Do not feed Hartz milk replacement for kittens!!!

I recently took in a 2 1/2 week old infant kitten who was found in a car engine at my job.  I immediately put him on KMR which is the best kitten formula there is.  We accidentally ran out of formula on a Sunday night and had to get some from the only place open which was Wal-mart.  We bought the only formula they had which was Hartz milk replacement for kittens.  Within 24 hours, the kitten was in hypoglycemic shock and near death.  It took us all night and most of the next day to nurse him back to health with Karo syrup.  Once we got him concious again, we immediately starting feeding him the KMR again.  By the end of the day he was back to normal and happy and healthy.  Hopefully by posting this message, someone else won’t make my same mistake.  Do not feed this formula!!!!  It will kill your kitten by it’s lack of nutrition.  Don’t make my same mistake.

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  1. I don’t see how a 2 1/2 week kitten is mobile enough to climb into an engine. I’ve used this product with my feral kittens over the last decade and have never had trouble. It’s high in fat and protein and is highly bioavailable.

  2. I agree with Silver, how did he get into an engine that young?

    I realize that this is old, but I hope no one else sees that and believes it.
    A kitten is not going to go into shock from feeding it something with the ‘lack of nourishment’ as soon as you feed it to him. That is completely absurd.
    I have raised plenty of motherless kittens that have had the Hartz replacement formula and ended up being very healthy cats. They are still here today and over three years old.

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