Sergeant’s Gold Poisoned my Dog too

I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that will be 1 yr old in Sept. He has always been very healthy, up to date on shots and energetic. Last week I noticed he had a few fleas so on Friday I went to Wal-Mart and purchased some Sergeant’s Gold flea and tick squeeze on treatment. I came home bathed him and a couple of hours later applied the treatment as directed for his size and weight.

On Saturday morning he was acting a little weird, hiding under the bed a lot but we had a lot of company so I thought maybe he was just a little scared, even though he is usually very social. Saturday night though I noticed he hadn’t really been eating or drinking that day and he kept rolling on his back and shaking his head a lot like maybe something was in his ear and he was scratching the place on his back where the treatment was applied.

On Sunday his behavior got worse, still no eating or drinking, he did not want to go outside at all and now had retreated to the closet as a hiding spot and would not come out even when he was called. His back legs were shaking a little and he was still itching and even biting at the spot where the treatment was applied, he had also began whining.

At 3:30 Monday morning my husband and I decided that the Sergeant’s Gold must have given him some kind of reaction so my husband bathed our dog in baby shampoo but it did not help much at all. I finally decided to go online to see what I could find out about this product and found this website. I was horrified by the other stories so similar and even much worse then mine such as seizures and death. I called the toll free emergency number on the back of the Sergeant’s box and was told the same as many of you that I needed to wash our dog 2-3 times in liquid dish soap to remove any of the treatment still on his skin and then to feed him tuna juice because he may have got some of the chemicals in his mouth and the juice would neutralize them so maybe he would eat and drink again. I did as they instructed and have still seen very little improvement in my dog. I have managed to get him to eat and drink a little and to go outside to use the bathroom but he is still jumpy, and itching and in the closet.

We do not have the money to take him to the vet this week so we are just pushing fluids and trying to do everything we can for him. I am adding my posting because people need to be aware of this poison if I had known any of the information about the adverse effects of this product I never would have even thought about putting it on my pet. Others need to be informed. I have contacted our local news station and have asked them to do a story on this and let other pet owners know the dangers of this horrible product. I hope to hear back from them very soon because other pet owners must be informed to protect their beloved pets from this poison.

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  1. I completely understand not having the money, but I have learned that many vets will go ahead and take the pet in anyway. You can tell them what is going on and that you do not have the funds, but will be able to work out a payment plan. Our vet told us to never put off treatment even if we don’t have the funds. She told us that she knows we pay when we have it and that we care for our pets dearly. She said there is no need to ever go without bringing them in. We don’t think about it, but there is a reason they are in the profession they are in. I know there are some who want money money money, but for the most part many of them are animal lovers just like us. Good luck to you and I prey your baby is alright. I hate reading all of these posts of so many going through what we did. I wish it on no one. God bless!

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