Question: How long will the stickiness last?

First off, please let me say that thank God for this site.

I had gotten worried that my cats would get fleas because a friend of mine had a cat with fleas and I thought that I might bring them home. So, as a preventive measure, I bought some Hartz ultra guard and put it on my kitties (Baby and Tiny, 2 and 1 years old). They started licking themselves a lot and I got worried, so I googled Hartz and found this site. Immediately, I called the vet and was told to wash the cats with Dawn – which I did and very well, too, they smelled great and I helped them dry and comb their fur for about an hour, but I was so distraught that I had to stay awake all night and make sure that they didn’t have any strange shaking or movements and that they were acting normal.

Today (day after), I took them to the vet just because i couldn’t stay home and watch them all day. They didn’t do anything strange at the vet (in boarding) and I brought them home this afternoon.

The only thing weird and the question I have is:

The place on the back of their neck where I had put the Hartz and then washed it off is still sticky looking, but not feeling. Should I bathe my cats again? I don’t want them to lick any of it up again, though I thought the big washing with dawn got it all off…

What should I do?

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  1. I’m not a vet, but I would definitely bathe them again and again! From what I’ve heard, that poisonous gunk is extremely difficult to remove. You may want to consider putting those lamp-shade-like things (called Elizabethan collars or space collars) on them to make absolutely sure they don’t ingest any more poison. But keep on bathing them because that stuff enters the bloodstream through their skin. Check in with your vet to find out if they have any other recommendations.

    Also, please please please file a report with the EPA and other agencies (see the “Need Help?” section of this site for information) and insist that your vet also file reports.

    For other ideas on how to spread the word on a massive scale, please see my recent post:

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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