Cats gone WILD!!

It doesn’t take long to notice something is very, very wrong… A few years ago my first pets (2 cats) had gotten fleas, and since they were my first animals I didn’t know what I was doing. I should have called my vet but I didn’t. I went to the grocery store and bought some Hartz flea & tick stuff you put on there backshoulders. Seemed easy enough. So I get home put in on them and they went NUTS! They started pawing at their heads, squinting their eyes, running as fast as they could through the house until throwing themselves onto the floor into a howling craze. I thought they were just being sissys about it, so I paid no real mind. Until 2 days later they wouldn’t snap out of it, not opening their eyes, not eating or anything. I took a wash cloth, washed it off and they snapped back. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I will never use their products again.

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  1. I too used hartz flea and tick drops on my cat Patches and it made her nuts she got nasty and started shaking and could barely walk and was breathing heavy ,this made me extremely sad for i was only trying to help my cat get rid of her fleas ,please people DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR BELOVED PET!

  2. I used Hartz control Onespot flea medication on my cats last night, I have 3 cats, and within 10 or 15 minutes of putting this “medication” on them, all 3 cats were running around like mad, doing everything they could to get this stuff off of them, so i got on the net and started looking up on this Hartz product, and as soon as i read stories much like these, i was saddened. I immediately grabbed a rag and some dish soap to try and wash it off of them, cuz it was obvious there was a problem. they seem fine today, but one of them now has what looks like a kind of burn on his neck… its completely red. I feel like i am to blame for this because I am the one who bought this product and put it on my animals…i feel so bad about it. these products should NOT be allowed to be sold ANYWHERE. Please, please, do NOT use these products. I was gunna go to bed afterwards, and i’m lucky i didn’t and i payed attention to what was going on, because, who knows what would have happened otherwise.

  3. Hartz products should be renamed, Hurtz, cuz thats all these products seem to do is hurt animals. it’s sickening that products like these are still being sold =(

  4. My story begins but hasn’t ended yet. My cat (a stray) that I have had for 10 years, began some itchy ear issues. Thinking it might be ear mites I checked his ears. They seemed super clean. He’s been getting increasingly more and more deposits around his eyes. This got me to thinking it might just be fleas. Now mind you, this is an all white cat with some patches (3) of grey. I’ve never seen any fleas, but couldn’t explain the few symptoms I saw. So, I decided to use a flea treatment on him. I wish I had never done that. Almost instantly he began running around like mad and scratching……….then licking. He’s a long haired fur-kid and the chemical began to run down his sides. SO, now I had a new problem……! To make a long story short, I rinsed the solution as best I could with warm water and a rag. I don’t currently own any animal shampoo. Thinking I’ve got it good enough and is now at least deluted, I proceed with my evening winde down. The cat is still going crazy. After a short period of time, maybe a half hour’ish, I notice as it’s drying that it looks like there is still much of the solution still on him and he’s licking like mad. So, I try rewashing him using an organic bar soap I use. I brushed him to help calm him down and go to bed cuz I’m just exausted (he doesn’t take baths well). I slept for about 2’ish hours and woke to him being crazy, shaking his body etc. So I hopped online to see if there is anything else I can do. I was so horrified to find that this product kills by it’s use!!! now frantic I find one post that says they used dish soap to wash it off (i was affraid to use that on an animal)… so, that’s my latest……..i’ve washed him again and i’m staying up to see what happens……….he’s going to be 12 in february —jst a month away!!! 🙁 need prayers~~~!!!!

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