A 14 and 11-year old shouldn’t have to watch their cat die.

Last summer our family adopted a little grey and white kitten from our local animal shelter–we named HER Grady (yes I’m aware it’s a male-ish type name).  Grady had been with us for a year, but had never had problems with ticks and fleas until a couple of weeks ago.  My mom had bought the Hartz tick and flea medicine for our Grady Girl, so she’d be rid of those parasites.  Day before yesterday was Grady’s thrid round of the medicine.

So yesterday came and all seemed well.  I was home alone with my little brother, and we were kicking a soccer ball back and fourth when we saw our little Grady.  We noticed she was walking kinda funny, but just thought she was trying to catch a bug or something.  Then we saw a long, white thing comming out of her mouth, and we thought it was a string, so we went over to pull it out of her mouth.  That’s when we noticed something was wrong.  It was saliva streaming out of her mouth.  She was violently shaking, and making noises that I had never heard her make before.  My first thought was heat stress, because it was a hot day; I picked her up, and brought her in the house.  My brother got her a bowl of water, but she refused to drink.  I was getting really nervous when I saw a kind of foam come out of her mouth.  Then she had a HUGE attack type thing, and rolled over on her back and was scratching at the floor and looked completely helpless.  I had Mason (my brother) call my mom, who was half an hour away, in town, picking my baby sister up.  While waiting for my mom to come home, all i could do was sit there and pet Grady and beg her to hang in there.  I’m guessing that she lost muscle control because she was urinating and pooping every couple of minutes; her head was shaking so bad that she was biting her tounge, and it was bleeding almost constantly.  Before mom got home, Grady had 2 more of those HUGE attacks, and in between, continued to bite her tounge, shake, and use the restroom all over the floor.

Im not sure if Grady is alive right now or not…she was earlier, but the Dr. asked to keep her another night.  She could be dead.  I dont know.  I want to do something to help get Hartz off the market.  I couldnt imagine what it would be like to lose a cat to something that is supposed to help it.  Together, I think we could all do something to stop this maddness.

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