My poor baby Walker

I have a black male pug named Walker.  He is a year and a half now, we have had him on Frontline up until money got a little tight.  We learned about Hartz through friends who had used it on their dog and told us to double the dosage and it was the same ingredients of Frontline.  We tried that, but Walker seemed to loose all his fur basically from his front legs to his behind.  We took him to the vet, and the vet concluded that he had Mange.  He was treated for Mange but the treatment did not work.  He kept itching, scratching until he drew blood, and rubbing his back on furniture until he had scabs!!! I later found out from a friend of my mother, who had also tried Hartz, what was going on!  I immediately stopped the Hartz, bathed Walker several times, and started him on Advantix (which you can buy VERY cheap on EBAY!!) WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! Almost all of his hair has grown back in about a month! and like the commercial says there aint no bugs on him!!!!!

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