hindsight is 20/20

In November 07, a small dog(longhair chihuahua) was dumped off on our small farm. he was timmid at first ,would not come near us for a few days. we found him one morning by the chicken coupe, all huddled up and almost froze to death. We brought him inside, warmed him up, fed and watered him, and he seemed to be fine. Except ,he needed to be bathed, he smelled terrible. My daughter bathed him with Sargents flea and tick shampoo and the next day we were at the vets office with this dog who was having seizures. they treated him for various things , all adding up to about $600.00.

It is now July08, the dog is fine . the vet did sya not to use otc flea/tick products on any pets. Spend the few extra dollars on a product from the vets office and pinch pennies somewhere else.   i get an e mail, linking me to this site, i read all the postings, and think what did we use on that dog back in November? I ask my daughter, and she gets me the bottle, and low and behold, Its a Sargents product!!!

I belong to a few animal activists/ rights groups, and trust me, the word will be spread about these (potentially deadly) dangerous products.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT:  If you enjoy going out to dinner and/or a movie on the weekend or hanging with friends at a club and you are a pet owner, consider this,  forget about 1 of these outings per month and spend that money on your pet. Forego 1 night of excitement(dinner and the club) in exchange for unconditional love  and companionship (10-15-, hell maybe even 20yrs with your favorite pet).

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