Sergeant’s Gold Flea Treatment should be boycotted

On July 11th, 2008, I purchased Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick treatment from Wal-Mart to treat a beginning flea issue with my 13 month old Chihuahua Weezy.  Weezy is the sweetest, most submissive dog ever.  Within an hour and a half of applying the solution per the manufacturer directions, Weezy became extremely distressed.  He began to run around maniacal, whimpering and yelping.  He would drop at my feet rolling in the carpets, rubbing against anything he could drop his backside against.  I immediately called the 800# on the back of the box to report and seek aid.  The operator suggested he “maybe suffering a reaction to the treatment and advised to give him a bath with Dawn, Joy or Palmolive dish detergent.  Weezy’s right ear and eye were extremely swollen, red and feverish.  The Sergeant’s agent said ‘usually” removal of the product with the dish detergent would relieve symptoms and proceeded to give me a claim number regarding the complaint/call.  The CSR (Customer Service Rep) also suggested that if symptoms persisted to have my pet see his vet immediately.
My daughter and I washed Weezy 3 times in a head to toe bath of Palmolive, in which during that time he stood unusually tolerant in the sink as if to say “Thank You” while his glazed over, sad eyes looked into mine.
My heart beat in sheer panic and heavily affected in his distress.  After bathing, drying and attempting to comfort Weezy, I applied a drop of milk into his eye in hopes of neutralizing the irritation.  I suppose that in addition to the excessive bathing and rinsing helped and the ear and eye irritation went down a little.  By this time it was 11pm, approximately 4 hours since the initial application and Weezy was still extremely agitated and anxious due to constant twitching, trembling, scratching, and crying. All through the night, he tossed and turned never able to rest for more than 5 minute increments.  I did not sleep at all that night. After hours of both of us tossing and turning, him trying to find comfort, and me in duress of trying to comfort him, Weezy finally jumped off the bed and went into the bathroom to sleep which was totally out of his nature.  He stayed there for over 2 hours.  My heart just ached for him.

At 6:30 am the next morning, I continued to call for him and he just looked at me with his still glazed over eyes.  He would not come.  When I left from the same room he came and sat between my feet, still twitching in agonizing distress.   At this point I called Sargeant’s Customer Service back to rage further complaint.  I was in tears.  They again told me that his reaction was “unusual” and should be seen by a Vet.

I wish I had read these posts before trying to save a penny.  Though my dog is priceless in value to me, I was simply trying to save a few dollars from the high cost of Frontline, Advantage, etc.  I cannot express the immense guilt I felt that in trying to save money, I expended this ridiculous pain and suffering onto my sweet baby.  He had done nothing but love me unconditionally and without any reservation, and here I was being cheap!

Without further hesitation I took Weezy to his Vet.  Upon examination, she assured me I had done the right thing (as I couldn’t’t help but feel I basically applied a poison to kill fleas and damn near killed my own lovable dog). She explained these OTC Flea Treatments are nothing but ‘’chemicals” and are designed to seize the central nervous system of the flea killing it on contact, but at the same time can cause severe reaction and complications in the animal.  Weezy was suffering from chemical toxicity due to the single application of Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Treatment.  Weezy had a temperature of over 103 degrees, he was dehydrated, and in distress.  The good news: his heart rate was slow/normal and his gums were still pink, which according to the Vet were good signs.  Weezy was given a shot of corticosteroids and subcutaneous fluids to help re-hydrate and bring the fever down.  About 3 hours after treatment we finally got a pee-pee and bowel movement from him after almost 12 hours of nothing.  He also ate and took some water as the Vet said the steroids would cause him to be hungry and thirsty.

It is now almost 48 hours since the initial application of this blasphemous poison, and Weezy is for the most part back to his active normal, loving self.  He is still suffering from twitching and is still scratching ridiculously.  I am also observing him to be chewing and biting at his paws incessantly and am now concerned this may cause Hot Spots.  I will be following up with the Vet tomorrow regarding these lingering issues.  My only hope is Weezy will not suffer permanent issues from this poisonous crap, as I will be devastated.

After taking Weezy to the Vet, I did follow up with Sergeant’s Customer Service.  I submitted a claim that I wanted to be reimbursed for Vet costs.  The CSR asked me a series of questions and told me a list of things I would have to submit by mail to the company for a claim to be considered for reimbursement.  I will follow up actively, without hesitation, and will not cease to spread the word on the effects of this product.  I am without words in how I feel violated as a consumer, as well as the risk I subjected my beloved dog too,  The ability of Companies to manufacture such product’s that have factual  and detrimental health risks to animals.

This is without a doubt, considered to be, by me; inhuman and unlawful!

Should Sergeant’s decide not to compensate reimbursement for my Vet’s bill, as there is no price on my dog’s suffering, I will seek further action.  I would love to see a Class Action Lawsuit brought upon this company; with the least action being removal of these harmful products from the shelves.

I cannot even began to express how utterly shocked I was to Google this product’s adverse reactions and witness how many stories read just like Weezy’s.  My Sweet dog has no voice but through me, and I shall not rest without speaking mine for him.

Sent with compassion…

A caring dog mom…

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  1. I also used the Sergeants Gold flea treatment on my 17 months old cocker spaniel, CHAZ. I normally buy Frontline from the vet but had not made a special trip to purchase it. He had the same symptoms as Weezy the chihuahua. Upon administering the product CHAZ became very agitated and kept going to the bathroom (where he gets a bath). We bathed the product off using DAWN dishwashing detergent. He start twitching and jerking and at one point could not stand or walk. He called the vet at 1am and made an emergency visit of the tune of $174. He was administered cortisone and a antidote serum. He recovered after several days but I agree that this product should be banned. I filed a comment with the company but I have not received any comment which I did not expect to receive. The $11 I used to purchase the product will be my last and I will tell everyone I know about the harmful effects of their product….

  2. My small 10 lb dog is another victim to Sergeant’s Gold. Shortly after putting it on him he started scratching & was very aggitated. I gave him a bath and put medicated powders and anti-itch medicine on him to no avail. I gave him another bath (didn’t know about Dawn)and Benadryl. The Benadryl helped with the body itch but he started shaking his head every few mins. and constantly chewing his foot. He couldn’t walk very well…like his back legs were stiff. I took him to the vet and he gave him a shot and some ointment for his ears. I put the poison on him on Monday morning & this is Thursday night and he still is not back to normal. That company needs to be put out of business and their socks sued off for putting such crap out there to be used on our beloved pets. They say it kills fleas and ticks but doesn’t say it will also kill your pet.

  3. I went through this same hell just last night with my dog. I use topical flea treatment on “Daisy” every month, but my usual brand was not available, so I picked up Sergeants Gold at Walmart. I put this on Daisy at 11:00am yesterday and went off to work. I came home at 9:30 pm to find my dog panting like crazy, whining, rubbing herself all over the furniture and floor, drooling, falling down when she tried to walk and twitching and trying to bite her back. I looked on line to see if there were any know reactions to the stuff and found plenty of horror stories affirming that this stuff is dangerous. I put her in the tub immediately and bathed her 3 times with dishsoap and cool water. I then ran to the store and got children’s benadryl chewables and hydrocortizone cream. I gave her 1/2 tablet and rubbed her ears neck and back with the cream. She seemed so appreciative when I kept rubbing her all over….I can only imagine it felt to her as if she had hives. It was a very restless night and neither one of us slept very well. She threw up this morning and wouldn’t eat, but she was drinking water and using the bathroom. I bathed her again today and gave her the benadryl again. She finally ate tonight and is resting although she twitches occasionally and tries to bite her back. This crap should be pulled off the shelves and hopefully if enough peoople complain, something will be done!

  4. I am in total shock that this product is still on the market. My mom got this and put it on my two dogs last night since I found a flea and didn’t have the $60 yet to get Frontline for the dogs. Not long after that they were itching and acting really flippant, like they couldn’t get comfortable. Lucy, my 10 year old Lhasa Apso began slobbering and they were both coughing. They’re going to the vet this afternoon. I feel horrible cos I knew we shouldn’t have been using a cheap OTC to kill fleas. My mom feels horrible cos she bought it.

    The bath w/dish soap did hardly anything to soothe them. I’ll probably end up having to get the medicated bath stuff at the vets. NEVER again will I let this happen to my babies and I’m going to do all I can to keep others from buying this.

  5. This is incredible. I cannot believe how many people in the past few days have had the same issue. My dog went through the same symptoms and I heard the same story from Seargent’s emergency hotline on Sunday evening.

    As soon as my vet opened this morning, I took her in and found out that she too had a severe allergic reaction to this crap. After finding only 1 flea on her, she has been through a lot of pain and suffering and can hardly keep her eyes open even though she still is squirming and panting from being distressed.

    Our vet also checked her liver/kidney levels and found her ALT-liver was 688 (anything above 100 is high in a dog). This should correct itself over the next 7-10 days, but in the meantime, I got a vet bill of $134, no sleep and missed work to care for my pet.

    If I am not reimbursed for out of pocket costs, I too feel that a group has a better chance of making this company remove the product and pay for damages to pets and owners.

    If anyone gets a positive response from submitting claims for this, please post it on the website so others can ensure equal reimbursement.

  6. My chihuahua has also fallen victim to Sergeants Gold. I had just rescued him from a bad living situation. He was covered in fleas. Safeway was the only place open at the time. Biggest regret ever. Watching my new poor dog go thru more pain, when I was rescuing him. Devastating.

  7. I feel horrible that I used Sergeant’s Gold on my dogs. Within 30 minutes of application, I was using measures to save my 12 pound dog from the reaction. I then washed all three of my dogs off but for a week they had symptoms that required treatment. I am telling my store that they should take this off their shelves.

  8. My wife gave our 10lb Chihuahua Weenie a bath and used this product.

    We left and came back an hour later and he was 99% dead.

    We rushed him to the ER ( $900 and 2 days ) later we got him back.

    Then the blisters… and scratching/biting and then back to vet for $300 bucks for stitches and sutures because he was biting himself.

    What do i do now?

  9. Hello Alan,
    We also had our 3yr old german short-haired pointer mix at a 24hr emergency vet center a few days ago after applying Sergeants Gold flea/tick product to his back as indicated, where our bill came to $419 for labwork, an animal poison control consult, and 2 injections for cortisone and vomiting. Within hrs after applying this product on Aug 13th, he had began vomiting non-stop, gagging, choking, panting, drooling, and was extremely excitable. We immediately washed him, but when his pupils began dilating (I am a RN)at 2am, we took him to the ER. We called Sergeants the next day, and were told to send in copies of vet bill and product box to: Sergeants Pet Care Products, Consumer Affairs Dept, P.O. Box 540399, Omaha, Nebraska 68154-0399. I already have also contacted the EPA, an Amy Mysz….at [email protected] Her phone is (312) 886-0224 and fax is (312) 353-4788. She can send you a short form you need to fill out and return. If enough people follow thru with this, the product may be looked into more seriously and removed from the shelves. Good luck….my Zach is fine now. My vet stated NEVER USE THESE PRODUCTS…….

  10. It’s 5:00 AM and I’m still taking care of our dogs. I’d like to thank the good people who started this website because this is where I found the information I need to treat my poor dogs, now whimpering to me from the kitchen but, after only one (rigorous) bath, quieter than when they work me at 3:30. I’ll leave my post at that, but will attach below the email I just sent to Any Mysz (see above post).

    Dear Ms. Mysz:

    Please accept my apologies if I am sending this email to the wrong person. I got your email from a website ( that said (in a post) that you are the person at the EPA looking into this product. If you are not, could you send this along to the appropriate authority?

    In any case, I applied Sergeant’s Gold to my three dogs yesterday around 7:00 PM and awoke to them clamoring around 3:30 AM. (Actually, they had seemed rather excitable at 11 as well). I suspected the product but when I looked at the box the company makes a vague mention of looking for symptoms of “sensitivity.” As I am not a veterinarian I do not know what that is. As I do teach a course on illicit drugs at my college I did suspect a problem, but was nevertheless doubtful that any of them had gotten a hold of Crystal Meth. As the box did not help me, I then checked Sergeant’s website which, of course, discussed the product as a marvel of modern technology but did not advise me as to what “sensitivity” means. I then ran a search (LiveSearch) on “sergeants gold flea” and found the HartzVictims website. They discussed in gory detail the meaning of “sensitivity” and, thank God, what I could do about it. I just spent the past hour bathing all three whimpering, panicked, stoned dogs (note the time I am writing this).

    I do not know what would be entailed in getting this product off the market, but it certainly seems a good idea. At the very least, however, there should be some poison control information on their box (and website). Had I not thought about running a wider search, I may have assumed that the dogs got into some coffee grounds or something and gone back to bed. I don’t know if the product is deadly, but given the symptoms I have to think that at the least a dog with a weak heart could succumb.

    Thank you for your assistance,

    Alex Thomas

  11. Like everyone else, i applied the sergeants gold to my two dogs last night and noticed that after a couple hours “Daisy” was walking like she had hurt her front leg. About an hour later she acted as if she had hurt her back leg. That night she was whimpering and barking in her cage when she normally does not do this. This morning she was very agitated and kept rolling and rubbing over anything she could. She kept biting at her paws and continuously scratching at her back. She is so completely uncomfortable and i feel horrible that i cannot seem to comfort her.
    I gave her a benedryl and a bath with dawn but neither of these are working. She is so very tired but just can’t sleep because she can’t stop scratching.
    I too was trying to save money and went to walmart. I now realize that i will spend three times as much on vet bills by the time this is done.
    By the way my other dog seems to have no reaction.

    Tina Yard

  12. I also bought this flea treatment and applied it to all three of my beagles on August 22, 2008. All three had reactions and were very uncomfortable regardless of the many baths I gave them to rinse away the irritation. It has now been almost a week and two of the three are much better but one has large scabs on his back and he is so miserable. He just began eating and playing a little.

    I felt like I was helping them with the itching and irritation of the flea bites but I think that would have been better. This flea treatment has been nothing but painful, itchy and has caused all three beagles alot of stress as well as made me feel horrible for even using it. I normally use frontline but did not have time to go the vet to pick it up, so I picked Sergants up while shopping. I will never use this product again.

    Thanks for listening!

  13. Like everyone else, I too used this product on my beloved pet in a pinch. Two hours after applying the medicine my beloved Willie started panting, gagging and acting agitated. I bathed him in Dawn and gave him benadryl and fortunately he was ok. I will never use this product again.

    Shelley Matthews

  14. Sunday August 31st, 2008 my family & I were on our way to visit family. Our 2 year old, 10lb. Pomeranian Maltese mix “Koda” always sits on my lap during car rides. During this trip I found two live fleas on him. We decide to stop at the Wal*Mart in Ludington, MI where I purchased Sergeant’s Gold Flea Treatment. At our destination I applied the treatment and within 30 minutes Koda started acting differently. I thought it was just the treatment working. We returned home with Koda at 9:30pm. He was extremely uncomfortable. My husband decided to bathe him to get the medicine off. I read the box which stated a possible ‘sensitivity’ issue. I have never used this product so I thought that was the cause of Koda’s condition. I thought his skin was just sensitive to the medication. At midnight he still was uncomfortable. I gave him some children’s Benadryl to no avail. Gave him another dose of Benadryl an hour later and two more baths. Today is September 2nd, 2008. Koda seems to be a little better. He has eaten and relieved himself a couple times. However he is still shaking his head and scratching his ears from time to time. I will NEVER purchase this product again!

  15. I did as everyone else did, things have been very rough money wise. I purchased Sergeants Gold from Walmart in Cortland NY. After bathing my black Lab and White Lab Shepard mix I had given them the Sergeants Gold. My husband and I had gone out to eat about an half hour after putting the treatment on. Unknown to me by the time 3 hours later when we returned home my house was in shambles my black Lab in so much distress tore the house apart and the other would not come out of the closet. I tried several times to contact someone on the emergency number with no luck. I didn’t waste anymore time I called the vet he told me to give them aspirin and bath them.
    We had no sleep that might and by 2:00 o’clock the next day they could not walk they were still twiching badly I brought them into the vet on 09-01-08 they were given 2 shots each and the white dog is just starting to walk today without liping. I will do everything to have this product banned please contact me anyone we have to stick together.

  16. I have never needed to apply any flea or tick product to my five year old Snauzer, Grettel, until this month when I noticed she had picked up a flea or two and had began scratching. I purchased Sergeant’s Gold from Wal-Mart yesterday and applied it as directed around 4:30 p.m. I noticed she was really scratching two or three hours after and wondered to myself when it would start working. By 1:30 a.m. she was going nuts: excessive scratching, biting at her back, twitching,and panting. No vet at that hour so I called the hotline on the box and got the same song and dance as everyone else. I followed their advice and gave Grettel three very long baths with dish washing liquid. She was very comforted by the long periods of rinsing. She has had Benedryl and can rest only if she lays on her back. After 24 hours, she is still scratching and biting at her back. She looks miserable. I have spoken with our vet and all he can say is “watch her for dehydration.” I am an attorney, so I am curious if any of you have actually filed a lawsuit. I would guess that Seargeant’s current packaging, i.e., warnings, are probably in compliance with all that is required of them, but don’t know. Unfair to us unsuspecting consumers who have suffered all night with our pets and dish soap! Helpful Hint: An ice pack rubbed up and down Grettel’s spine last night appeared to calm her and bring her temporary relief.

  17. I had similar instances with 2 of my dogs. I’ve read all of your stories, and am concerned nothing more has been done. I am interested in starting a class action lawsuit to get this product off the market. If you have any interest at all in joining, please email me at [email protected].

  18. This stuff needs to be banned we waisted alot of money on their stuff trying to attack from every angle. Nothing worked and we gained an infestation!!!

    I will be calling the attorney general and notifying my congress man. This is seriously a big scam and they have no business marketing this stuff the way they do. It is 100% false advertising if I have ever seen it!

    We as people need to put a stop to this! NOTIFY THE ATTORNEY GENERAL NOTIFY YOUR CONGRESS MAN OR WOMAN! Every person counts!

    Do it for the sake of our animals!!! How many need to be injured because some company wants in YOUR POCKET!

    Stand Up For Your Pet! God Knows They Can’t!

  19. I wish I would have found all of this, I too purchased this SARGEANT’S GOLD FLEA & TICK SQUEEZE and it has almost killed my two dogs!! My poor Yorkie is pitaful, panting, acting crazy foaming at the mouth. My Boston Terrier is digging and foaming at the mouth, she is a little overweight and I think that has helped her. How can they sell this stuff knowing what it is doing to peoples pets, that we love and think of as our children!!! It pisses me off to no end. We have been up all night helping Izzi (our yorkie) and Daphne (our Boston Terrier)hoping they are okay until the vet in the city opens, as we live in the country. Something needs to be done about this. It is wrong and awful, please advise everyone you know do not buy SARGEANTS!!!!!! It will hurt your pets, maybe even kill, If our dogs die or I do have to make a vet trip I will pursue with legal action.

    Hurt and Mad in VA!!

  20. PLEASE everyone who has problems with these products, you need to be proactive… an Amy Mysz at [email protected] If everyone follows thru with this, something may be done. Also, send a letter (with a copy of your vet bill if you have one) to Sergeants and notify the store where you bought the product of what happened to your pet.

  21. The same thing happened to me only with dogs and cats. My cats were staggering and crying. My dogs were very distressed. When I called the 800#, I asked if this was happening to anyone else’s pets. They said every once in a while pets do have reactions to any medication. But how can everyone of my pets have an allergic reaction? I got the same dish soap crap. It helped the cats a little but not the dogs. We had to wait it out. It took a couple of days, but they were eventually fine. One of the many times I called back, they told me to take them to the vet. I explained I didn’t have the money. I thought maybe they’d help, since it was their product that caused this. They were of no help. Maybe sticking a note on the rack of their products will warn some until it gets ripped off by an employee. Wal mart also didn’t care and continues to stock it.

  22. It was time for my dog Abby’s(pompoo) flea medicine and I could’nt get to the vet for her frontline so I to went to walmart and bought Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick squeeze-on. I gave it to her around 3:00 pm and she seemed okay but when it was time for bed around 11:00 she started going crazy. She always gets at the foot of the bed and goes right to sleep, but last night she keep running around and jumping on and off the bed and would not settle down. She vomited 2 times and keep wanting to go outside. She too keep rolling around and then jumped into the bathtub and she hates baths. One time she fell asleep and I couldnt wake her and it scared me to death, I thought she was dead. I finally gave her a bath and she seemed to get a little better. I put calamine lotion on her and that seem to soothe her. Today she has ate and is acting better. Monday I will call the vet to make sure I don’t need to do anything else. I would like for this product to be banned also.

  23. I need help dont know what to do we dont have a 24 hr vet around here,My irish setter is a victim to sargents gold.He is running around like he is drunk hitting into things cant get comfortable,wont eat or drink and drooling heavily at the mouth.I gave him a bath in dawns and it hasnt helped at all,plz what do i do???

  24. My rat terrier Buster has been to the vet today due to a severe reaaction to the Sergeants tick and flea squeeze. He was at my mom’s b/c I think we have a flea problem in our yard. Well I guess she does too, because she noticed he got some more fleas over there, and she put that awful medicine on his back. He started out going crazy like he was trying to get the stuff off by rolling around, then he was foaming and drooling at the mouth, vomiting, and he even tried jumping in his water bowl(like he could anyway) like he knew that the cool water would give him relief. My mom and dad both washed him 3 or 4 times to get the stuff off. He had to get two shots at the vet which cost 62.00 , and he’s still itching tonight. This has been an all day nightmare, even I’m itching just being around him. The vet said there’s been alot of dogs and cats affected by this flea medication, and that it might not happen to every dog that uses it, but it did to him. I called Walmart to ask if they had a recall on this stuff yet, or any complaints but she hadn’t heard of any. I did not read that box like I should have, I did not think it was anything different from the others we’ve used before. This product does NOT need to be on the shelves!


  26. You can add one more victim to the list. I purchased Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs on Friday evening and applied it on my Shih-Tzu Saturday morning. Within a few hours my dog could not lay still. When he tried to lay down his head would jerk around and I sensed something was wrong. Although I suspected the Sergeant’s product, I unfortunately did not act upon my suspicions until around midnight that night at which time I did a search on the Internet and found tons of bad information about this product. I am thankful to all of you who posted your experiences with this product and provided information about what to do in response, i.e. bathe the pet in diswashing liquid, etc. I immeidately bathed my dog. Fortunately he was not having any skin reaction or foaming at the mouth and vomiting. Only the seizures. I sat up with him most of the night and finally around 5 or 6 a.m. on Sunday morning he was able to go to sleep without his head jerking around. Today is Monday and he seems to be okay. I just called Sergeant’s consumer line and spoke with a represenative to voice my complaint about this product and urge that they quit selling it to an unsuspecting public, especially given the complaints that appear to date back several years. Anyway, thank you all for putting the word out there about this product and I hope that my post will help someone as well. Fortunately my story seems to have a good ending, at least as of now.

  27. We lost our two cats because of Sergeants flea powder. We flea powdered them about 5pm. They started crying and scratching. We gave them a couple baths each. They seemed to calm down. They slept. About 1Am next morning my oldest cat crawled up in my arms she looked at me she shuddered and died. By 7am her sister died. Sergeants must be stopped.

  28. My dog is also a victim of Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick. I wish I would have known this before I bought it. I called the Emergency center for Sergeants and got the wash it off and that this doesn’t happen that often blah blah blah. I decided to look it up and realized this happens alot more than you think. My dog was foaming at the mouth, her eyes were barely open and she just layed there. I washed her with Dawn soap twice and was told to break open Vitamin E and put on her. So I have done all this and she is laying here with an ice pack on her. She seems to be doing better. I don’t thank I have ever been s upset with myself in my entire life. I fell terrible that I did this. I think Sergeant should be put out of buisness this is ridiculous. They are suppose to help us not hurt us. I am outraged. I called the vet and they said this happens all the time with this product. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS! I hope that my puppy will be okay.

  29. We are dealing with this right now with out Shishon….came across this website instantly. My family was up all night trying to calm the dog. I am so sad that I cannot help him get through this immediately. Cannot believe this product can be on the shelf.

  30. My girlfriend and I bought this stuff for your two dogs a day ago because it seemed to be as good as any other. HA! This is terrible and we feel very helpless. We have a 1yr old Shitzu 15lbs and a 7yr old Maltese 10 lbs. We applied the Golds yesterday but didn’t see symptoms til a day later. Theres not doubt its from this product. I’m so thankful that we found this site. I guess it just goes to show you it’s not a good product when they have a direct hotline to field the complaints.
    BEHAVIOR: Panic/ running around/ acting crazy/ rolling/scratching/panting/ redness of the skin/crying/barking/ more running .. you name it. Truly Eratic Behavior.
    We called the hotline as well and and luckily had some Dawn dish soap downstairs we bathed the dogs a couple of times and really rubbed the soap in and rinsed the. The Shitzu especially seemed affected which seems to be common, just by reading these other write ins. We have also been up all night! and the only thing that seems to give the Shitzu any rest is constant touching on the affected area,(where we applied the Golds)
    This stuff should be pulled ASAP. I can’t believe its still around. I don’t imagine them sticking around much longer. And they should do themselves a favor and pull it, they are harming innocent animals.!
    Keep you posted

  31. I can’t believe that I’m reading all of these comments!! I am a law student with very little money so trying to get relief for my dogs I bought Sergeant’s Flea Medication. (Cheaper than vet prescribed Frontline and Advantix) It was awful! About an hour later they began whining and acting very disoriented. I didn’t think to go online or call the 800 number so I just thought to bathe them. It only helped a very little bit and my mother and I were still up ALL night with the dogs trying to relieve them of the obvious pain they were in. I hated to read these stories and thought that I had maybe just purchased a bad batch of the medication. Something has to be done so that people know not to buy this stuff. I would hate for other dogs and their owners to go through what we went through that night and the following days. Please don’t use this product!! Spend the extra money for your pet’s sake!

  32. I used on my three dogs last night. I have two king charles spanials both 9 months old and One 5 month Cairn terrier. All three started foaming at the mouth one hour later afted medicine was applied. I immediatly bathed all three of them to get this sergents gold stuff off. Their eyes seemed like they had the product in them so I also flushed there eyes. They will not stop itching and running around acting crazy. They don’t have any appitite. I am going to wash them again and keep a close watch on them and wait it out. I also had a reaction to it my whole face nose , lips and tongue are numb and cold. I called the # on the box they said on contact it makes you numb abd tingly they said to wash and washing did nothing 17 hours later I’m still numb and my dogs are a mess.

  33. The same thing happened to my chihuahua after applying sergeant’s flea and tick drops. She was so sick, I thought she was going to die. She itched excessively, twitched, shook, drooled,and could not sit still. She started having the reaction to the drops within a few minutes after applying drops. I bathed her 3 times and she did not improve. I brought her to the vets and she was given a muscle relaxer and benadryl. She has been on benadryl every 8 hours for 3 days now, and she still is a little itchy, but improving. She does have raw bald spots on her neck from itching so badly. I am so angry that this product is still on the shelf. I was horrified when I went online and saw the hundreds of people and their animals that have suffered because of this product. I sent a complaint to the company, but they did not reply.

  34. I can’t believe this my mom used the Sergeants Flea and Tick squirt stuff on all of our dogs before going camping. After awhile our Shi-Poo Raggs starting crying out in pain. We had no idea it was the flea and tick stuff. Later on we noticed her whole back where we applied it was burned. We quickly not knowing about the dish soap put burn cream on her. It helped, but not for long. We gave her baby aspirin, but again it didn’t help for very long. Finally we bathed her in dish soap and very warm water. This was all on Friday and today she seems to finally be feeling better. The other dogs couldn’t stop itching the application site on them, so we bathed them today. They all are seeming to feel better. I just can’t believe Walmart and other stores are selling this shit. The comments are all scary to read knowing we could have accidentally killed our babies. To all of you God bless you and your babies. I am sorry to hear this has happened countless number of times. Please keep complaining and see what we can do.

  35. On Oct.28th i went to walmart and bought my shitzu some of this Seargent Gold for dogs 9lb and to 20 i put it on my dog and about a half an hour i noticed my dog got very figety, and started foaming at the mouth with a lot of saliva , stated going around the floor like he was on something he started to shake and he would start shaking and biting his back legs and it looked like a seizure.i was so scared i started crying, i decided to look on the internet for such symptons and the articles about people that had gone through the same thing with this product help me i rapidly gave him a bath with dawn, i gave him a small dose of benedryl, and put out some water and chicken broth to see if he will drink, he has drunk some water, im praying that he will pull through the
    night, i am going to write to this company and file a complant i will never by any product with the name sergeant on it. pet lovers please pray that my ozzy pulls threw!

  36. I cannot believe walmart still allows this crap to be on the shelf! In my eyes they are just a bad and cruel! I have been emailing them and sent them this website address and they continue to blow me off! This is so frustrating!!! All those poor pets…

  37. This happened to me last night and this morning. Same thing although mayb not also horrible. My 6 month old baby cockapoo was drooling all over the place, limping a little, and uncontrolably licking himself as well as itching. I applied it at 630 last night, he seemed fine for a while, then we both couldn’t sleep at all he was all itchy and vomiting. Finally, at like 4 inthe morning he got tired and fell asleep. He ate this morning although he was still itchy, so I went to work. I came home and nothing had changed. It had occured to me last night while we were in bed that it could be the tick medicine, and it occured to me again as I was researching his symptoms when I got home. Something called ACLD came up I think. Any, out of fear I bathed him thinking it couldn’t hurt, and gave him some bendadryl. It stopped him from licking so excessively and drooling. Then once I found this website, I took him back and washed him like three times. My poor baby seems ok…but is still excessively itchy. Like every minute. Can someone please tell me if ther dogs ended up ok. I’m hoping this is going to pass. If he doesn’t stop itching by tommrow I’m gonna take him to the vet, but I’m concerned I’ve ruined him. This is so horrible. I should have never skimped on the frontline just to save a lousy ten bucks. I hate myself.

  38. This happened to our CHIHUAHUA on Saturday night 11/15/08 after applying sergeants gold flea and tick treatment according to the directions he started panting heavily and could not sit still,his heart was racing and he kept shaking as if he was wet,he started paceing from room to room.we called the vet hospital and they said he was having a reaction to the treatment and to give him a bath with dawn dish detergent.This did not seem to be working,we called the poison control number on the back of the box they said to keep bathing him and put liquid vitamin E where we applied the treatment.After 4 baths and still having these symthoms all night he finally fell asleep in my wife’s arms,this was about 7am Sunday morning,he slept most of the day.Today (Wednesday)he’s starting to get back to normal not 100% but a lot better.I don’t think he’ll ever be the same again.”THIS PRODUCT MUST BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET” We are contacting the BBB,walmart,sergeants,attorney general and the local media and anyone who will listen.PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU LOVE YOUR PET.

  39. I asked my boyfriend to get Advantage for a stray cat that we have adopted and who is so sweet and loving but has been an outside cat and now will be coming in the house. My boyfriend bought Sargents Gold squeeze on. I felt it wasn’t the right product and I was leary having never used it before but I read the information on the back of the box and it just said a sensitivity could occur- well I put it on Gracie last night around 11pm. Thirty minutes later she was bouncing off the walls- her eyes wild, clawing at her back, hissing, running up and down the blinds, meowing, running down the hallway and trying to hide under the bed, then she was breathing really fast with her little nostrils working overtime. Then she started panting with her mouth open- she started twitching, and her back legs seems heavy and she would shake her legs out. I was up all night with her. I washed her neck with soap and water, and tried to calm her down. She kept loking at me with this wild eye look- and it was all because I used this horrible product.Even today she is not herself. Still walking low to the ground and shaking her legs out and twitching.
    This is some sort of poison, that they should inform you what it does to cats or dogs, not just a sensitivity like a rash, it actually affects the animal’s nervous system. What makes this porduct so different from the other flea application products that it would cause so many animals to respond like this? I was appalled when I found this site today to see so many people have their beloved pets distressed, sick or died from this product. Now I worry this is long lasting- what will happen to her in a month- will this be the impetus for other sicknesses now and how would I prove that. I am in shock that Hartz knowing the harm that this product is doing to animals has not removed this product from the shelves- I wonder do they put it on their animals, and did they test this on animals and found it to be safe? I wonder. They have to know, and now I know and I will take action against this product. I called the 800 # on the back of the box and they told me, ” your cat had a sensitive reaction to the product, send us back the box and we will refund waht you paid and pay for postage.’ Here’s the lady’s name I have to send the box to: Paula Eby 2625 So. 158th Plaza
    Omaha, Nebraska 68130-1770. This stuff is poison that affects the nervous system of animals and should be outlawed. Something needs to be done.

  40. Last night we applied Sergeants Gold to our two Shetland Sheepdog crosses. We also applied Sergeants Gold (FOR CATS) to our two long haired cats. Only a short time later I took my dogs to play in the snow and they were rolling vigirously and not being their usuall selves. At about the same time (around 11:00 p.m.) both of our dogs started drooling and panting and running around. There hart rate was rocketing. We imidiately gave both of them baths with Dawn and gave each of them a scoop of honey and some water with a spoon. They curled up on the couch twitching. A short time later one out of our two cats started reacting. We had to GIVE HIM A BATH!!! That was not fun. We also gave him some anti-fungal for my horses that is also used on cats. We used cat medicine not dog so their is no excuse for using the wrong medicine. Also, I called the 800# and they said that it is an unusual reaction. I was immidiataly yelling at them saying that 3 out of 4 of my animals is not unusual. Then they blamed it on using dog stuff on the cats which we made sure not to do. I will tell Bi-Mart to take it off their counters. I thought I would be a commenter to report this sad and painful inncident. I will have to go back to spending $60.00 on Frontline for my animals’ own good.

  41. the same thing happend to my dog this week i had no idea it would do that to her, after giving her bath i put on the medicine and left came back another hr and she was losing a lot of water had runny nose and just trembling and sad, as soon as i saw her i gave her milk and a bath, it workd pretty well , i decided no to wash her face but i was so worried about her that i didnt realize that i forgot a spot on her shoulders that now the medicine burned down her skin, and its really irritatin on her i can touch it to see it cause she wont let me, shes going to the vet soon thank GOD, but shes my babe and i cant let her suffer!
    we need to find a way to bring this company down!!

  42. I had the same thing happen with my Pomeranian tonight, I bought the drop treatment, applied it around 3pm this afternoon, at about 8:30 tonight, he started shaking, twitching, puking, is unable to get up and walk, drooling, I have given him a bath washing this shit (excuse my language) product off, never again will I buy any Sergeant’s product. I’m just hoping my dog makes it through the night. He seems to be better at the moment I guess, he’s sleeping anyway.


  44. My two dog had the worst symptoms as well . I have a peekingheese poodle mix and a bull hound mix.

    Both twiched scratched and threw themselves from side to side all night. The little one had a twitch and red ear and eye.

    I did bathe them each twice. These people should have the oil put on their necks!!!!!!!!!

  45. I purchased Sergeant’s Gold flea treatment for my 2-year old dachshund yesterday. I usually buy her flea treatment from the vet (Advantage), but we were out and it was time for another treatment. I put this on her right before going to bed. Needless to say, she kept me up ALL night crying, whining, scratching, shaking, gnawing on herself, and just acting crazy. I took her to the vet first thing this morning, as she was also dragging her back legs. I was so worried that something was really wrong. I told the vet that I had used this particular flea treatment and she said NEVER to use this again and she has heard of quite a few dogs and cats who died because of it. I was horrified that something like this could still be on the market. I paid out over $300 today at the vet, between blood work, prescription pain medication, and the exam. She is still twitching and gnawing on her back legs, but at least she is not crying. It was heartbreaking to see my dog in so much pain and I was so mad at myself for even buying it. I have bathed her 3 times in Dawn and she is also taking Benadryl to allow her to sleep. I just hope that she makes a full recovery and that someone who is considering buying this or using it on their pets reads these stories.

  46. I, too fell victim to this horrible product. My husband found a box of this stuff in the bargain bin at a grocery store for $6 (this was after I mentioned to him how expensive Frontline is). I didn’t think much of it, so I put some on my 14-pound Scottish Terrier who is only about a year and a half old. He immediately tried to ‘shake’ it off his back. I just figured that it was a little stronger and more potent than the Frontline (which I had use on him before with no problems whatsoever) so I made him ‘tough it out’. That night he kept coming under our bed and rubbing his back up against the planks of our platform bed. Again, I just thought it would pass and the stuff would wear off. The next morning I saw him trying to shake it off (like he does after he gets a bath). I was in a hurry to get to work and he seemed alright since he was wagging his tail so I ignored it. My husband called around lunchtime and told me what he had found on this website. I logged on and was in complete shock. I felt so bad for what I did to my poor little guy. My husband went home for lunch and bathed him twice. Fortunately, his skin appeared to be o.k. and he is doing much better now, but I will keep checking his skin for a while to see if there are any break-outs.

  47. I am having the same problems with my 2 dogs. I put the medicine on them a day ago and noticed them shaking their heads (like with ear mites) and crying. They are licking their paws a lot and are in a lot of pain. I noticed today that both of their ears are really red and irritated. I was also told to bathe them with dishsoap and spread vitamin E on their ears. This has calmed down my basenji, but my dachshund is still very irritated.

    This product needs to be banned. I found this website when I googled “sergeants gold” + “dogs painful red ears.” I feel really frustrated that this product is still being sold and that I did not know about these problems before I applied it to my dogs.

  48. I had the exact same experience as you all and I contacted Amy Mysz by phone. She was very helpful and sent over a form to fill out to file an official complaint to the EPA. I advise all of you to do the same!

  49. i will be on the issue to make this product a known health hazzard to the people of my area..and will stop at the various stored to let the managers be known of this site also…

  50. I have never used this product but I have been on the phone with my sister for half the day as she has used this product on her german shepard. All of the same symptoms….my sister took Greta to the vet this a.m. who gave her an IV and muscle relaxers and my sister (who is an RN also) has been giving her benadryl. She was up all night with Greta with all the symptoms and took her to the vet this a.m. I have instructed my sister to send me the vet bill and I am going to write a scathing letter to this company (thanks to all of these posts including the address). I work for an attorney’s office and I agree with all of you that this product needs to be taken off the market and I also feel that Walmart has a part in this as I am sure they have gotten complaints as well. I will also send a copy of the letter to the Wallmart headquarters….if anyone is planning a class action suit please contact me. [email protected] Thank you.

  51. is it just me or are there a disproportionate number of smaller dogs listed in the instances above? The Sergeant’s i have says for dogs 21-39 lbs. and also states do not give to cats. I’m just wondering if the thresholds/dosages are out of whack and or incongruous with usage on certain skin sensitivity levels. I have a shihtzu-yorkie and I will not be giving her any sergeant given the above reports. I was considering giving her half of a dosage or perhaps a third, given her small size. But the above leads me to believe it is not worth the risk. Skin sensitivity and body size must play a part in the negative reactions listed above.

  52. I’m so upset. My poor little Amy is reacting to a flee and tick ointment (SentryPro xfc) I bought from PetSmart. It’s a product that is liquid and placed on back of neck. I did it this morning and by the time we got back home this afternoon she was acting weird. I didn’t think much of it then, but then she began hiding. I decided to wash it off her. Then check online for any info. That’s when I found hundreds of stories and complaints about many of these chemical repellants being given to dogs. I was hesitant about doing this, but I trusted the company (Sergeants) that sold these dog products would be safe. But I was wrong, they are selling this crap and its terribly dangerous. There are hundreds of horror stories. Deaths, chemical burns, liver failure.
    I called the emergency number and a woman explained to use dishwashing liquid to wash Amy thoroughly. She took all my information (I‘d say they’re documenting everything because I see a class action suit coming.) I can’t believe they’re defending this product and sticking with it. I expressed my opinion of it and how callous they were to continue selling it. She said she had other calls to get to, I said I’m sure you do, thousands I’m sure.
    I’m sick over this. My little angel is sick and scared. I’m going to check on her often tonight and see how she is in the morning. From the stories I’ve read, I’m glad I got it off her when I did or it would have been worse.
    She’s looking a bit better, but she won’t even stay in the same room as anyone. Which is completely the opposite of usual.

    Next morning –
    She’s slowly getting better. I’m beside myself. I didn’t sleep much last night and she didn’t either.
    I bought Sentry_pro FXC – at PetSmart. I trusted them. Wrong decision.

    I just got off the phone with the store manager. I explained my concerns and he took the corporate route. He’s been aware of these incidents but can’t do much other than report these incidents. The corporate line is the product has sufficient warnings on the back. Well, just like every other asprin bottle, you assume it’s a low risk. But the sheer amount of reports on this product indicates anything but a small or low risk. I asked him to go online and just enter the product name. It comes back with hundreds of results about how dangerous and destructive it is. I said how many products do you know that have that kind of result???????

    He said he does have concerns about the product but he’d lose his job if he indicated in the store on the rack that these products are hazardous. I said so you could live with a few dead or maimed dogs on your conscience? He wouldn’t answer. I said in the military it’s known that you don’t have to follow an order that’s wrong. More atrocities have been committed that can be attributed to the “I was only following orders”.

    I’ve been hesitant to do or give anything to Amy for fear of harming her. Her spaying was a nightmare. This has been a nightmare. I was so worried (still am) that she’d die. I called my vet and he said to watch her and come in if she got worse. He said this is getting more common with these topical products (other than frontline).

    This is scandalous, I can’t believe with all of these 1st hand accounts that this product hasn’t been banned.

  53. Used this on five shelties. Seven hours later one began to spasm like on the verge of a seizure. Could hardly walk from shaking, heavy salivating. Took to emergency vet. Avoid this stuff at all costs.

  54. I am VERY ANGRY right now. I applied Sergeant’s Gold to my 16 year old Peke-a-poo. She is a very healthy vibrant lil dog who just had her 16th b-day on May 5th. I purchased the product because it said 5 way protection Kills fleas in as little as 1 hour..and ticks as little as 3 hours..But the description forgot to add..THAT IT MAKES YOUR DOG GO CRAZY!! She has been running all over the house crying and trying to scratch..she is chewing her front paws constantly and licking! I really thought this product would work..even after frontline,Bio spot, Zodiac, Adams, ALL FAILED! I had logged on to try to find a store that sold this product for cats( before I knew of the danger of this product)…as I was searching she began her restless behavior. It was then I found this site and saw all the complaints about this product.. I jumped up and grabbed my dog and bathed her right away in dawn. Afterward she ran around appearing to be relieved. I also have given her a child’s Benadryl. As of now she seems agitated. She ate her dinner and has been drinking. I offered her a treat and she took it without hesitation. But I hate seeing her itch so bad. If this continues I will take her to the vet in the morning. I cannot believe that with all of these complaints that this product has not been removed. I have noticed that some pets have died as well. There is a video on youtube about how unsafe over the counter pet meds are. I feel horrible for applying this on her. She cannot settle down at this point she just seems uncomfortable and restless. ='{

  55. Wow, the same terrifying experience happened to my beloved chihuahuas, Nepoleon and Gwenn. This is an outrage; the guilt I feel as a pet owner is overwhelming…my dogs are doing better today as it has been 48 hrs since partial application of Seargants flea and tick squeezable treatment. I followed the directions exactly, I even applied less than what was directed, what a nightmare! My dogs did not deserve this..they just started eating again and drinking water. The day of the posioning I had them drink milk and I washed them twice.I am telling everyone i know about this!


  57. Same thing happened to my chihuahua, I bought the darn thing because it was for sale at walmart, I can’t believe that they are still selling it. Shame on you walmart, shame on you…

  58. We had the exact same experience this weekend with our 2 poodle mixes. Saw the first fleas ever on Friday…bought the product at CVS (as the vet was closed for the weekend) and applied it that evening. Within an hour they were both acting very aggitated and upset. Found the bog and washed them immediately. They have been totally out of sorts all weekend and while they are better today they are both still scrating their ears a lot. We have had them on benadryl all weekend and rubbed the vitamin E oil on their backs but does anyone have ideas to remedy the itchy ears? I, too, cannot believe this is on the market!

  59. Also, my daughter is an intern at a large Atlanta TV station this summer. She came home Friday night in the midst of our dog drama and immediately thought about suggesting this story as a “consumer alert.” Would any of you be willing to share your stories if she can get the OK for this?


  61. OMG. I put Sergeants Gold on 2 diff cats I feed outdoors & feel lucky neither one seem to have had a reaction. I am wondering if the stuff even works. After reading these testimonies I will NOT be buying more.

    This is awful. I can’t believe they have not been sued yet. They should be…for the vet bills and in some cases DEATHS of ppl’s pets.

  62. They should not only be boycotted. They should pay for they’ve done to my pets. BASTARDS!!! I am going to sue this company. My baby’s eyes got swollen, he had fever. He went dehydrated and he was foaming in the mouth. He wouldn’t even come to me. He just went to his little corner and whimpered in pain. I will sue this company for fooling us all. This is not a flea killer. It’s a dog killer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. i have the same horror story as the rest of you… unfortunately…. as of right now… twenty four hours after application my two chiuhauas are still suffering.

  64. Please see all these TV Reports!!!
    When is Sergeant going to own up to knowingly causing cruelty to Animals? They are making a profit off the suffering of Pets and Pet Parents!

    Sergeant Stop the Suffering or be Stopped,

  65. I recently purchased Sergeant Gold for my two mini doxies. About 2 hours after application they started acting odd. They both kept shaking as if just finished with a bath, runnning their head through the carpet, running around and acting crazy, drooling, eyes watering, and just all around uncomfortable. I called the emergency vet and they indicated that the product does contain toxic chemicals and if the symptoms got worse or didn’t get better in the morning, then I should take them into my normal vet for an evaluation and that they do get calls about this issue fairly often. I bathed my dogs which seemed to give them little relief and no one had any sleep last night. I’ve dropped them off at my vet this morning and was advised that this is quiet common with this type of topical flea treatment. I’m not sure what the monetary damage is going to look like and am worried about my babies long term health. I can’t believe this product is available for sale to anyone!

    I have every intention of discussing this with Hartz and the local media. Please do not use this product on your pets. I feel absolutely horrible that I gave this to them and caused them to get so sick!

  66. Rachel, your problem is with Sergeant’s–not Hartz. Although Hartz has a deplorable safety record over the years, Sergeant’s–according to you–is the manufacturer responsible for your terrible incident. It’s really important to be factual and accurate in these situations–the manufacturers are delighted when we pet owners give them an opening to point towards us–the pet owners–as the problem.

    I’m very sorry that this has happened to you. Thank you for bringing forward this story. Sergeant’s has one of the worst safety records in the industry. Their products containing the pesticide neurotoxin cypenothrin has one of the highest rates of adverse incidents to animals in the industry. Hartz Mountain enjoys pointing out to the media and consumers just how many animal injuries and deaths are attributed to Sergeant’s versus their own products. Please take one important step to help other pets and pet owners. Please take the time to report your incident to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC). This organization works with the EPA to compile the database of incidents and statistics that will be analyzed and used as a basis for corrective action. The NPIC can be reached at 1-800-858-7378. They are very professional, courteous and efficient. This is a critical step in the public forcing the EPA to do the right thing and get these neuro-toxin pesticide ingredients out of the marketplace. Also, please call Sergeant’s and report this incident to them. They will not be happy to hear from you, but they–like all the manufacturers–have an obligation under federal law to forward your report to the EPA. For example, Hartz Mountain has been cited and fined for not properly and promptly reporting these incidents in the past…put the pressure on Sergeant’s by giving them the details and forcing them to report to the EPA. Also, they should be asked to reimburse your medical expenses…don’t hesitate to ask for this. Thank you again; I sincerely hope your pet recovers completely. It’s reprehensible that Sergeant’s, Hartz, BioSpt and others continue to injure and kill thousands of pets…absolutely reprehensible. I wish you all the best.

  67. Hi Matt,
    Thank you for clarifying between Sergeant and Hartz. I will absolutely call the NPIC (didn’t even know that existed), as well as Sergeants.

    As far as an update, I picked my babies up from the vet today and had a conversation with him regarding their symptoms. Luckily their vitals are stable and the best thing for me to do now is bathe them again (he recommended Dawn) which will cut the oil and wait it out. I asked him if there was a possibility of some type of neurological damage and he said no, but that the side affects my dogs were experiencing are very similar to that. He said it will just take time for the affects of the toxins to leave their little bodies. Currently they are still twitching and shaking, although not nearly as bad as yesterday. I’m hoping they will come through this with a full recovery.

    Thanks all for reading this and spread the word to all the animal lovers you know.

  68. This morning I applied Sergeant Gold’s Flea and Tick preventative (for small dogs) to my Dachshund and Rat Terrier (both of whom probably have Chihuahua in them, if that matters). I left for the morning, and when I returned this afternoon, my Dachshund was shaking her head violently as if something was in her ear, and my Rat Terrier was coughing and gagging consistently. I was trying to make sense of their symptoms — they didn’t seem related to me, but the fact that they happened at the same time was suspicious — and all I could come up with was the flea meds. So I did some research and found this site. I followed everyone’s advice and bathed them and gave them Benadryl. My Dachshund has finally gone to sleep, and my Rat Terrier’s coughing has tapered off. I would have had to call an ER vet tonight if I hadn’t found out what was wrong and how to help them. I WILL take them in tomorrow, though, ASAP. Thank you for having this helpful web site. I will only ever use the vet brands from now on.

  69. I also used Sergents Flea & Tick Drops however I purchased the Silver label. Thinking that it was safe because it was a name I had heard off I applied it to my two little dogs, Ratatoille & Topo. Rata is the size of a Chihuahua and Topo is a little smaller than a standard poodle. After the application they were running around, twitching and itching. Rata had a look of pain in her eyes and when I touched her back she screamed and her feet were on fire from trying to scratch the poison off. Topo was rolling around trying to get to his back. He has pink skin and it was extra pink. I also accidentally touched my nose on one side and it was on fire. I can’t image what they were feeling. I thought to myself “what in the hell have I put on these guys” and I came across this site and I knew immediately they were in trouble. I e-mail my vet who is great about getting back to me and he recommended a bath in Dawn dish soap. My husband also read on-line to use Dawn. I bathed Topo first and the look of relief was apparent in his eyes, Rata was the same. Because they were still having a reaction I bathed them again. Topo finally fell asleep with me while I stroked his back lightly but not before throwing up twice and Rata hid on top of a chair, refusing to be touched. The effects eventually wore off as my vet said they would but honestly I cannot fathom why a company would sell this poison if they cared for the animals and not the dollar. We should all go to the Omaha plant and rub it on the backs of these idiots and let them see how it feels. I would bet money they use Advantix or Frontline and not the poison they sell. If we all post a sentence to warn the public about this on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere we can, it could save another dog/cat from having to suffer. Please do it, I did.

  70. This same reaction happens with another over-the-counter brand, “Sentry.” My mom’s dog started convulsing and having strange muscle spasms and seemed to be choking. Apparently these brands are not regulated by the FDA and may contain an overdose of the active ingredients. It was unbelievable to me that something they sell at PetSmart could kill your pets. I called the PetSmart and they said they would look into it, but I’m guessing unless enough people make a stink, these products will continue to be available. Like all of you, I’m going to write letters and do everything I can to get these products taken off of shelves. I am also trying to get a local news station to pick it up, and encourage everyone else to do the same. Maybe if we can get some real press coverage, we can make some waves for these companies.

  71. Carly,

    These companies have a deplorable safety record over the years. Obviously, Sergeant’s (the maker of Sentry) is only one manufacturer of many with terrible safety records–Hartz, BioSpot, and others also have completely unacceptable levels of injuries and deaths. The EPA–probably the most lax government oversight agency in business–recently announced increased scrutiny on these products because of the number of reported adverse incidents to animals. In 2008 over 44,000 potential incidents were reported to the EPA, up from over 28,000 the year before. Think about that–both numbers are reprehensible…and these are just the reported incidents…how many more are never reported to the EPA? Companies like Hartz have been cited and fined for not accurately and promptly forwarding consumer reports to the EPA as all manufacturers (and registrants) are required to do. Please take the time to report your incident to the National Pesticide Information Center, at 1-800-858-7378. They maintain a database of pesticide-related illnesses for the EPA. The EPA uses this database to determine if dangerous pesticide products require specific action in terms of safety requirements, including up to removal from the market, as was done with Hartz Mountain’s cat and kitten products in 2006. Don’t let Hartz, Sergeant’s, BioSpot, or any other manufacturer get away with the devastation they are causing. These manufacturers count on victims’ owners taking no action or simply complaining for a week or two and then going away. Please take the time to report this terrible tragedy to Sergeant’s as well. They are obligated by federal law to keep records and provide the EPA with the adverse incidents. They can be reached at 1-800-224-7387. Insist that they take your specific information. This keeps the pressure on these manufacturers and will assist all of us in one day ridding pet owners and their pets from these terrible, toxic products. Incidentally, PetSmart is simply an enabler of the problem focused only on their own profits. They do not care about this problem. Believe me, they’ve received thousands of complaints and much negative publicity, but they continue to believe they make more money continuing to sell these pesticide products and ignoring the negative publicity by deferring to the EPA and the manufacturers. I wouldn’t discourage you from writing to the CEO of PetSmart, Philip L. Francis, and/or their senior legal counsel, Scott Crozier–in fact, that may be a good idea just to let them know they are part of the problem. But their track record is one of a lack of care or concern. I’m sorry this has happened to you and your dog. Thank you for telling your story, and I encourage you to take the action you wrote about, including reporting to retailers, the media, regulatory agencies (state and federal) and anyone else that may help. Thank you.

  72. I just used Sergeants Gold on a feral kitty we’ve been caring for. This was because some lady at the store actually recommended it to me. We’re both out of work, so spending $80 on Frontline was not in my budget. I wish I had just sucked it up and spent the money, because I’m afraid I’ve just killed this cat! I am so sick to my stomach. If this cat dies because of this crap, you’d better believe I will file some kind of lawsuit. Maybe that will get the attention of these manufacturers.

  73. Ahhhhh! My dog is tripping out. I used Sergeants Gold on my Kings Charles Cavalier and an hour later just like everybody’s elses dog he’s yelping, scratching, and running around crazy! This product sucks and should be banned immediately! I can’t believe how many people experienced the same result. My dog needs to be saved! Well I’m off to the vet now…..Damn it!

  74. To add to the madness, I also exposed my poor dog to Sergeant’s Gold. I have a chihuahua mix of some nature (not sure of her other half) on which I discovered a few fleas. Not having the money to purchase the more pricey and less harmful flea medications, a friend of mine had told me she would give me one of her left over unused treatment applicators, seeing as her pets were in the same weight range. She had given me the notion that this medication was vet prescribed, thus resulting in not doing my own research. The next day I was handed a box containing four blue capsules of torture. She hadn’t filled me in that she bought this treatment from the local grocery store, and I was oblivious to the brand, not having shopped for over-the-counter flea products previously. I applied Sergeant’s to my dog, and within an hour or so she was constantly crying. More symptoms began to pick up as time progressed such as: panting, twitching, shaking her head back and fourth, rubbing up against everything in her path, restlessness, and most frightening was the constant yelping. At that moment I knew something had gone awry, and I googled the brand. To my demise, I found page after page documenting the harm and pain caused by this cheap brand. My stomach churned, and I began to kick myself over and over for being so stupid to apply something to my pet whom as most pets are, is considered a family member, that I hadn’t done my own research on. I also read post after post about the out pouring of complaints dumped on the company’s hotline, and the poor customer service given in return. I decided against wasting my breath, and took action in saving my dog’s health. After reading that dawn is the best to use, I lathered her up several times, and rinsed very thouroughly. I called several vets, asking each for a different opinion, and each had said to give her plenty of water and chicken broth, and even some bread. If the problems worsened by morning, I was advised to bring her in immediately. While the side effects didn’t worsen, she still continued to be extremely distressed. Days passed and most of her ailments ceased, and I continued to give her a daily bath with dawn dish detergent. Her weird twitch lasted for several weeks, and subsided after that. It has been several months and she is back to normal, but I will never forget the 24 hours of torment for the both of us – I was almost sure I’d lose my baby that night, and feel lucky that things turned out as well as they did. Somehow this product is still available, you’d figure enough victims would have formed together by now into a powerful lawsuit.

  75. I also used Segergants Gold on my 3 year old Maltese. About 2 hours after applying the medication he started panting, pacing, vomiting and being very restless. It was vert hard seeing him suffer like that. The next morning I gave him a bath and called my vet. He then began to start having some type of twitching on his left leg. He had a fever of over 103. I also called the company and complained and informed them that I would like to be reinbursed for my vet bill and the product. They also informed me that white hair dogs and cats seem to have more of a bad reaction the other dogs. I informed them that it was not on the box as one of the possible side effect, if it was I would have never bought it. And that’s the problem they rather wait to see if your dogs dies from the product because now they have your MONEY.
    So what if your pet dies. I have been telling everyone about this product DO NOT USE.

  76. OMG! I am going through this sheer hell right now. I treated my 1 year old havanese with this crap this morning. I too was trying to save a couple bucks. I noticed him scratching (he was fine prior to application) but thought nothing of it. But now it’s 12 hours later and I thought, hey, something’s wrong here and went on to the computer to search. I have bathed him with my son’s natural shampoo and put on a little oatmeal conditioner in hopes to alleviate some of the itch. My dog is practically ripping his flesh off, twitching, having spasms, restless… it’s killing me to see him like this! It’s 9:30 at night. My young son is sleeping soundly. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. My husband is not home from work yet and has no idea what is going on on the homefront. I am going to call this” hotline” myself right now but I reckon that I too will be at the vet’s in the morning if my poor Monte makes it through the night.

  77. Thankfully, I found this website less than 24 hours after my pug was given a dose. He didn’t handle it well; he experienced restlessness and refused to stay in my room. I figured he was just not tired, but when I looked up everything about Sentry, I learned that it’s the terrible product to blame. I must have touched my face also because it is cold and numb, like a feeling from an icy-hot patch or something like it. It’s terrible. I gave my pug two baths, one with regular shampoo and one with dish soap, and he’s finally sleeping and acting normal again. Earlier he was running all over the house, jumping into the tub and going from room to room which was unusual because were practically attached at the hip. Now, I’m worried about myself! When will the numbness go away?! I’ve washed my face several times.. Should I just wait it out? How can people sell such a terrible product?!

  78. I ran out of Frontline and am now paying for an incredibly stupid mistake by purchasing the Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick medication. I gave my little shih tzu a bath and then applied the medication, only with the good intentions of taking good care of my dog. About 2 hours later, he was scratching and twitching so badly, I went online and found this website with all of these horror stories. I called the emergency vet clinic and they told me to wash him again and then bring him to their office immediatly. At the vet’s office he got a shot of Benadryl and we brought him home. He was up all night, not able to sleep because of all of the twitching. We took him back to the vet this morning where they monitored him and gave him a prescription for muscle relaxers. Long story short, 2 hours after the muscle relaxer, he is still twitching and cannot sleep. I feel helpless and terribly guilty and from what all of you are saying, Sergeant’s does not offer any help.
    So I have an idea, and maybe some of you can do this too. Here at work, I ran off some address labels, with the words
    WARNING – this product can cause severe damage to your pet. Do not purchase! I plan on carrying these labels with me and where ever I see this product, I will place a label on the box.
    Maybe someone will pick it up and see my label and put it back on the shelf since not many retailers are removing it themselves. I will go to Walmart, Target, PetSmart, etc…
    and start labeling!!!

  79. My poor little poodle went through the same thing. I put the sergeant’s gold flea treatment on her Friday afternoon and went grocery shopping. I came home to find my poor little girl in agony, rubbing frantically against the furniture and floor, scratching herself raw and whining. I bathed her three times that night to no avail. She was in agony all night long and no one in the house slept. I feel so horrible and she suffered so much. The last time I saw an animal suffer so much was when another poodle I owned several years ago was poisoned by a neighbor with rat poison. She died! I tried benadryl, aloe spray, cortzone cream, and neosporin to relieve her pain and itch but nothing worked completely. I finally had to put a shirt on her Saturday morning to keep her from scratching herself into a bloody mass. She scratched so much that she tore holes in three shirts before the day was over but finally the itch and pain began to subside. I could not afford the $300.00 emergency vet bill over the weekend so she suffered most of the weekend. Today is Monday and she will see the vet this afternoon. Her itching is getting better, but her skin is still very red and irritated, even after all of the bathing. Right now, I’m just glad she’s still alive and seems to be on the mend. I did contact Sergeant’s through their website and informed them not only of her reaction, but let them know that I would seriously be making every effort to get their product pulled from the shelves. I also called the store where I bought it and let them know what had happened. They also informed me that they had received many complaints of the same nature. That crap should not be on the market at all. It would be safer to spray your pet with raid! I hope they do get sued!!

  80. As many of you have stated, I used the sergeants on my pet schnauzer. It was a weekend, he had been with a family member and had fleas. I wanted to give him instant relief. I used the product. Within minutes, his back grew welts and he was scratching feverishly. I put him in the tub and washed the crap off!! He had no further instances, that was a year ago. This past Sunday, I had to put my poor boy to sleep at the age of 7 for complications of lymphoma, which I believe were a direct result of the sergeants product. As anyone else experienced this. It is a pesticide, but I had no clue that it would come to that. I do not want money, I want retribution in the form of having the product pulled, the company shut down!!!

  81. I’m so sorry to hear about your schnauzer, Taryn. I wouldn’t doubt a bit that the Sergeant’s flea medication caused this. I would like everyone to know that I did make some headway in getting the Sergeant’s products pulled from the shelves of one store chain. After calling the store manager where I had purchased the Sergeant’s gold, he asked me to bring the unused portion back to the store so they could have a look at the package. (I also took back two Sergeant’s flea collars that I had purchased the same day but had not opened yet, because my vet informed me that they are also toxic to animals, and some Sergeant’s wormer I had bought for my cats). When I returned the products, I found out that that particular store had gotten a recall on the Sergeant’s Gold the month prior and had pulled the product from their shelves. When the manager looked at the package, he knew immediately what had happened. Sergeant’s had sent them a new supply of the stuff in a different box! Boy was he angry. Needless to say, the manager not only refunded my money for all of the Sergeant’s products I had purchased, he set workers in motion immediately to pull their products from their shelves and notified their corporate office of what had happened. He also had received many complaints about the product and knew immediately that I was telling the truth about what had happened to my poodle. I did finally receive a reply from Sergeant’s customer servicew department via e-mail yesterday. Of course, they tried to explain everything away as just a fluke because they felt that the number of pets that have been adversly affected by their product is minimal. They asked me to send them the proof of purchase and any vet bill receipts so they could start their “own investigation.” I let them know that I had already been reimbursed by the store where my purchase was made and that I was not going to cooperate with them in any way, shape, or form! I also told them that they need to look at the numbers, because from what I have seen so far, the number of pets being injured or dying from this crap is way more than minimal! I let them know that poisoning pets just to make a fast buck was not o.k. It is sick and inhumane and I also hope someone sues the hell out of them and shuts them down! We all need to keep complaining to the stores that carry the crap as well as to the agencies that regulate the products and make our voices heard. Keep spreaing the word and sooner or later, someone will have to listen! Hopefully it will be sooner and no more pets will have to suffer or die because of these heartless bastards!

  82. Well add another story to this endless tale of horrors. My little chihuahua and shihtzu have been suffering now for 24 hours. I thought I had killed my babies!!! I have been crying pratically nonstop. Belle (the chihuahua) is just lethargic not wanting to do anything and her eyes are so “glassy” she seems to be having trouble standing on her back legs. Boomer (shitzu) has been going “CRAZY” he cries so much and seems to be in sooo much pain. I did the phone call and was told the same, baths in dawn, vitamin e oil, it eased a little while but he started in again. took them to the vet and they both got a cortisone shot. I have also given Boomer some benadryl to help him sleep. I was afraid to give Bella any because shes already so lethargic.Thank God for this website It has helped with some of the “unkown” fears. But to have put my babies through this devastates me. I will also do ANYTHING to help prevent other babies from going through this.

  83. I have yet ANOTHER terrible story to add about the effect that Sergeants Gold had on my 2 yr old Shitzu-Beagle mix “Liddles.” I applied the flea medicine late Monday night to my dog after finding a few fleas on her. (Usually I use Frontline on her but I didn’t have the $ to afford another dosage for her and I was desperate to make her fleas go away) That night the only unusual thing I noticed about her was that she did not sleep in our bed with me curled up in our feet, she slept sprawled out on the bathroom floor. I just figured it was a little warm in our house for her so the cool bathroom floor cooled her down?? I honestly didn’t think anything of it. The next morning she didn’t want to go outside to potty, & she didn’t beg at my daughters high-chair while we were eating breakfast. A few hours later she became really distressed & uncomforable, yelping & twitching her back right leg, & arching her back in agony. At this point I still didn’t think it could be the flea medicine because after all isn’t it suppossed to help the dogs rather than harm them? I put her in the tub and bathed her with some medicated tea tree oil shampoo – she was instantly relieved. I thought the problem was solved so I relaxed a little bit. Later that night we came home from being gone for a few hours & couldn’t find her in the house (normaly she greets us at the door) She was hiding in my daughters room on the shelf of the changing table. My automatic reaction was to freak out and pick her up. I could tell where she had been itching & back her back because it was close to bleeding. I got online & goolgled “dogs allergic reaction to flea medicine” & got the idea to bathe her in Dawn dish soap. The I googled “Sergeants Gold” & luckily found this website where I got the idea of the Benedryl & Vitamin E Oil. I bathed Liddles in Dawn & it brought her relief for a few minutes. So I kept bathing her every half hour making sure to rinse her very well. I could tell in her eyes that she was appreciative of the baths. I gace her 1/2 tablet of Children’s Benadryl. I tried anti-itch cream & it didn’t help much. So I washed it off & poured Vitamin E Oil all over her back & it brought relief to her. The only thing I found to help 100% was petting her back where I had applied the flea medicine the day before. Something about the constant touch soothed her burning skin. We fell asleep on the living room floor last night & about 4am this morning she was able to walk herself into the bedroom & jump up on the bed. She was still shaking & twitching but nothing compared to what she was before. I am writing this Tuesday morning & Liddles is resting on the back of the couch, still isn’t completely back to normal but has majorly improved. First & formost- I hope my story HELPS someone who was as desperate as me relieve their dog if they make the mistake of buying this product. Because when I was frantically searching for any remedies for my poor dog I know is that I wanted to find something to help her. As for the company supplying this product I hope the get sued off their ass one of these days in the near future. I WILL be spreading the word!

  84. Wow I’ve given this product to my dog before and she’s never had a reaction, but was her reaction quick..Within two hours she couldn’t even stand or support her weight, was constantly shaking..I knew it had to be the flea treatment because there was no other reason why she would be acting this way, so on instinct i ran her into the bath and washed her really good. Then while she was laying down I found this website and was horrified to read all your stories, especially that apparently white dogs have a higher risk of reaction, shouldn’t that be on the box? I mean my dog is almost pure white. I felt so bad she couldn’t even shake the water off her back. Luckily I decided to give her another bath, and she seems to be doing better now, I’m glad that I caught it as soon as I did, but I just am so amazed that this product is still for sale especially after the clear volume of people that have had bad problems with the product. Like most of you out there I’m sure, my dog is my child..and as soon as she couldn’t stand or walk I was terrified and started crying. I hope they ban this product! Not worth killing dogs and cats over!

  85. I’m livid after reading all these stories! My boyfriend and I just went through the same thing yesterday with our 8 month old pug, Gatsby. I noticed some fleas on him, and decided I would pick up a flea treatment at the store, to tide him over until I had a chance to get to the vet. I told my boyfriend to put the treatment on Gatsby on Monday, since he had the day off from work and could take him to the vet in case a reaction occurred. Well, he had a reaction alright! Just like every animal that has come in contact with this horrible product! When my boyfriend noticed the reaction, he gave the dog a thorough bath. Gatsby then spent the rest of the day isolated in the bedroom, which is very unusual for him. When I came home, our puppy was shaking his head, scratching violently at his neck, biting his feet, and rubbing up against everything he could. Thankfully, we got him into see the vet later that evening, and she seemed shocked that these over the counter flea treatments are still sold in stores. At this point, our dog was panting heavily and drooling quite a bit. But our vet assured us that he would be fine after a couple days, once the poison has left his system. She gave us some muscle relaxers to help with his twitching and hopefully relax him so he could finally get some rest. Now, a day later he still seems very itchy and agitated. He has scratched the back of his neck so much, it’s red and raw looking. We put his fleece dog coat on, and that has calmed him down and keeps him from itching that sensitive spot. He is eating and drinking more frequently, and getting more playful. It’s such a relief to see our playful little boy coming back!

    I called the Sergeant customer service line today and spoke with a customer representative. I had to wait on hold for at least 10 minutes, which leads me to believe they must be swamped with complaints about their product. She asked me to explain the problem, and I did in full detail, making sure to mention the fact that my boyfriend did apply the product just as they specified. When I mentioned the raw red spot on the dogs neck, she said “just for future reference, you need to apply the product from the neck, down the back. Don’t just apply in one spot. That could have caused the skin reaction.” This really pissed me off! She was trying to accuse us of doing something wrong, even when I JUST explained that we followed the directions carefully. And I said “Don’t worry, we don’t need that advice anyway, we won’t be using this product in the future!” I asked what documentation she needed in order to get a refund on both the product and reimbursement of the vet bill. She didn’t seem shocked, and asked me for my address so she could send me an “Adverse Reaction Complaint Form.” Obviously this company is well equipped to handle the influx of complaints coming in about their products.

    So in the meantime, I’m stuck feeling like an awful pet owner. I should have done my research, but I thought I could trust a product sold at my local grocery store. It blows my mind that this company is still in business and selling their products without any limitations.

  86. Same thing, I purchased their flea treatment product without doing research because I thought there’s no way something on the store shelf could be that bad. Within a couple of hours of being applied, my cat had scratched off all the hair in that spot. I called sergeant’s emergency line, they told me to wash him with soap, and take him to the vet if it didn’t get better. The cat was very lethargic, in pain, and had trouble walking. I took him to the vet, where they treated him, and he eventually got better.

    I contacted sergeant’s again and told them all this, so they told me to send in copies of vet’s bills and proof of purchase, which I did almost a month ago. Haven’t heard from them yet. Called customer service, but they don’t know anything, and won’t give me the phone number to consumer affairs dept.


  87. Thank you for everyone who took the time to leave their stories! I am pregnant so I was looking for information on using this product when I stumbled upon this website. You all saved me from certain heartbreak…There is no way I will use this product after reading your stories and I will return the product to Target (shame on them for selling it) and tell them my story. I hope your animals have made a full recovery and thanks again for the valuable information!

  88. Michael Scott Green ESQ has filed a class action against Sergeant’s products.

    He is looking for Sergeant Sufferers located in the N. J. area.

    Please call him at 732-390-0480 if you wish to assist in the investigation.



    E-Mail: [email protected]

  89. Will Call tomorrow re Civil Suit- My poor 11Lb Cat Got a Neck rash so took him in 4/14 to Vet- he said it’s Sergeant’s allergic reaction & PX Cortizone. Well 1 week later,
    my inside (sometimes patio which is screened) cat had fleas???? So I just clld Sergeant’s just now, they were actually trying to helpful, said they’ld send reverse reaction report to refund vet fees (about $200 for this so far including CapStar flea control). He had been on hartz, will eventually switch to revolution. Been reading your stories & so sorry-it’s upsetting.

  90. this is crazy..these comments are going way back to 2008 and i cant believe this is still on the market. My poor yorkie is misreable…

  91. This product also gave my dog problems as people have commented above. Also DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!! Sergeants is not labeled on ANY of their products anymore, I was at the store today and noticed that all their products are called SENTRY, but in fine print it says product from Sergeants. DO NOT believe that the name change changed the way their products are!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. I just finished bathing Lacie three times with Dawn after using Sergeant’s gold. Within one hour of my husband applying it, she was nervous, pacing, biting at ther back. When we went to bed earlier tonight, she was in her crate and just kept whining and crying. I have to say that the people at Sergeant’s were helpful but I will never buy this product again!

  93. I just had a similar experience experience with my Boxer/Pit bull mix this morning. Because I didn’t have the funds to pay $88 for the usual once a month pills I have been using regularly..comfortis… I decided to try and use an over the counter topical flea treatment by Sergeants. I put it on my dog and within an hour, he began acting weird and vomiting violently.

    Awhile back I had written an article about topical flea treatment toxicity in Goldendoodles because they are known to be sensitive to topical flea treatments. They can have seizures or liver/kidney failure from the usage of these chemicals. Like you, I feel horrible because I didn’t think it would bother my dog since he wasn’t a Goldendoodle and I didn’t think it would bother him. When he began vomiting, I immediately went into my bathroom and my dog jumped into the tub. I scrubbed him down for five minutes with shampoo; then spent another five minutes rinsing him. Then I towel dried him profusely. For awhile he was slobbering but then the vomiting subsided. So I ruled out taking him to my vet.

    I would not have waited as long as you did, to take my dog to the vet since I had read before that if a dog begins vomiting and acting strangely within an hour of using a topical flea treatment to immediately bathe them and if symptoms continue after the bath to rush them to your vet. Had my dog continued to vomit and drool..he would be at my vet’s office.

    I will NEVER again use any brand of topical flea treatment on any of my dogs since I do not want to chance something worse happening. As a footnote, had one of my customers NOT given me this web link..I never would have known that there were many complaints about Sergeants topical flea treatment. Also, in case others want to know… when I opened the capsule, I accidentally got some of the treatment on my blue shirt. The small amount completely bleached a streak in my shirt coloring!!! IF this chemical is so strong that it actually bleaches coloring OUT of a shirt…can you only imagine what the hell it is doing to your dogs’ skin ???

  94. Well, Add me to this LONG list. I wanted to get rid of fleas on my two Miniature poodles last night and since I discovered them on Sunday, decided to try the OTC stuff – not knowing any of what I was to encounter. One of my dogs did not have a reaction to this but the other started panting about 1/2 hour after I applied this god-forsaken stuff on his neck. Then he would jump up on the bed (with my husband and I) and whimper and lay down only to kick after a couple of seconds, then get back up scratch behind his ears, bite his paws then twitch (kick) again. Of course, I tried to soothe him by lying with him on the floor, on the sofa, things that normally calm him down. 5 hours later, at 11:30, I gave him a bath with Oatmeal dog shampoo, not knowing about the Dawn treatment. Well, I was up all night and looked on the internet this morning to find this stream of complaints and realize that things might be real bad for my little 5 year old. I called the Vet who told me to immediately bathe the area where I put the Sergeant’s Gold with Dawn dish detergent and if I didn’t see a drastic difference, bring him in. Well, both dogs got a Dawn bath but I still had to take my boy to the vet. They confirmed an allergic reaction to this medicine and told me it is the Pyriproxyfen that causes the Central Nervous System reaction (the twitching and scratching and restlessness). The vet gave him a steroid shot and told me to watch him through the day for othe signs or no sign of relief. Thank goodness, it is now 12:00 pm the next day and he is trying to sleep a little. Poor guy lifts his head but doesn’t even open his eyes, he’s so exhausted. But I got lucky to have seen this. Just wish I would have called the vet last night so he wouldn’t have had to go through this ordeal last night. I am calling the 800 number and will be posting this on Facebook for everyone to pass along – got to get the word out and if it means putting this company out of business, then so be it. My dogs are my only children and I’ll not have them poisoned by a company that chooses to say on it’s label “sensitivities may occur”. What the heck is that supposed to tell me?

  95. Well, thanx too sergean’s gold my dog is flea free. In reaturn for takin the fleas away, my poor little 9 lb chiuaua Tico is very ill! All the same side effects: vomitting, shaking,wheezing, crying, bitting his back paws severley, very irritated …Need I say more? I cant believe these people working for this company let alone the who created this product…. how do they sleep @ night? I’m tryin the benadryll, and the dawn dish soap, hopefully my doggie well pull through this . PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!! the number on the back of the box.. when u call they make it sound like they can’t believe the product did this. from reading everyones stories there is something definetly wrong here.

  96. I wish I had read this before purchasing the product. Not only did it not kill the fleas, but I noticed strange twitching from my cats, and fever. It is absolutely unbelievable to me that corporate greed could be so out of check that the product is still on the shelves when this is apparently a known issue. Clearly, none of the people who work for the corporation own pets–or if they do, I bet they’re sure as heck not using this product. SHAME on them. SHAME.

  97. That Sergeant product is evil. My mom brought this product to treat my cat fleas. He was fine for a like a day after she put the product on him, but yesterday evening, he became very disorientated in his walking. My mother alerted me to this and he was having trouble walking and even climbing the stairs, so much so that I had to help him upstairs. Then he started twitching alot, drooling alot from his mouth and like an hour later he had a massive sezure.

    We didn’t think he was gonna make it through that, but amazingly he fought through it, but he was still in alot of pain and panting alot. My mom felt it was her fault, but it wasn’t her fault, it was that damn Sergeant flea and tick product’s fault. I looked on their website for answers, and they said that it would just “Maybe have a bad taste in their mouth if ingested, other then that nothing serious.” He didn’t ingest it, he was licking himself, and he was fine, at least we throught he was at first.

    We rushed him to the vet sometime before midnight. They took him to the back, and we waited in the vet for about 2 or so hours. Finally, one of the staff called us back and said that he had Pyrethrin Toxicity from that damn Sergeant’s Flea and Tick product! His temperature was normal, but his heart rate was somewhat high. They said all together the price for everything including medication and hospital stay would be $500! They gave us two other options: Take him home to montior him and take him to a local vet in the morning or they would put him to sleep if it became very serious…

    I broke out in tears, I was slowly losing my best friend I had for over 13 years. MY advice to everyone, is to NOT buy this product! Even if you have to shove out extra money to buy the expensive stuff do it, it could save your dog or cat’s life.

  98. My 2 year old chihuahua, Elwood had recently suffered from the all of these symptoms that have been happening to other dogs who used Sargeant Gold Flea Treatment. I went ahead and googled any complaints on this medication and I found this articale. I applied the flea treatment about 2 days ago , and is still recovering. I had also put the medication on my 3 year old German-Shepherd/Retriever mix Jake and he did not have the same reaction as Elwood did. But Jake’s behavior was unusual. He was quiet and was itching even more than he was before I put Sargeant on him. I didn’t take them to the vet, but bathed them several times, gave them pain medication & imflamation from their previous vet visit, and of course T.L.C. I will never let my dogs suffer again from that ridiculous crap I gave them.

  99. My dog is another victim of this horrible, joke of an excuse for “medicine.” I feel so bad for my toy Pomeranian, Tucker. This is his third night in a row up running around in delirium because of an adverse reaction to this rotten product. Please email me at [email protected] if there is any legal action being taken against this company. Personally I don’t know how they are still in business but I hope not for much longer.

  100. Its shamefull that this company is selling this worthless crap. I bought the sergeants Gold for dogs 9-20 lbs, for my Pekingese, well guess what folks, my dogs have the same symtoms that the others are telling, my dogs kept me all all night clawing, whinning, crying, shaking, gnawing on their paws, rubbing against furniture, jumping up from whatever rest they got, drooling, refusing food , their back are red where i put the product on, and guess what .. They still have fleas. here my babys are looking at me for comfort. I bathed them twice with dawn,(must be their comapany) since they reccomend the product, and put vitamin e oil, benadryl,aloe, hot spot treament, they still dont act right. Complete misery, I am so angry. they told me they would give my refund if i send them receipt and box, what a bunch of crooks. here Im calling to tell them that my beloved dogs are sick from using their crap and its like no big deal to them.If u can get this poison off the shelves and sue their azz I’m IN.
    Pissed off in VIRGINIA

  101. A few hours ago I had to take our yorkie, Willow to the Vet. I had given her the same sergeants gold flee treatment yesterday. Last night she seemed a little restless and by this morning, she was biting, drooling, anxious, rubbing her back against anything she could to relieve the itching. I gave her a bath as soon as I was aware of the symptoms. All of a sudden this afternoon she began to pant very rapidly and I took her to the vet. He called the sergeants hotline, which there was no answer, than googled this brand and informed me there were tons of letters commenting on this POISON!!! He gave willow fluids through an IV, and a shot of prednisone, and also something to help with her fever. The vet also instructed me to give her a bath in Dawn dish liquid. As I am typing this, Willow is racing around, scratching panting, when will this nightmare end????? I feel terrible for my poor little dog!!!

  102. Well this product is still on the shelves. My vet was out of frontine so on the way home I stopped into the grocery store and picked up SARGEANTS GOLD for my 80lb German Shepherd. 4 hours later while at work my fiance calls me in a panic that Sam’s(the dog’s) crate blankets are soaked and so was he. She said he was walking around aggitated and drooling from the mouth. After the emergency room visit they sent Him home, stating that the worst of it had passed and that he would be fine but to bring him back if it symptoms returned.

    The idea of my beloved Sam sitting in his crate alone for those few hours, probably vomiting and shaking uncontrollably fills me with an anger i can barely describe. This company needs to pay.

    Pissed off in New Hampshire,

  103. I applied this product on my cat on 9/1/11 by 1 am on 9/2/11 she was having convaltions her entire bidy was shaking violently she couldnt sit or walk this went on for 13 hours after bathing her many times praying and giving her milk in a droper it filally started to calm down and finally stopped by 5pm that night the next day she did have trouble walking but seems to be fine now I will never use this prodect on my pets again and I wish it would be taken out of the stores.

  104. OMG… I see postings on this website from 2008 and they are still peddling this stuff in 2011 ! I was given Sergeant’s flea medication by a friend who’s dog had died (now I know why ). I unknowing put it on my Cocker & Cockapoo. That was 3 days ago and they have not slept at all. They just keep walking around the house sniffing and Buffy, my cocker is having problem with his back legs. They bark all night and go nuts in their cage, which they have always liked. I have washed them once, but gonna do again today. My vet is booked but am going to try to get them in at a walk in clinic tonight. They need something to help them relax and sleep.

  105. Same thing happened with my 75 lb little girl. She is a German Shepherd and we put this on her and by the next morning she was shaking uncontrollably and could not walk. We took her to the vet and after a bath, bloodwork and a 4 hour stay there she started pulling out of it. The vet called the 800# on the box to find out more detail about the product. Luckily we got her there in time, he said it was close. She had went pale, had a fever and could not stand up, she just howled and whined. It was terrible watching her go through that. I DO NOT recommend this product for any animal!!!!

  106. I used Sergeant’s on my cat about 18 months ago; within an hour of using the product, I had to rush Mr. Diddles to the vet. The bill came to over $300 and I was advised by my vet that this happens all too often with the Sergeant’s Gold product. My cat almost died. I got in touch with customer service at Sergeant’s and they advised me they would reimburse me for my expenses. All I needed to do was provide them with receipts for my vet bills and a note from my vet. I have provided these items 4 different times to Sergeant’s with confirmation of receipt and they continue to deny that they have received all pertinent information. I will continue to send them what they have asked for until I receive some satisfaction. I don’t expect to get any reimbursement from Sergeant’s, but I will continue to be a thorn in their side. I am taking to the internet, and any other means necessary, to advise people not to use any of Sergeant’s products. This company is an absolute joke. They continue to sell product that they know can actually kill your pet. You have been warned; do not use any Sergeant’s products.

  107. I just used Sargents gold on my shitzu poodle mix and she started twitching panting and shaking. Needless to say I had to bring her to the vets and they confirmed it was the flea med that caused this! This was yesterday and the poor thing is still shakey and very uncomfortable! In not very happy with this.

  108. I just find it horrid that a company is knowingly endangering our wonderful animals. On Saturday evening we put this poison on our sweet little dogs shoulder blades as instructed and all that has been described here happened. White foamy vomit, feet in the water bowl running around and incessant scratching that has made Dusty,s neck bleed. He’s been to the vet. Shot and medication for the reaction. It’s now Tuesday night and heis not himself. Won’t come when called–just not the happy guy he normally is. How have others kept dogs from scratching and have others experienced this change in behavior.

  109. My poor cat is at the vets currently for a reaction he had to this poisen. I’m glad that I didn’t put it on all of them. He went into seizures about 3 – 4 hours after applying the medication. A 40 minute drive to teh vet and close to a $600 bill.

  110. I feel so sad and guilty. Our almost 2 yr old cat received his 1st and last treatment of Sargents flea medicine. With in an hour he was seizing and his eyes were as big as saucers. In the perfect world I would have took him to the vet immediately but we have no spare cash at this time, and have had past experiences with our vet where nothing more is done than what you can do yourself at home except you get a bill that takes months to pay off. I took matters in my own hands and with Internet research, a couple dish soap scrub downs on affected area, Benadryl (1/2 kids dose every 4 hrs), a mouth full of mineral oil and a lot of prayer! He Seized for almost 3 hours, then like a miracle got up and started purring and used his litter box. I can still tell he is a little wobly, and I have him in a secure area where he can’t jump around and get hurt. We are not out of the woods yet. I will continue to monitor him for fluid intake and continue with small doses of children’s Benadryl. He has been on a high quality holistic cat food for the last six months since having a allergic reaction to cheap cat food, I should have known it doesn’t pay to try and save money in these areas. I also have a beagle who got the dog version at the same time, he seemed sluggish after, I washed his off and gave him some Benadryl also just in case. I’m also wondering my cat and dog are really close friends and if in play my cat could have come in contact with it on my dog. I usually use advantage and never had a problem before today. On a whim I grabbed some sargents from Safeway thinking what the heck time to save money. Never again!!!! I will be looking into more natural ways now for my sensitive kitty. I’m not Catholic but still said prayers to Saint Francis and give great thanks to God for helping him get better. I pray no one else has to have this experience. I still can’t believe I never had heard of this before today, my heart goes out to all those affected by this terrible product.

    And please no comments that I should have taken him to a vet, I’ve worked with and have had a lot of experience with large and small animal vets. Yes, there are times it’s the best option and other times you can give the same if not better care at home without the outrageous bill. Our animal health care system is just as out of control as the human one.

  111. I bought Sergeant’s flea treatment for our 90-pound chocolate lab, Buck. The product I bought was for dogs 65 pounds and bigger. Within two hours, Buck couldn’t sit still, his eyes were dilated and he cried regularly.
    I bathed him, gave him a Claratin and took him for a walk. Nothing worked.
    It seemed either his skin was crawling or he had RLS all over his body.
    My husband had to come home in the middle of his night shift and stay up with Buck, who wasn’t able to sleep or sit still for more than 30 seconds for the better part of 12 hours.
    Once it wore off, the next morning, he slept like a rock for most of the day and night. I’ve never seen a dog sleep so soundly.
    Today, two days after the flea treatment, he is seeming to be back to normal.
    How horrible. This “medicine” should be pulled off the shelves immediately.

  112. I know a lot of the posts on this forum are years old, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your honest reviews. I have three 4 month old kittens and used this product on them to save some money. About an hour later, I was wondering why it was so cheap, so I googled reviews. Thank God I did this before they had any type of reaction that I noticed. I had to bathe all of them with Dawn soap (bathing a cat is definitely not an easy/pain-free task)and we are now all cuddled up on my couch. I will do anything to get this product off of every shelf. It should be banned. I am so sorry to anybody who has had to suffer through a tragedy from this product. I will definitely do my research before buying anything for my pets again.

  113. I am completely dumbfounded after reading all of these horrible stories!!! Like most otjers, I too found fleas on my dog and treated her with K9 Advantix. For ‘good’ measureI decided to go to my local Meijer and get a flea treatment for my cat as well just as a precausion. I purchased Sergeants Gold and applied it a little over an hour ago. So far she has not had a reaction and I am counting my blessings. I will be returning the rest of the product tomorrow and giving them an ear full about every story I have read on this website! A fruitless venture, but for all of those whos pets have suffered from this terrible product, I am outraged for you! Even though my kitty seems fine, Im too scared to sleep for fear that something might happen to her during the night.

  114. Hello, I have recently befriended my dog Dallas whom is near 1 years old. Around a week ago, he had begun scratching like he had fleas, so my mother went out and picked up this Sergeants Flea Spread stuff. She applied it from the neck down to before his tail. Around a couple minutes of appliance, he began to freak out and jump all over the place. He was scratching, biting, licking, shaking, doing a bunch of stuff. I immediatly grabbed the little tube and went upstairs to my computer. I searched it on Google, and are here now. I read all of the stories about how bad it is for dogs. We felt so bad for putting it on him. I read some comments about putting Dawn Dishsoap on him, so we grabbed some and washed him down twice to help relieve the irritation. I’m in so much fear for him right now, and this just happened a couple hours ago. We are a very low income family, so a trip to the Vet is very expensive for us, and it would take a long time to pay it off. I’m a youngster to add, and are currently caring for my dog tonight. I can’t get any sleep and am keeping my constant eye on him for any suspicious behavior. This company should be shut down and put out of business for it’s horrific cruelty to the pets, and especially to the people to who care for them and are freaking out because we don’t know what was happening.

  115. I can only wish that I saw these comments before treating my boys (two mini dachshunds) with Sergeants. I treated them on Sunday evening. We work so I didn’t notice much other than some agitation in the evenings when we came home. By Thursday evening they were both staggering, losing the use of their back legs periodically, itching, and couldn’t sit still. I never considered it was their flea and tick medicine until this morning when it was even worse and neither could stop whining and crying. Their ears twitch and they both jerk their heads every few moments. I called the vet right away who said as long as they were still eating and drinking to just bathe them in Dawn dish soap – two baths so far today alone. I didn’t know about the Benedryl, but I did give them children’s Claritin thinking it would help with the itch. It took most of the day, but they have finally fallen asleep for a bit. This evening I will switch them over to Benedryl and rub them down with some cortisol. Here it is 2015 and this product is STILL being sold!!! Never again, I have told every dog/cat owner I know to never ever buy Sergeants!

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