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Ok it is 5 in the morning, I have been up all night with my two dogs Lily and Fancy. both were bathed at 7 pm yesterday. thank goodness I found your site when i searched 4 help at midnight. I have bathed them both twice since. The vomiting and foaming at the mouth have stopped and Lily is resting some, Fancy is still twitching and jerking.

Is there a way you could make a link to your page so that people could put it on Myspace? I know I would , and it would get the word out to a lot of people and possibly prevent people from using this product.

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  1. Hi tyandkelly,

    I’m replying to you today on behalf of Sergeant’s. I’m sorry to hear about Lily and Fancy. With flea and tick season here in full force we encourage all pet owners to read up on product labels and warnings. Carefully reading all product labels and proper application is extremely important.

    It is also imperative that when treating multiple pets at once, they are separated for at least 24 hours to keep them from grooming on each other. If your pups are acting agitated after application, it is a possibility that they are sensitive to something in the product. Flea bites create small open sores on a dog’s skin. If there are a lot of bites, it can cause discomfort, similar to the human discomfort of getting hand lotion in a cut. While it’s not serious, the dog does not understand what is happening and may be surprised and/or become irritated.

    Please join us at our “Sergeant’s Cares” page on Facebook to learn more and read through some helpful Q&As:


  2. I used Sergeants Gold on my two cats last night. They are about 6 months old and under 5 lbs. They had no reaction at all that I can tell besides their hair being a little greasy where I applied the medicine. They have been eating and playing. They are very healthy. I feed them a can of wet cat food twice a day that they share and also give them dry cat food. They just had a few fleas that I have seen. They have always been indoor cats, never been outside before. I’m not sure how they even got them. I looked the information up online because I didn’t read the package right. I missed seeing the instruction that said apply as a spot on the back of the head. I actually applied it from the neck to the tail straight down their back. After realizing I did it wrong I wiped their hair with a soapy napkin to get rid of any excess. They were even grooming themselves and licking the treatment and they did not get sick or have an allergic reaction anything.

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