Hartz Ultra Guard flea spray for home

I used this spray as per the generic directions on the bottle and I had seiz and muscle spasms two hours after I used this product.The seizures continued throughout the night and when I saw my neurologist she got together with poison control and the partial diagnosis was poisoning. I am a person and this product did this to me. I am still suffering from mild seizure activity one week later. I have never had any seizure or neuro problems in my life. I need a good lawyer and I live in North Florida. Help!

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  1. I believe I was sickened by this spray as well. I do not go to doctors, so I don’t have any medical bills related to this. Last Monday night we bathed both dogs and I sprayed the Hartz spray on carpeting and bedding. I also put a Hartz flea collar on the cat.
    The animals are fine, but my husband complained of not feeling well, and I had uncontrollable shivers and diarrhea on Tuesday morning. This was followed by intense stomach cramps, sweats and diarrhea which continued until Thursday, when I took a homeopathic remedy which cleared it right up. I know diarrhea is the body’s way of cleaning toxins out, that’s why I didn’t take the treatment until Thursday.

    It was the most awful week and I never want to go through that again. Shame on you, Hartz!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear you and your husband became ill. I am still getting injections one week later,the siezure activity has lessened,thank God!
    Hartz is a very big lobyest,just like the big tobacco industry.They have lots of money,politicians and power behind them.But the little guys fought big tobacco and won,so can we.Whether it is for our pets or ourselves,no company should be allowed to market a product that is lethal to the public and not have the proper labeling and info on it.
    I pray you feel better and everyone who reads this will take heed to any Hartz product!
    Christine Whiteleather

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your illnesses, but I’m hard-pressed to believe it was the Hartz products. I have always used Hartz spray for my cat and dogs, and I even rub it in to make sure it gets through their thick coat, and we (myself and my animals) have never had any adverse effects from using it. Sounds like a coincidence that you used the product and became ill. Unless you are allergic to something in it. And I am in no way affiliated with Hartz, so I am only saying this because I have used it for years with no problems.

  4. Shannon, you have been very, very luck so far. I only hope your luck continues. Pestcides do have an accumlated effect you know. There are documented cases where Hartz products have not only injured and all to many times caused the deaths of thousands of animals. It is also documented that Hartz products have been involved in the death of one human for certain and from what I have been told two humans. However I have only been able to documet the death of one human and caused injure to more than 50 other people.

    How lucky are you feeling? Do you really want to take the risk of one of your animals getting injured, becoming severly ill, perhaps dying or a family member or friend having a bad reaction to these products????? This site has thousands of victims stories about the use of Hartz and other flea products injuring of killing their animals.

    You could not possibly think that all of these stories, all the News stories, the EPA making Hartz pull certian products is a fantasy could you ? Well let me swear on a Bible it is 100% true, Hartz flea products are very dangerous and sometimes deadly even if used correctly following their directions.

    I seriously hope you will re think your stance about using Hartz products and telling anyone they are safe.

    Founder of Against Hartz & Hartz Victims Memorial Quilt

  5. Hello,

    I found your site after our using Hartz UltraGuard on our dog and he is in the doggy hospital dying, they say he won’t make it through the night.

    We used this product on him 3 days ago. He is a 5 year old strong, healthy lab and now will not make it through the night?!?!

    He is going through renal failiure, his kidneys are failing, white blood cells through the roof, his blood pressure is dropping by the minute!

    He is our best friend and was in great shape until we put this “medicine” on him!

    I AM GOING TO SUE! Who can we contact to get the ball rolling on a class action lawsuit?!

  6. My dog started seizing during the night following the application of the product. What should I do now and will he live?

  7. I just bought Hartz spray for flea and ticks – I was hoping for an additional preventative plan because I take my dog to the dog park everyday and now Im finding fleas on him. He is on advantage multi so maybe the fleas are dieing at some point but I cant take the chance. How is this product still on the market if its caused all these issues???

  8. two years ago had a cat, used hartz flea drops . the ones in the little tubes you put on pet behind head and neck . the cat got very ill one day later and died a few days after. bad stuff……

  9. The reason for most of these animal deaths is, in most of Hartz flea sprays one of the active ingredients is permethrin which is known to be deadly in cats and cause minor problems in dogs. If you decide to use flea spray make sure that it dosen’t contain any of this active ingredient. Be sure to read the labels and do your research before using any kind of flea sprays if you care about your animal.

  10. This crap i sprayed on my puppy instead of using the preferred comfortis pills. Big mistake because I almost went into Anaphylaxis (shock) Where I became lethargic, broke out in hives. My dog didn’t like it either, he immediately cried and rolled in the grass to wipe it off his body. My wife got sick but not as bad as me. 1 week after using I still have hives, taking prednisone, zyrtec but this crap won’t leave my body. Bad BAD BAD product and dangerous to humans and pets!!! I smell a huge ban plus major personal injury lawsuit coming against these harmful products!!! Shame on walmart for selling this poison. This stuff is so dangerous it could be used by terrorists to produce a biological or chemical attack on a group of people!!!

  11. To those of you that posted about becoming sick when using Hartz Ultra Guard Flea and Tick Home spray please send me a private email me at [email protected]. My whole family became sick after using this product and is still suffering health issues from it. My husband had a ministroke and my daughter and are having some neurological problems, our lovebird had a stroke type event . I would like to know how others are faring that posted about becoming sick after using this product . I do not work for Hartz and I am not a lawyer. I am a victim. These products have harmed our pets but in some posts and also from my recent experience they can harm people as well and I would like to share information with anyone else that has been harmed by this product.

    1. Just saw this post.. Ive brought hartz for the house… I believe ive become sick.. Vomitt .. Diarrhea. . etc.. My dogs even vomitt after my finace claim he didnt know not to use it on dogs………my dogs seem to be fine now but could be not… If i dont feel better by tomorrow comes guess its a trip to the er.. And sueing hartz…

      1. It’s best to use the product right before you leave your home and make sure your pets aren’t around it. Nobody should be around this stuff until you’re about to vacuum it up.

    2. I would like more info. I used it last night and I’m panicked! I’m afraid to sit on my couches now! I sent you an email…. Hope to hear from you!

  12. Made a bad decision to use the Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Home Spray. My eyes burn and nose runs. I started to feel sick, so I went outside for an hour, and started to feel better. I sprayed my carpets in two rooms. Since I haven’t been feeling well, I have opened all my windows and doors, hoping to ventilate the house of the toxins. Does anyone know how long it will take to clear air of it, or advise me on how to get rid of it. I’m not allowing my dog near those rooms.

  13. my boy cat named 2 e elmore is very sick eating constant and then goes to the bathroom cant fill him up losing weight drastically after using hartz spray blue bottle for fleas has bee very hot under belly constant thirst my god lost more than half his weight i wanna sue i had him 8yrs never sick until spray me myself have stomache constant pains and my mom is in partial kidney failure please help to stop this product now gary

  14. On Friday my mother and I bought the Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Spray with Aloe for Dogs. Our dogs aren’t acting sick but one of them threw up Sunday morning in the car and then a few hours ago had some very watery diarrhea. I’ve also been feeling very sick since Saturday night, nauseous with stomach cramps. I’m not sure this all is related to the spray. We gave both of our dogs baths after reading all the horror stories on this website.

  15. You folks know this product isn’t intended to be sprayed directly on animals, right? It’s for floors and furniture…

    1. If people would simply read the instructions that CLEARLY state this, then perhaps there wouldn’t be so many pet owners screamig. “I’lL sUe ThEm!!!!!111!!1!” because their pets died due to THEIR irresponsibility and obvious lack thereof ability to read and follow directions.

  16. I used Hartz on my kitty tonight and sprayed a little bit of our apartment with the hartz home spray…after reading all of the horror stories we gave our kitty a bath and vacuumed up the section of the floor…we also have two other cats that did not receive the flea treatment. Should we be worried about the spray on the ground? And should we be worried about our kitty Jack or do you think the bath helped him out! Need an answer!

  17. I use advantage on my cat because I have seen what the hartz can do but I used the hartz home flea spray under my couches and under the cushions on them and any time that I sit on them now I break out in a severe rash. I wish I had known about this, I have been trying for weeks now and can’t get the rash to go away 100% it seems to keep flaring up again over and over, it looks similar to a rash caused by poison ivy, “Thank-you Hartz for caring about your customers”

  18. We just got home about an hour ago (11:45 p.m.) from an our Vet’s office after taking our dog in for an emergency appointment, she’d been having seizure’s for about 24 hours now. We couldn’t figure out what had happened to suddenly cause her to have these seizure’s, she’s never had them before.
    After examining our dog, the initial conclusion was perhaps some kind of tumor had been in her somewhere (like her brain or spinal cord area) and had finally grown large enough to be causing her seizure’s.This is very heartbreaking news as you can imagine, but the worst part is, that this poor dog was a rescued puppy last winter who had been beaten on, left to live in her own urine for so long that she had a yellow stained pair of back legs, and if that wasn’t enough, she had also been starved and left at the pound overnite in 20 below temps. We adopted her when she was left there at 7 weeks. She is now about 1 1/2.
    We were asked about using flea meds recently, and yes we had- the nite this seizure nightmare started 24 hours ago, about 4 hours prior to her first seizure. Today, I got home from work, at about 7:15 p.m. and at 7:25 p.m. she began having another seizure, and started having them about every hour. Our Vet was notified as soon as the first one this evening happened, and finally we had no choice but to bring her in for a check. So, the final conclusion to the seizure’s was the Flea & Tick treatment we had given her using this brand of treatment oil. It needs to be pulled from the shelves so no more un-suspecting consumers like myself risk their pet’s lives, too!

  19. In a follow up to my comment last evening regarding our dogs seizures, she is currently partially paralyzed in both her rear legs, has been constantly moving her head back and forth, and had mild mini-seizures all day today. Although it seems like she is doing better (not seizing every hour), she is still not out of danger yet, and she still doesn’t seem to know where she is or who we are.
    I wanted to make a couple of final comments, I’m very angry and feel something needs to be done about the Hartz products containing phenothrin.
    First, I’ve noticed a couple of comments from others who have entered comments, and there were a few I think that were un-warranted. One was something to the effect that we really need to read the instructions carefully and be sure we gave the correct application amount and strength according to package instructions, ect.. I’m very sure we all did read the instructions,whether its for a cat or dog, the size and weight requirements and usage instructions of this product and have correctly applied the medication as indicated. It’s not that we gave incorrect applications or doses, and by this -these applications ended up harming our pets, the fact is this: the ingredient used to kill the fleas and ticks, is poison. It’s no more than a pesticide used to treat pests on fields, and while it may help control pests in a garden, I don’t understand why these companies could possibly think that these pesticides AREN’T harmful to humans or animals in the product’s they make to treat fleas and ticks?? Plants in a field aren’t anywhere near a human or animal who has skin and nuerological tissues that are absorbing these harmful chemicals!
    And second, to the EPA and FDA who obviously get some sort of a kick back for ruling the pesticides used in these flea and tick treatments are not posing enough of a threat (according to the honest and valuable input they receive from the makers of the products, which I’m sure is 100% accurate- according to their records), to be pulled from the shelf at this current time… Well, I Guess MY pet doesn’t matter, its okay if she and all the others I’ve read about online have an actual reaction to the poison I put on her when I bought this product… We are considered the 1% (yeah whatever, I’m sure its a bit more than that) that had a reaction- therefore it doesn’t matter that the product is still out there being sold to the next sucker who will be deeply alarmed, scared and left grieving when they happen to be the next poison victims. Just how many times does this product get to pick and choose it’s next victim? Whats the limit?? And, as for human induced sicknesses and possible deaths, whats the magical number of humans it takes to get a bad drug removed from harms way? They don’t ever tell anyone that. So, Animals don’t deserve consideration, even though they may have real reactions, such as seizures, same as humans, and very much so also feel it like a human?? So isn’t it a form of animal cruelty when my dog or someones cat suffers and FEELS these reactions?? We only find out the so-called safe and approved meds or treatments are far more harmful then initially advertised- AFTER a flood of Attorney sponsored law suit commercials are aired during Jerry Springer- and of course by now, we have many suffering the side effects or several have even died from its use! REALLY?? I thought that was what these agencies did– assure the consumer by testing these products for actual stats on the number of potential side effects and deaths… before approved for sale to the consumer… not after the fact. So, what then- do the agencies do before allowing the sale? Preventing potential harm? hummmm.. You know– before its out there for the world to be using. Seems like these agencies used to have the best interest of the consumers in mind. Now you can have the product out there until there’s a certain criteria and percentage that can be documented by the makers of the meds… as being harmful. Who’s best interest do these agencies have on their minds? Not mine, or anyone else who right at this moment is purchasing this poison. So, I ask the EPA and FDA… whats the “magical numbers” and WHO is important enough in MY LIFE- to these agencies, to heed removal of these poisons for use by the public? Cause, I don’t know about everyone else out there reading this, but my pet and my family have MET THAT CRITERIA this weekend in my opinion. I want so badly to have these flea and tick removal products completely gone ASAP so others don’t have to go thru what we did this past couple of days! Enough is enough, MY PET DID MATTER! Now we don’t know if she’ll even live thru another night.

  20. Anyone know of any other affordable treatments? A friend’s dog came to visit and had bad case of fleas which has since transfered to my 2. In the last two weeks home is now infested despite bathing dogs every night and spraying house. I cannot afford the pills or the 50+ to treat both dogs with advantage. Have hartz to spray home but after reading this don’t dare use it on my babies.

  21. Hello, I have a question if anyone would be willing to help answer it for me. It is regarding the Flea and Tick Home Spray. My grandmother has very bad eye site and on accident bought the wrong flea spray for her cat. She was using the HOME SPRAY instead of the regular spray for animals on her cat. The bottle in fine print says DO NOT SPRAY ON ANIMALS. She feels terrible for the mistake.
    The cat is now losing a lot of hair and I am afraid that he has probably digested the spray when giving himself a bath. I was wondering if there is anything we can do or buy in order to make him better? If anyone would perhaps know of a ointment, medicine, or has heard of this happening before I would grately appreciate the information. The cat is eating and drinking just fine and he is just as active as always. However, he did lose a lot of hair and has some opened wounds. My granny is short on cash and I know she cannot afford to take him to a vet. Thanks for reading this and if you know of anything that could help us I would be so thankful!

  22. Go to the local pet store explain that you cannot afford the vet and ask for an over counter or home poison remedy, or look up pet poisoned online.

  23. Vacum vacum vacum over and over everywhere daily. Wash and dry all bedding, make a solution of alcohol with vinegar in a spray bottle for pets and all furniture, rugs and floors. Bath pets with dishsoap daily until all fleas are gone for sure. It takes a huge effort to get flea population under control naturally.

  24. I got the Hartz flea spray at Target a couple of days ago because they don’t carry any other brands. I used it on my dog and rubbed it in. This morning I have raised red hot skin that itches and burns. I believe I am suffering a chemical burn from the stuff. I worried about my dog so I washed her in Dawn today to get the stuff off of her. My hands and arms and neck (because I hugged my dog) are all inflamed and burning. I can’t believe this stuff is sold over the counter without a skull and crossbones on the label. I wrote to Target and asked them to carry some other brands.

  25. I used a very light spraying of Hartz flea & tick spray for cats with Aloe on my Siamese 9mth old two weeks ago. He never even licked it, almost immediately after spraying just a little bit on him he began drooling & foaming at the mouth, The past three days he has been lethargic and not eating as usual.I just got home from the Vet & a $500.00 BILL!!!!
    Vet said his White blood count was too high and he is running a temperature. After some research She said he could have been poisoned and it probably would have taken two weeks to do this much damage. Well I forgot to tell her about the spray. But I sure will on Monday……
    If any lawyers read this I want to Sue Hartz for my pain & suffering & my precious boys. Also for the Vet Bill…..These people should be hung out in the cold…

  26. I purchased Hartz Ultra Guard PLUS Flea and Tick Home Spray. I was very surprised that it didn’t indicate right on the front label that it was not for use on pets which apparently a lot of people do not understand. I didn’t find very much information on use on the outside labels at all. I had to peel off the back label and there was additional info there but I finally called Hartz to find out where it could be sprayed and was surprised to find you can only use it on carpeting, cloth furniture and cloth pet bedding. You can not use it on hard surfaces like hardwood floors, laminate, tile or walls and you have to keep everyone away from the area for a minimum of one hour after using. They need to have something right on the front label that it is NOT FOR PETS OR HARD SURFACES. I learned years ago with having a number of household pets you don’t have carpeting or cloth furniture if you want a clean looking and smelling home so this product is not one that will be effective for someone like me. I hope Hartz does a better job in the future of labeling this product.

  27. I sprayed it on my carpet and now I won’t let my puppy near the carpet. Does anyone know when it should be safe to return to the area? He’s in the mouthing stage so he chews and bites everything. It’s been 2 days and we’re not using our livin room after discovering how horrible the product is. Im not taking any chances.

  28. I just used the home spray on the couch and carpet, I didn’t see a warning until after I sprayed it about human interactions with it. my dad, me, and my 9 month old both sat in the area I sprayed it in right after I did it. will we be ok ? please ket me know im worried about my baby.

    1. Was everything ok after that? Cause I just bought some and I have not used it, but just Making sure if it is worth it?

  29. I used Hartz Ultraguard Home Spray for fleas and ticks. I was dog sitting but now the doggie is home I didn’t use it while she was here.. thank god! I’m just worried because I’m reading all these human effects. I haven’t been feeling sick at all I used it Wednesday and then found this site and called their company right away because I used it on my woodfloor baseboards, they told me to clean it with dawn soap and water if I was worried but that it’s fine to use for that?? So there’s mixed reviews about this I mopped my whole downstairs which is where I used it and ventilated for 6 + hours . I used a little bit on the curtain fabric but that was also ventilated. Should I be concerned? I haven’t had any issues yet but reading all this freaks me out!
    I’m sorry to everyone who has had issues with this product, I took it back to my local waste disposal never buying this again!

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