I have a 6 month old American Bulldog and we have been trying to pay off his hospital bills from the time he chewed a toy and had it stuck in his belly so i bought Hartz becuase it was cheaper.  The next day he broke out in a full body rash and everytime you would pet him he would shy away from you becuase it hurt. I had to take him to the vet to get antibiotics and the Vet told me all about Hartz!! It is very dangerous please do not use this! My mom also used it on her dog and the same thing happened. it is killing some animals. stick with the exspensive stuff!!!


I can’t believe how ignorant I was in the fact I didn’t research Hartz InControl Flea and Tick Drops when I purchased them for my cat for the upcoming flea season. I mean… you see Hartz and assume you are buying a reputable product to protect your animal. I used InControl Flea and Tick Drops on my cat and within hours she was shaking and tremoring as if she was in the beginning stages of a seizure. I IMMEDIATELY called the number on the back of the box and though their Eastern Standard TIme Hours are 9 to 5 their “Hartz Mountain” offices were CLOSED and though it was 10am EST their soulless recording echoed in my ear to call them back during their regular business hours from 9am to 5pm EST. Not to mention this line hangs up on you after choosing this number 2 phone option for “POISON EMERGENCY!”

After taking my cat to the emergency vet and providing her with fluids and muscle relaxers to stop her convulsing my veterinarian immediately shook her head, sighing when I said “Hartz” She immediately knew how awful their products were and the horrible consequences cats and dogs have suffered from them. She told me she has had too many case to even count!

Upon arriving home with my cat, I researched what I had unwittingly subjected my beloved animal to and felt so irresponsible and sickened I had to post this story to try and raise awareness of this company and their pet killing products in hopes other mislead pet owners don’t end up in the same position as me, watching their cat or dog suffer like this. This company does NOT care about animals and ADMITS to using ingredients that cause irreparable liver damage and BLEEDING OF THE EYES! Even now at this very moment I am agonizing, wondering if my cat will pull through this. She is 13 years old and if anything this product has certainly shortened her lifespan by forcing her organs to work in overdrive to try and force this poisonous product out of her system! I know in my heart I will always feel responsible for putting her through this, but in the end it is THE HARTZ COMPANY WHO IS RESPONSIBLE TO MANUFACTURING A LETHAL PET PRODUCT!


I am so incredibly heart broken over what my little hotdog Hank went through last night. I applied this horrible flea & tick remedy on Hank, and not only did it just sit there and create a mess( be careful not to ingest it yourself, not that you would use it) on the back of HIS neck, but within an hour he was foaming at the mouth, shaking his head ( as if water was in his ear), scratching, and walking like a drunken sailor. My boyfriend suggested that i go online to a forum to see if it was a reaction to the medication (god knows it doesn’t say anything like: WILL CAUSE SEIZIERS, POSSIBLE KIDNEY FAILURE AND DEATH. WASH IMMEDIATLEY WITH DISH SOAP, on the box). Come to find out that hundreds, even thousands of people and their pets have been through this. I hate to say , but some have died. How is this stuff able to survive on the market? I WILL not be going to Petco anymore, they don’t seem to care….and forget Sergeants 1.800 #. That Lady couldn’t give two shi….s about whathappens to us. Frontline really is the only way to go.

So, after reading from other people, i quickly washed him with dish soap and gave him some Benadryl. It’s been 24 hours and he has yet to eat or drink and is still acting odd. Everyone says that a vet really can’t do much, and just to watch him closely. My heart hurts so very much, not only for hank, but for the unsuspecting people who are soon to buy this for their pet. I am going to Pecto and putting stickers on all the Sergeants boxes, to warn them. THIS IS AN OUTRADGE!!!!!!!!! I am also going to call the consumer board. If you have gone through this, i suggest you do the same.

A very hurt mom…………………………..

Let’s Step Up This Campaign

Please join me in taking our campaign against Hartz, Sergeant’s, Wellmark, and Farnam to a new level. They have been profiting from the killing of our cats and dogs for too many years.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is supposed to be regulating these products, continues to sit quietly by as these companies wreak havoc on people and their beloved companions.  Every day that goes by, more innocent animals are poisoned by unsuspecting pet owners looking for an inexpensive flea and tick treatment.

A crucial component of our campaign will be collecting cold, hard facts.  I am in the process of submitting a request for information from the EPA (via the Freedom of Information Act), and I will make that information available to everyone here when I receive it.

The following companies are bottling poison.  A few of the brands they’re associated with are in parenthesis.  Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Here are my ideas for how we can create awareness on a massive scale:

  1. Every pet owner whose pet has suffered any kind of adverse effect, please file an official report with the agencies who are SUPPOSED to be regulating these products. Insist that the treating vet also file reports. This is absolutely essential!
  2. Tell your vet to post information warning against these toxic products in the waiting room.  We all know that vets don’t recommend these brands, but we have to get them to be proactive!
  3. Tell all of your friends and family members about the dangers of these products.
  4. Visit your local Humane Society, SPCA, and other shelters and tell them what you know.  Advise them to reject donations of any of the above-named brands.  Ask them to post information warning against these toxic products in plain view of people who are there to adopt an animal.  Ask them to be proactive in warning adopters against using these products.
  5. Print out the anti-Hartz mini-flyers and give one to every pet owner you meet on the street. Roll them up and stick them into packages of Hartz’s poison on shelves at your local grocery stores, drug stores, pet store chains, and big-box stores.  (I will be making new flyers which warn against ALL of the poisonous brands soon — stay tuned.)
  6. Post negative reviews of these toxic products on the websites that sell them, including PetSmart.com, Petco.com, and TerrificPets.com.   Post negative reviews on review sites, like epinions.com.
  7. Join pet-related discussion groups and spread the word!
  8. Boycott ALL products manufactured by the above-named companies, and urge your family and friends to do likewise.  Don’t give them a single cent.
  9. If possible, boycott ALL stores (including online stores!) that sell these products (especially the big pet store chains, like PetSmart and Petco).
  10. Contact your local news station and tell them your story!  They may want to tell your story on the small screen — and that will reach thousands of people.
  11. Remember that every single person you tell becomes a source of information for other people!

Please, everyone, let’s put our collective outrage into action!


We used the sergeants gold flea and tick (couple bucks cheaper) on our beagle mix (60 pound dog), and within about an hour the dog was licking everything in sight and choking and hacking.  This very active and very healthy dog began pacing and salivating everywhere.  He was in obvious discomfort and when we took him outside, he ate more grass than I have ever, in all my years of pet ownership, seen.  He threw up but it did not ease his licking, pacing or heaving.  He spent the next 24 hours very lethargic and again vomiting.  We kept a close eye on him and thankfully he was eating and drinking, but he is not his usual self.  We also put it on our other beagle mix, Katie, who also threw up but seemed to have less of the effect that Badger did (he kept trying to lick her and we had to keep them separated),  I would not recommend using this product at all.  We had been using front-line and have never had this problem before.  My husband bathed both dogs and it seemed to ease the problem a bit but he is still not back to normal.

Question: How long will the stickiness last?

First off, please let me say that thank God for this site.

I had gotten worried that my cats would get fleas because a friend of mine had a cat with fleas and I thought that I might bring them home. So, as a preventive measure, I bought some Hartz ultra guard and put it on my kitties (Baby and Tiny, 2 and 1 years old). They started licking themselves a lot and I got worried, so I googled Hartz and found this site. Immediately, I called the vet and was told to wash the cats with Dawn – which I did and very well, too, they smelled great and I helped them dry and comb their fur for about an hour, but I was so distraught that I had to stay awake all night and make sure that they didn’t have any strange shaking or movements and that they were acting normal.

Today (day after), I took them to the vet just because i couldn’t stay home and watch them all day. They didn’t do anything strange at the vet (in boarding) and I brought them home this afternoon.

The only thing weird and the question I have is:

The place on the back of their neck where I had put the Hartz and then washed it off is still sticky looking, but not feeling. Should I bathe my cats again? I don’t want them to lick any of it up again, though I thought the big washing with dawn got it all off…

What should I do?

Sergeant’s Gold Poisoned my Dog too

I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that will be 1 yr old in Sept. He has always been very healthy, up to date on shots and energetic. Last week I noticed he had a few fleas so on Friday I went to Wal-Mart and purchased some Sergeant’s Gold flea and tick squeeze on treatment. I came home bathed him and a couple of hours later applied the treatment as directed for his size and weight.

On Saturday morning he was acting a little weird, hiding under the bed a lot but we had a lot of company so I thought maybe he was just a little scared, even though he is usually very social. Saturday night though I noticed he hadn’t really been eating or drinking that day and he kept rolling on his back and shaking his head a lot like maybe something was in his ear and he was scratching the place on his back where the treatment was applied.

On Sunday his behavior got worse, still no eating or drinking, he did not want to go outside at all and now had retreated to the closet as a hiding spot and would not come out even when he was called. His back legs were shaking a little and he was still itching and even biting at the spot where the treatment was applied, he had also began whining.

At 3:30 Monday morning my husband and I decided that the Sergeant’s Gold must have given him some kind of reaction so my husband bathed our dog in baby shampoo but it did not help much at all. I finally decided to go online to see what I could find out about this product and found this website. I was horrified by the other stories so similar and even much worse then mine such as seizures and death. I called the toll free emergency number on the back of the Sergeant’s box and was told the same as many of you that I needed to wash our dog 2-3 times in liquid dish soap to remove any of the treatment still on his skin and then to feed him tuna juice because he may have got some of the chemicals in his mouth and the juice would neutralize them so maybe he would eat and drink again. I did as they instructed and have still seen very little improvement in my dog. I have managed to get him to eat and drink a little and to go outside to use the bathroom but he is still jumpy, and itching and in the closet.

We do not have the money to take him to the vet this week so we are just pushing fluids and trying to do everything we can for him. I am adding my posting because people need to be aware of this poison if I had known any of the information about the adverse effects of this product I never would have even thought about putting it on my pet. Others need to be informed. I have contacted our local news station and have asked them to do a story on this and let other pet owners know the dangers of this horrible product. I hope to hear back from them very soon because other pet owners must be informed to protect their beloved pets from this poison.

hindsight is 20/20

In November 07, a small dog(longhair chihuahua) was dumped off on our small farm. he was timmid at first ,would not come near us for a few days. we found him one morning by the chicken coupe, all huddled up and almost froze to death. We brought him inside, warmed him up, fed and watered him, and he seemed to be fine. Except ,he needed to be bathed, he smelled terrible. My daughter bathed him with Sargents flea and tick shampoo and the next day we were at the vets office with this dog who was having seizures. they treated him for various things , all adding up to about $600.00.

It is now July08, the dog is fine . the vet did sya not to use otc flea/tick products on any pets. Spend the few extra dollars on a product from the vets office and pinch pennies somewhere else.   i get an e mail, linking me to this site, i read all the postings, and think what did we use on that dog back in November? I ask my daughter, and she gets me the bottle, and low and behold, Its a Sargents product!!!

I belong to a few animal activists/ rights groups, and trust me, the word will be spread about these (potentially deadly) dangerous products.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT:  If you enjoy going out to dinner and/or a movie on the weekend or hanging with friends at a club and you are a pet owner, consider this,  forget about 1 of these outings per month and spend that money on your pet. Forego 1 night of excitement(dinner and the club) in exchange for unconditional love  and companionship (10-15-, hell maybe even 20yrs with your favorite pet).

Wakeup Call

Something more needs to be done to take these horrible products off of the market. The problem is that there is no one controlling these companies or dictating what does and/or does not go into these products. Unfortunately, the average consumer believes that a flea preventative is a flea preventative is a flea preventative. Please do your research before applying any item to your pet at all!

My mother in law, who owns two 13 week old kittens, noticed that they were both starting to show signs of fleas; ie: scratching, flea dirt, etc, but were not crawling with any noticable fleas. She went to the pet store and purchased Hartz brand flea and tick shampoo for dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies. The back of the bottle stated that the product was safe for animals over the age of 12 weeks. She shampood both of the kittens, following the directions completely. When she woke the next morning, she noticed that one of the kittens, the smaller of the two, was listless and lethargic and panting heavily. Thinking that it was an adverse reaction to the fleas themselves, she tried to rinse the remaining flea dirt off of the kitten right away. The kitten passed as she was scrubbing the kitten in the tub. Come to whatever diagnosis that you will, but we all know that it was from the ingredients in the product itself.

Please share this and all stories with anyone you know considering using any of the Hartz/Seargents flea products. Advantage, Advantix (dogs only!), and Frontline are all products that not only work better and more consistantly, but also have no website dedicated to adverse reactions from their products. Please Please spread the word about this shame of a company!

Do not use Sergeant Silver Flea & Tick Squeeze on for Dogs

Approximately two weeks ago I bought this product and put it on my 7 year old Cockapoo “Fozi” and my Yellow Lab “Clare”.  I noticed that it did not seem to absorb into his fur and just made a big grease spot on his back, on Clare it seemed to disappear.  I did notice that both have beenrolling in the dirt much more than normal but thought it may be due to the extreme heat we are having.  Both have been eating less but once again thought it was due to the heat.  The other morning I got up and there were 3 big piles of vomit on the floor but didnt know which of my animals it came from.  I am now certain that it was “Fozi”.  I noticed the other night that he seemed to have big matted batches in his hair and he was still greasy looking.  I got to really petting him in that area down his back to feel why it was matted and I told my husband I thought it was scabs and not matted hair.  We took him to the dog groomer today and sure enough his whole back is covered with sores.  One thing with Fozi that I have noticed is him dragging his hind end which he never does.  I am beginning to think that it is from this nasty product after reading the comments on this web site.  We are going to contact the vet and see what we need to do.  We did wash him with Dawn dish soap multiple times tonight but I feel horrible as he is covered with these sores with black scabs. I have taken many pictures of them.  I am so angry right now I could just cry.  I think these(Hartz) people should have to apply this to their own bodies for product testing and see how that works when the doctors bills come pouring in and they are having seizures and big sores all over their bodies.  Would they use this on their own pets,  I bet not. What a awful system that will allow this poison to be sold to uninformed consumers.  I may have been uninformed but it will be the last time when it comes to something for my pets.  As for my yellow lab Clare she seems ok other than very scared to go outside which is where I applied the stuff.