Seizure Disorder, Premature Death.

My 6 year old cat Bergman, died a violent and painful death 3 years after using Hartz Spot-on Flea treatment. In December of 2004, we bought the product because of a flea problem. I had used Front-Line and Advantage with success before and I stupidly thought that this  Hartz product was comparable. It wasn’t. My cat upon licking the treatment which was placed at the nape of his neck, immediatley began foaming at the mouth, and jumping all over the place. I thougt that he was reacting to the medication because it tasted bad or something along those lines.He seemed to regain composure and we went on with life. About 2 weeks later we were woken in the night by Bergman having a grand mal seizure. It was violent and extremely hard to watch. He lost control of his bladder, foamed at the mouth and it was as though he was being electrocuted. We knew something was very wrong. we contacted our vet and told him what happened and he confirmed that HArtz products kill animals. The weird part was that when he wasn’t seizing he was his usual self although he lost his balance easily and prefered to stay low to the ground for fear of falling. This was not his usual behavior, and we knew he dreaded having another seizure. We began treating him with Phenobarbitol once a day, upping it to twice a day as the seizure disorder worsened. He became tolerant of the medicine and his episodes began to increase, so we stopped the meds and he would sometimes go up to a month with out a seizure.  We lived this way with him for 3 years until this summer when his seizures began coming in clusters that would last for hours. He was so out of it and sore after a seizure that he would sleep for long periods of time, and be extremely hungry afterwards. He began to stop cleaning himself which was again not typical. This cat was a huge 17 pound snow white baby. He never scratched or bit even twitched his tail in annoyance at our family.He loved our dogs. We have a pet lovebird and he was friends with him. We could trust him tottaly because he was a complete angel. Yesterday he died in his bed after thrashing for what seemed like hours in and out of grand mals, petite mals and post ichtal periods. He finnaly mercifully died. I am so angry that he is gone. He can never be replaced. Our little girls adored him and we will never forget him. Hartz is a terrible company who needs to do the right thing and pull this poison off the shelves.

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