Maxwell Just made it 2 hours from death

Hello my name is Joseph and I have a 7 year old Shitzu by the name of MAXWELL on monday I took Max to the vet for what I thought was a skin condition/rush only to find out that my little buddy only had fleas. the vet did recommend CROMITE a oral flea and tick killer for 68.00 with that I thought the cost was a little high so I decided to go to Petco and purchase some flea and tick killer.

this is were the really storie begins I went to the pet store and purchased three of the cheapest products 1 Bio spot flea collar 2 Sentry oatmeal flea and tick shampoo and the last but not least Hartz 4 month flea and tick drops i then took Max home and Bathed him with the shampoo then dried him and applied first the Hartz drops to his back as directed and then place the Bio spot collar on him. ( none of the packages ever stated not to use with other products or any warning about applying) with that said i walked max for the night and we went to bed. went I woke up max was just laying near the door as he always did for his morning walk but this time he didn’t want to go. I felt his nose and it was very hot so I removed the collar and gave him a new bath with his old shampoo trying to remove the drops from his back. after I gave him the bath he did take a morning walk but wanted to go home early this was totally uncommon for him. i then went off to work and when i got home at 4;50 PM Max was near death he was laying on the floor and unable to move his back legs and his gums where white and foaming. I call his vet and they told me to rush him to the Animal hospital right now. Max was in the hospital for 3 day and surviored i bought him home today with great joy to see him able to walk again. My dog was poisioned by what i now believe to be the drops. please contact me if you have any questions 951-746-4111


Joesph Frank and Maxwell Frank

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