cat was a huge 17 pound snow white baby. He never scratched or bit even twitched his tail in annoyance at our family.He loved our dogs. We have a pet lovebird and he was friends with him. We could trust him tottaly because he was a complete angel. Yesterday he died in his bed after thrashing for what seemed like hours in and out of grand mals, petite mals and post ichtal periods. He finnaly mercifully died. I am so angry that he is gone. He can never be replaced. Our little girls adored him and we will never forget him. Hartz is a terrible company who needs to do the right thing and pull this poison off the shelves.

Sergeant’s Gold Flea Treatment should be boycotted

On July 11th, 2008, I purchased Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick treatment from Wal-Mart to treat a beginning flea issue with my 13 month old Chihuahua Weezy.  Weezy is the sweetest, most submissive dog ever.  Within an hour and a half of applying the solution per the manufacturer directions, Weezy became extremely distressed.  He began to run around maniacal, whimpering and yelping.  He would drop at my feet rolling in the carpets, rubbing against anything he could drop his backside against.  I immediately called the 800# on the back of the box to report and seek aid.  The operator suggested he “maybe suffering a reaction to the treatment and advised to give him a bath with Dawn, Joy or Palmolive dish detergent.  Weezy’s right ear and eye were extremely swollen, red and feverish.  The Sergeant’s agent said ‘usually” removal of the product with the dish detergent would relieve symptoms and proceeded to give me a claim number regarding the complaint/call.  The CSR (Customer Service Rep) also suggested that if symptoms persisted to have my pet see his vet immediately.
My daughter and I washed Weezy 3 times in a head to toe bath of Palmolive, in which during that time he stood unusually tolerant in the sink as if to say “Thank You” while his glazed over, sad eyes looked into mine.
My heart beat in sheer panic and heavily affected in his distress.  After bathing, drying and attempting to comfort Weezy, I applied a drop of milk into his eye in hopes of neutralizing the irritation.  I suppose that in addition to the excessive bathing and rinsing helped and the ear and eye irritation went down a little.  By this time it was 11pm, approximately 4 hours since the initial application and Weezy was still extremely agitated and anxious due to constant twitching, trembling, scratching, and crying. All through the night, he tossed and turned never able to rest for more than 5 minute increments.  I did not sleep at all that night. After hours of both of us tossing and turning, him trying to find comfort, and me in duress of trying to comfort him, Weezy finally jumped off the bed and went into the bathroom to sleep which was totally out of his nature.  He stayed there for over 2 hours.  My heart just ached for him.

At 6:30 am the next morning, I continued to call for him and he just looked at me with his still glazed over eyes.  He would not come.  When I left from the same room he came and sat between my feet, still twitching in agonizing distress.   At this point I called Sargeant’s Customer Service back to rage further complaint.  I was in tears.  They again told me that his reaction was “unusual” and should be seen by a Vet.

I wish I had read these posts before trying to save a penny.  Though my dog is priceless in value to me, I was simply trying to save a few dollars from the high cost of Frontline, Advantage, etc.  I cannot express the immense guilt I felt that in trying to save money, I expended this ridiculous pain and suffering onto my sweet baby.  He had done nothing but love me unconditionally and without any reservation, and here I was being cheap!

Without further hesitation I took Weezy to his Vet.  Upon examination, she assured me I had done the right thing (as I couldn’t’t help but feel I basically applied a poison to kill fleas and damn near killed my own lovable dog). She explained these OTC Flea Treatments are nothing but ‘’chemicals” and are designed to seize the central nervous system of the flea killing it on contact, but at the same time can cause severe reaction and complications in the animal.  Weezy was suffering from chemical toxicity due to the single application of Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Treatment.  Weezy had a temperature of over 103 degrees, he was dehydrated, and in distress.  The good news: his heart rate was slow/normal and his gums were still pink, which according to the Vet were good signs.  Weezy was given a shot of corticosteroids and subcutaneous fluids to help re-hydrate and bring the fever down.  About 3 hours after treatment we finally got a pee-pee and bowel movement from him after almost 12 hours of nothing.  He also ate and took some water as the Vet said the steroids would cause him to be hungry and thirsty.

It is now almost 48 hours since the initial application of this blasphemous poison, and Weezy is for the most part back to his active normal, loving self.  He is still suffering from twitching and is still scratching ridiculously.  I am also observing him to be chewing and biting at his paws incessantly and am now concerned this may cause Hot Spots.  I will be following up with the Vet tomorrow regarding these lingering issues.  My only hope is Weezy will not suffer permanent issues from this poisonous crap, as I will be devastated.

After taking Weezy to the Vet, I did follow up with Sergeant’s Customer Service.  I submitted a claim that I wanted to be reimbursed for Vet costs.  The CSR asked me a series of questions and told me a list of things I would have to submit by mail to the company for a claim to be considered for reimbursement.  I will follow up actively, without hesitation, and will not cease to spread the word on the effects of this product.  I am without words in how I feel violated as a consumer, as well as the risk I subjected my beloved dog too,  The ability of Companies to manufacture such product’s that have factual  and detrimental health risks to animals.

This is without a doubt, considered to be, by me; inhuman and unlawful!

Should Sergeant’s decide not to compensate reimbursement for my Vet’s bill, as there is no price on my dog’s suffering, I will seek further action.  I would love to see a Class Action Lawsuit brought upon this company; with the least action being removal of these harmful products from the shelves.

I cannot even began to express how utterly shocked I was to Google this product’s adverse reactions and witness how many stories read just like Weezy’s.  My Sweet dog has no voice but through me, and I shall not rest without speaking mine for him.

Sent with compassion…

A caring dog mom…

Just got home from ER

My princess will be 2 in a couple of weeks.  She is a happy indoor/outdoor cat who is such a part of our family. She loves to be in the middle of the action and enjoys spending time with me and her daddy.

Graycie ( that’s her name) carried a flea in the house with her the other day.  I went to Petco to purchase frontline.  As a music teacher with a tight budget this summer,  I decided to go with the less expensive option…Hartz ultra drops.  I applied the poison around 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday and didn’t notice anything right away.  My baby woke me up at the usual time this morning and I went to work to teach piano lessons ( I don’t need and alarm clock by the way. I can count on Graycie!)

I got home from work this afternoon and enjoyed a visit from an old friend.  Graycie was asleep in the next room  on the couch.  A few hours had passed and I felt something was wrong.  She was sleeping when she should’ve been up asking me for her dinner.  I woke her up and her eyes were completely dilated.  Her inner eyelids were halfway closed and she was lethargic.  She had trouble standing up.  My friend and I rushed Graycie to the ER  and she is spending the night there.  They gave her a bath  and I said good night to her.  Her eyes looked much better at that point.  The vet will flush her system tonight and I’ll see her tomorrow.

According to the doctor,  she is in much better condition than many other cats she’s seen with the Hartz poison on them.  I am praying she’ll be okay.  I cannot believe that I poisoned my baby.

Hartz flea medicine killed my sweet baby!

I lost my best friend last week.  I am positive that Hartz flea medicine is how she got poisioned.  She was such a sweet girl and beautiful cat.  She suffered tremendously because of sometime I put on her to try and help her.  I had heard nothing about Hartz products poisioning animals.  I put it on her without a second thought.

She had been fine when I went to bed the night before she died.  She had played out in the yard after I came home from work and came in at dark to get her nightly snuggles before going to bed.  My mother came by my house the next day and called me at work.  She said that something bad was wrong with Jumper.  I left work immediately to go to her and to get her to a vet.

She had already lost control of her bowels; was vomiting everywhere; lost her sight and hearing; her hair was coming out in clumps, running a high tempature; she couldn’t walk more than a couple of steps without falling, and she was has having seizures one on top of the other.  She would not be over a seizure 15 to 30 seconds before she would starting having another.  I rushed her to the vet but it was too late.  He said that she had been poisioned and he didn’t know if her could save her.  She was in such bad shape that I could stand the thoughts of her suffering anymore.  I loved her too much to allow that to happen.  I had him to put her down.

Hartz should be put out of business.  They should not be able to sell their poision to animal lovers who have no idea of what their products truely are and what a chance they are taking by putting them on their beloved animals.  I cannot believe that the government allows this.  I promise this.  I will never buy another Hartz product and I will tell any one who will listen just what they sell.

sargents products kill!

I have a horror story to tell you about,
I have  a serval kitten of 8 months old, I almost lost her due to
sergeants tick and flea, I DID lose 2 house cats, and their deaths have been harder then hell to deal with, the last 72 hours have been a night mare!
on Saturday I decried that the flea situation was out of control , but I have been really broke since the flood and my husband has not been working because he broke his leg  when he fell of the back of a hay truck, I have not been able to work as he needs me all the time to help him get around, any way I  did not have enough money to pick up my normal advantage flea control so went to the store and saw this sergeants flea spray on sale, I bought 6 doses. I came home and applied it to my serval, and 5 of my 7 cats, everything seemed fine
but in the middle of the night I woke up to Michaela screaming and running and rolling and chewing on herself, like she was on fire! I her whole back and neck were blood red and she was panting heavily! I tossed her in the bath tub and covered her with dawn dish soap and scrubbed her down then wrapped her in a towel, she quieted down very quickly, so I dried her off and put her in her bed , With in 15 min’s she was quite and drinking water, but we  were just getting started with this nightmare!!
My purebred flame point Siamese cat was yowling at the top of his lungs, I ran in to the other bathroom where he was, to find yet another of my cats my  beautiful 10 year old tabby cat, Romeo laying in the bath tub in a pool of his own blood! he was pouring blood out of his mouth and was too weak to move, he went into a convulsion, spasmed  once and died!! I screamed and yell for my husband  who took him and gently put him in his crate.
my Siamese cat was breathing hard  and showing the same symptoms as my  serval, I grabbed him and doused him and thanks to my quick reaction he is still alive and getting better every day.mind you this was only 4 hours after I had applied the flea medicine!!, another of my cats was very ill for a couple of days but she pulled out of it,
I love all my cats but the biggest loss to me personally was my young female long haired tabby kitten, she was only 7 months old and the sweetest of all my cats, she hid that night and I thought perhaps she had gotten out the door , we found her early the next morning in a coma in my kitchen where she had drug herself to, she was soooo weak and totally gone I picked my baby up and she cried out one more time, I curled her in my lap and tried to feed her some water thinking she might come back if we could re hydrate her and it seemed for a moment that she would try but then she cried  and died in my arms!
I just cried and cried and still am 2 days later,
all of the above events took place within 24 hours ! on Monday I took my cats down to the vet and he went over them with a fine tooth comb , they are going to be ok!
But it Is too late for Scarlet and Romeo who  are now buried in my pasture next to my wonderful wolf,
I murdered my own cats and for that I can never forgive myself.
Of course  when I called sergeants they took my information,deigned any problems with their products and said they would look into it,what a bunch of BS!
this might not have been the best forum to do this in but if it only saves one cat or dog then I will feel much better.
thank you for you time
take care alicia

DO NOT USE: Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On!!!

I have read all of the stories on this site about Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On. I bought it today at the local Wal-Mart because it seemed to last longer than comparable brands. I usually use regular Hartz flea medications with no issues at all. However both of my chihuahuas, Mia and Apple, started frantically scratching and gagging about 1.5 hours after I applied this medication. It seemed as though they were experiencing a burning sensation. I bathed them and called the emergency number on the box. The representative said to bathe them in Dawn soap, which I did, and that they were feeling a “pins and needles” sensation similar to the way we feel when our hand falls asleep and that bathing them was the best thing to do. No shit dumbfuck. Anyway, they continue to scratch but nothing like they were. Tell everyone you know that this product is bullshit. I find no humor in this and am considering contacting my attorney to pursue a lawsuit against this company!!!