Do not use Sergeant Silver Flea & Tick Squeeze on for Dogs

Approximately two weeks ago I bought this product and put it on my 7 year old Cockapoo “Fozi” and my Yellow Lab “Clare”.  I noticed that it did not seem to absorb into his fur and just made a big grease spot on his back, on Clare it seemed to disappear.  I did notice that both have beenrolling in the dirt much more than normal but thought it may be due to the extreme heat we are having.  Both have been eating less but once again thought it was due to the heat.  The other morning I got up and there were 3 big piles of vomit on the floor but didnt know which of my animals it came from.  I am now certain that it was “Fozi”.  I noticed the other night that he seemed to have big matted batches in his hair and he was still greasy looking.  I got to really petting him in that area down his back to feel why it was matted and I told my husband I thought it was scabs and not matted hair.  We took him to the dog groomer today and sure enough his whole back is covered with sores.  One thing with Fozi that I have noticed is him dragging his hind end which he never does.  I am beginning to think that it is from this nasty product after reading the comments on this web site.  We are going to contact the vet and see what we need to do.  We did wash him with Dawn dish soap multiple times tonight but I feel horrible as he is covered with these sores with black scabs. I have taken many pictures of them.  I am so angry right now I could just cry.  I think these(Hartz) people should have to apply this to their own bodies for product testing and see how that works when the doctors bills come pouring in and they are having seizures and big sores all over their bodies.  Would they use this on their own pets,  I bet not. What a awful system that will allow this poison to be sold to uninformed consumers.  I may have been uninformed but it will be the last time when it comes to something for my pets.  As for my yellow lab Clare she seems ok other than very scared to go outside which is where I applied the stuff.

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