DO NOT USE: Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On!!!

I have read all of the stories on this site about Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On. I bought it today at the local Wal-Mart because it seemed to last longer than comparable brands. I usually use regular Hartz flea medications with no issues at all. However both of my chihuahuas, Mia and Apple, started frantically scratching and gagging about 1.5 hours after I applied this medication. It seemed as though they were experiencing a burning sensation. I bathed them and called the emergency number on the box. The representative said to bathe them in Dawn soap, which I did, and that they were feeling a “pins and needles” sensation similar to the way we feel when our hand falls asleep and that bathing them was the best thing to do. No shit dumbfuck. Anyway, they continue to scratch but nothing like they were. Tell everyone you know that this product is bullshit. I find no humor in this and am considering contacting my attorney to pursue a lawsuit against this company!!!

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  1. The exact same thing happened with my Shiba Inu. I wish I had read this yesterday. I bought the stuff from Wal-Mart and put it on her. She began gagging and scratching. She is even biting at me and my family. I called the help number and was told the exact same thing. They need to put a warning on the side of their boxes. This is ridiculous! If you file a lawsuit let me know, I am considering the same thing! This has got to stop. The FDA regulates what kind OTC medications and shampoos people are allowed to use…who is approving this crap for animals?!

  2. I returned home from emergency care 3 a.m. last night due to using Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On on my dogs. It looks like this lethal problem is going around recently. It is absolutely unethical for the manufacturer to market and sell a poisonous product like this to dog owners. It is made to kill fleas and ticks, I understand, but be prepared to take your dog to the emergency after application of the product.

  3. I too was trying to save money by purchasing Sargeant’s Gold for my dogs. I treated my 3 indoor dogs on the same afternoon. My silky terrier started acting strange, running and wanting outside and rolling on her back almost immediately. I thought it was from the fleas moving on her due to the product. My other 2 dogs, a poodle and a lhasa apso showed similar reactions, but not as severe. I didn’t think too much of it because the silky terrier is very hyper. The next day my focus switched completely to my indoor male cat. He was acting lethargic and not even moving when the dogs walked by him. The dogs and the cat do not actively socialize with one another – they usually avoid or just tolerate the other. When the cat was up he would go to his litter box and try to urinate, but was unable to. I called my vet, and he thought that I had used the dog product on the cat, which I had not. The cat had not come in direct contact with the treated dogs, and only could have absorbed the product by what might have gotten on the carpet where they had rolled. We took the cat to the vet and he said that he had a UTI. He hooked him up to a catheter and IV and gave him antibiotics and vitamins. It has been over a week now that the cat has been under the vets care, and if there is no more improvement by tomorrow, we will have to put him to sleep. I am so upset by this, and I am sure that this product is to blame. With the cat at the vet, my focus shifted to my dogs, and I noticed that the poodle has a raw spot where the product was applied. The silky terrier has a red rash and is losing hair on the upper half of her back. The lhasa apso doesn’t seem to have either of these problems. There were 4 tube in the package, and I used 3. I almost treated my grand-dog as she was here visiting that day, but her weight wasn’t up the the required 9 pounds, although she is 3 months old. I am just sick about my cat and my dogs. I would love to see something done to publicize this and warn other pet owners.

  4. I wrote the original post here, and I am so sorry to hear that all of you had the same experience that I had. Our dogs are better now even though they had kept us up all through that night. I think we should contact the television stations or something. I don’t know. Any ideas? I asked the manufacturer a question on their website and never received a reply. Figures.

  5. I have four dogs I applied this too and two of the four are miserable I has been a miserable week for them. I am giving them benadryl and another allergy med around the clock to keep them from itching and the wounds are atrocious and not even in the area the med was applied. One of them has a spot that is huge and protruding right beside her eye and draining and into her eye and the other one has a spot about two inches by four inches on her side and both have rashes. This stuff should be taken off the market! I also emailed the manufacturer off of the website and did not get a reply

  6. Our Elkhounds went through the same reaction to this product, though one more severe than the other. We ended up bathing one of them in an effort to comfort him through the night. I can’t say that I am very happy with this product making ours and by the sounds of it most dogs it comes in contact with. As of the following morning, after keeping everyone awake all night, the discomfort does appear to have worn off.
    Still no excuse for something like this to happen! I have called the company to register a complaint and they were non-chalant regarding the subject.
    I will never purchase anything from this or their parent/child subsidiaries again, EVER!

  7. I have a border collie mix and I put the Sergeant’s gold flea and tick squeeze on and about one hour later she was going crazy scatching and about 2 hours later she got to puking. I gave her a bath and then gave her benadryl. I’ll be at the vet later. Don’t give your pets this meds. It don’t do anything but harm them.

  8. I too was trying to save some money by purchasing Sergaents drops for my two poodles. The older dog was affected almost immediatley, acting strange, panting and was unable to sit still. Being a nurse I knew something was not right with her.Finally after a bath and a benadryl she calmed down.Later that evening the younger poodle started acting strange also, esp. excessive salivating and could not be still so we repeated the same regimen and they made it thru the night hopefully without any long term effects. I never thought that I could possibly poison my dogs when I was trying to help them. I have been beating myself up over this.Never again will I use OTC treatments for anything again.

  9. yesterday afternoon i put the drops on my pit bull and 2 of my min-pins. the pit bull started foaming at the mouth and drooling. all the sudden she ran full force into my my husbands truck and jumped on top of the hood. she was running around crazy rolling like she was burning. then i noticed the min-pins were drooling too. they keep shaking there heads like it bothers there ears too. some one has to take this product off the market. the vet said you should never use anything without a guarantee. also said all you can do is keep on bathing them and wash anthing they have come in contact with. I will never use a hartz product again

  10. Just last night I put Sergeant’s Silver Flea drops and she started to gag and shake, then she vomited and started to drool. I had to phone the emergency vet and I washed the stuff off and gave her a dose of benadryl as directed by the veterinarian.

    This stuff is dangerous and needs to be taken off the market shelves.

  11. The same thing happened to my dog and I will be writing some serious letters. I don’t know how this product can be on the shelves.

  12. I bought seargeant gold for dogs 9 to 20 pounds intending to use it on all my chihuhuas and after weighing them just used it on the 2 over 9 pounds and they also started panting and rolling around. I also thought it was a reaction to moving fleas, but 1 of them has developed a slight cough. The big problem is a very tiny 2 month old chihuahua pup weighs less than a pound and she has apparently contacted some from the other dogs. Labor day weekend in a rural area and no emergency vet available. Her little eyes have swollen shut and she has been crying and rolling and shaking her head for hours now. 2 contacts with the company and basically I was told I was an idiot for allowing a puppy near a treated dog and an unfit owner for living in a remote area. I was also told other than a dawn bath there is nothing I can do but wait for permanent eye damage, and possibly seizures and death. The old man across the street told me to flush her eyes with milk and give her as much milk as she would drink to cut the poison, and her eyes are slightly better, but other symptoms are worse. by the minute. PLEASE DONT EVER BUY THESE PRODUCTS. My heart is breaking for this sweet little baby. She is miserable, and I feel so guilty I am going to try to find homes for the others closer to the city. I never want anybody to go through this again.

  13. Hi everyone,

    Sergeant’s is very sorry to hear the reactions each of your dogs has experienced recently. We want to hear from each one of you who believes their pet has had an adverse reaction to any of our flea and tick control products. If you haven’t yet contacted our 24-hour consumer hotline at 800-224-7387, we strongly encourage you to do so for a couple of very important reasons:

    – We want to make sure that all of your dogs are now in good health. Naturally reading these posts are more than bothersome to us.
    – Sergeant’s needs to gather information from you and your vet in order to start an investigation. Sergeant’s has a procedure in place where a complaint of a possible adverse reaction is given to a committee of independent veterinarians to review and investigate what may have caused the reaction or problem.

    It’s important to remember that all flea and tick control product are pesticides and in order for these products to be as safe and effective as possible, they must be used as directed. It’s also important to understand that, just like human health care products, nothing can be 100% allergy-free, so some dogs will have a reaction. Most reactions are temporary, such as skin irritation, but some can be very serious.

    Sergeant’s wants to help pet owners make safe choices, which is why we expanded our “Look at the Label” educational campaign and website to educate consumers on proper application and use of flea and tick control products. Each case in this forum – and other forums – is different, which is why we think you will find the information on helpful in answering many of the questions you may have at this point in time. Sergeant’s President, Bob Scharf, wants pet owners to know this tool is available and encourages everyone to visit the website or call Sergeant’s hotline to answer any questions or concerns you may have – whether it is pre, post or after application. You can view a special message here:

    Again, we are very sorry to read these less than positive experiences. Please let us know if you have any questions at all, as we would be more than happy to assist you further.

    Julie and the Sergeant’s Team

  14. i used sergeant’s gold flea & tick squeeze-on and about 15min after i put the product on my dog. my dog started drooling heavily. i didnt know what could be wrong with him i followed the directions on the box and it has no warnings. so i called my aunt who happens to work with dogs and she said to wash him so i did and when we got him out he started walking funny & wanting to stay outside but i had to drag him in the house he was like scared to walk up the little step to my door he also threw up allot and had peed & pooped all over the house even tho he has been potty trained for a year and hopefully he will be better in the morning if not i am taking him to the hospital

  15. I just used this product today and only wished I had checked it out first. I have never used an OTC product like this before and never will…despite the band-aid attempt by the Sergeants representative above.
    My dog, who weighs 14 pounds so he’s well within the 9-20 pound range, was treated at about 2 p.m. this afternoon. I left to run some errands and when I returned, he was scratching uncontrollably and salivating excessively.
    I immediately went to the box and found nothing. I am a registered nurse and thought of giving him a bath but chose to check the Sergeants website out and again…nothing.
    I found this site and I would like to thank all of you. I bathed him and gave him Benadryl.
    It is really sad that you go and purchase a product advertised as something that will help your pet and then use the product only to find that the company is guilty of false advertisement. This product does not help your pet in any way and Sergeants should be ashamed for deceiving their consumers.
    Good luck to all of you and I pray that Sergeants at least admits their fault and take this mess (because as far as my dog and I are concerned, it’s far from a product) off of the market!

  16. I wish I had read all this yesterday. I bought Sargeant’s Gold thinking I could save money over buying Frontline at the vet. HUGE mistake. I have two dogs and I bought the 9-20 range. One dog is fine so far but my Maltese is a very unhappy camper right now.

    His initial reaction to the liquid should have clued me in. He flinched when I was putting it on him, but I figured it was just the wetness of it. He didn’t react for about the first hour to hour and a half. We went to bed and he started scratching like crazy. He also coughed a few times and was drooling some. That poor dog, he kept us up all night last night. We got up and rinsed out what was on his skin the best we could. I called the consumer affairs hotline this morning, and like everyone else, they told me to bathe him in Dawn.

    I’ve given him two baths now and he’s still scratching like a mad man. Fortunately, his skin looks ok so far, it’s not red but he is clearly miserable. He’s just sitting at my feet and whining. I feel so bad for not knowing. At least I am at home during the day so I can keep an eye on him.

    They need to take this off the market!

    Our dog is going crazy right now as I type! This flea drop had caused my dog to itch, shake, uncontrollable breathing too. I dont know what to do besides give the dawn bath. We are on bath number 2 now. Almost immediately after putting this stuff on our dog she acted strange, we took it as fleas fighting back. Well this does not seem to be the case. I have read other web sites and heard about many animals dieing from this product. I hope our little Bow Wow is going to be OK, along with everyone elses dogs. If hartz/Sargents wont pull it Wal Mart should!


  18. I used the Sergeant’s squeeze-on 9lbs-20lbs on my little Havanese and knew something was wrong when she started panting and running around the house. Her eyes were watering and she was very agitated and distressed. She kept trying to lie down to go to sleep but couldn’t sit still. I bathed her in the middle of the night and the only way I could calm her was to keep rubbing her back. We were both exhausted the next day. I can’t believe they are still selling this product!!

  19. I wish we had also known about this, we used this product on our two dachshunds last night and we were up all night with them agitated and whinning, we bathed them a couple of times to remove what was applied and it has helped one of them but the other is miserable.

    Julie, I find it astounding that Sergeants puts out a product and then they feel the need to put up an additional website, not even using the Sergeants URL, because of the ramifications of using that product. That in itself is admittance that a problem does exist. Now you may say that the affected number of pets is relatively small, that you are aware of, because the possibility does exist that many pet owners may not use the Internet to report these problems. As for percentages, I have two dogs, used the product on both and both had adverse reactions, that is 100%.

    This product is DANGEROUS……

  20. it is amazing that a product that could cause such discomfort and danger to our precious pets could continue to be sold to more and more unsuspecting consumers.

    I put the Sergeant’s Gold on my three small dogs Saturday morning around 11 am, totally following the directions on the box. I noticed all afternoon how they seemed to be unusually figity and nervous. By the evening my Shih Tzu was acting very peculiar – with involutary muscle movement and whining and the inability to get comfortable.

    After getting on this website and reading with disbelief of what I had done to my sweet little dogs, I gave them Dawn bathes at midnight. My daughter and I made a 1 am trip to WalMart to get Benadryl, then I made a 3am trip to the Emergency vet where they administered an injection of muscle relaxer and a perscription for anti inflammatory medicine. He never went to sleep all night and has had a miserable day today. He cannot get comfortable for more than a few seconds. The other 2 dogs are figity and biting at themselves, but nothing like the Shih Tzu.

    This is a total outrage that a product that would have so many adverse effects on poor innocent pets would remain availabe. Not to mention the unexpected expense of visiting Emergency vets in fear of losing your beloved pet. Lawsuits should be filed if that is what it would take to get the attention of Sergeants in this matter.

  21. This is outrageous! Why is this product still on the market? My 4 month old lab is now suffering because I used Sergeant’s Gold on him this afternoon. As soon as he started foaming at the mouth, I bathed him in palmolive dishsoap. He is now asleep, but still drooling. If anyone has initiated any legal proceedings please let us all know, otherwise I will forward this website to an attorney. Even better, maybe Inside Edition could get Sergeants attention? I pray for the best for all of your pets!

  22. Our stories all have such a sad similarity. My dog too suffered the same reaction as described. I contacted Sergeants…they are sending me a form to fill out. Big Deal.
    I contacted Wegmans Consumer Affairs where I purchased it, and they were grateful to hear of this, and are looking into removing it from the shelves.
    Has a class Action suit been filed or discussed yet?
    I am VERY interested in oursuing one.

  23. I had put this Sergeant’s flea & tick crap which I also bought at walmart on my maltipoo “Bella” about 2 weeks ago and she also started acting strange rolling all over the couch on her back and scratching her face. At about 2:00 am she started barking uncontrollably. I took her a regular bath, and right after she looked at ease. I had a feeling it was the sergeant’s flea medicine but i wasn’t sure. Now she’s scratching again and I was just about to put it on her , but I thought let me go online and see how much to put since before i thought i had put too much. Now I’m really sure it was the Sergeant’s flea & tick “poison”. Thank you sooooo much!!!!

  24. All i have to say is! OH MY GOD! Why is this product still being sold????

    I bought this crap today and applied it to 3 of my dogs! at 9PM and it is 1: 20 AM right know and i am still trying to calm them down, they just wont stop rolling, vomiting and scratching..
    As if something is burning them, i gave them a bath but the problem still persists..

    Why are they still selling this crapppp! I am so pissed right know..

  25. I have found a product for flea’s and ticks that you should not use on your dog.
    Segeant gold flea and tick drops you put on their backs.

    We did this to our dogs this weekend and had to wash it off within a couple of hours. Roscoe was foaming at the mouth and the other two were having nervous twitches. We called Sergeant’s and was told that it wasn’t poisonous, but had a very bitter taste and to wash the dogs mouth out. We also bathed the dogs to wash it off. This did not clear up the problem.

    Well it didn’t stop there. Roscoe stopped eating, he would just lay there.
    This is not him. He didn’t even come to the grill when I was cooking outside the next day (Sunday).

    I went to the vet Monday and he never heard of this topical application having a bad effect on dogs however we called the poison control. While we did this his nurse looked it up on the net, all of the sudden we were getting reports from people where it almost killed their dog.

    We had to bath the dogs again this evening with dawn dish soap. Normally the vet would never have you do this because of the oils in the dogs coats, but in this situation it was recommended by poison control. We are also giving the dogs steriods for the next couple of days. The vet wants to make sure it doesn’t shut down their livers.

    Good part is the bath did wonders for the two boxers, Mickey, who is 14yrs old, is the one that may still have some issues. Roscoe took the blunt of it all with what happened, however his age is to his advantage.

    So if you know of anyone that is thinking about using this stuff, tell them not too. Our vet is going to let all his clients know about it now. We bought it at wal-mart and I will be going there tomorrow to talk to them.

  26. I purchased Sergeant’s Gold Squeeze on from FoodLion the other day in order to save a few bucks.. I have a Golden Retriever about 35lbs (Reilly), a black lab (Kelly) about 65lbs and a Shepard Mutt (Jenny) about 25lbs. I have had these dogs ranging from 1 year to 9 years, and I can’t believe that I may lose not one, but all three as a result of poisoning from this crap. My Golden Retriever has been affected the most profoundly. He can barely move his legs and after only two days has stopped urinating. His excessive salivating has stopped, but he is so lethargic. I don’t have the money to take him to the vet as I lost my job a few months back. Please someone help me, is there anything I can do for him to make him better? Everyone has been saying they are giving their dogs Benedryl, I will try that. I called the number that Julie put in her letter from Sergeant’s listed above, but it was busy for over an hour now. This must be some epidemic. These dogs are a part of our family they are like our children, please help if you have any info that can help Reilly. Thank you.

  27. the same thing has happened to my dogs and I used it on them too.let me know if you contact your lawyer and what he says please……..Please………please.

  28. I have a 1 year old Yorkie mix that is 12 lbs I bought the sargent’s gold for the 9 to 20 lbs at Walmart. My dog nearly went mad a few hours after putting it on…..running and squirming and whining and drooling. I have bathed im about 5 times and given him benadryl. I cannot believe this product is out there and I WILL NEVER purchase another product OF ANY KIND with that brand name on it. And if I end up with my dog in the ER I will seriously consider filing a lawsuit. -Missouri

  29. My wife just (12 October 2008) applied Sergeants Silver to our two cocker spaniels. They are drooling with classic nerve agent symptoms. (I’m USAF retired.) Washing them with Dawn twice helped, but this should never have happened.

    I will never use this crap again and will go out of my way to inform everyone I know of this KNOWN condition.

    Sergeants should discontinue this product OR MARKET IT IN A MUCH MORE DILUTE SOLUTION.

  30. OCTOBER 12, 2008

    Within 3 hours of applying it my dog started drooling non stop. It went outside to eat grass and vomited.

    I kept thinking of what it had ate.I had been with her all day and remembered that the only thing applied to her was the Sergent’s Gold Flea & Tick squeeze.

    I immediately gave her a bath. Once it was done, I started doing research and found this website.

    She is no longer salivating, but still can’t get her to drink water.

    I’m giving her Pet-dophilus for her digestion. It seems to be helping, even though I have been forcing it. She will eat, but not drink any water.

    So far i have given her 2 baths. She seems to be better. Thank god she has not gotten paralyzed as some of the other pets mentioned in this website.

    I don’t understand why it is still being sold in the stores. I bought it at my local CVS pharmacy and it is the only one that is being sold.

    From what i read, the first thing to do is WASH THE PRODUCT OFF.

  31. Hello,

    I, like everyone else, applied this product to my maltese. After about an hour he was itching and scratching and kept barking at me like he wanted me to do something. I immediatly gave him a bath and that has not helped him. He can’t sleep so I just gave him 1/2 a benadryl and some milk. I am planning on giving him another bath in Dawn in the morning and if that does not work, we will be going to the vet.

    You trust that you are buying a product that works and is safe if it is on the market. This is obviously very common with this product and should not happen. After reading the ingredients, it is clear to me that the “Other” 58% is poison.

  32. I also purchased sergents gold flea and tick treatment for my three small dogs, They all had a reaction, The worst is my Toy Poodle he is in the worst shape it really bothers me to see the amount of dogs that have been affected by this WHY ARE THEY STILL SELLING THIS 3 out of 3 thats pretty bad!!!!!!

  33. I picked up the Silver Sergeants at Food Lion the other day. I put it on my Maltese, Maya and all heck broke loose. Within an hour she was scratching herself mad, throwing up and foaming at the mouth. I washed her three times with Dawn dish soap to get the stuff off her. She was so pathetic and then couldn’t move on her left side. She couldn’t stand and just layed there. It took over 36 hours for this to leave her nervous system. She still has the sores to show the nightmare she had. I searched for reactions to this medicine at 2 am and found all of your posts. I did what the one lady said about chicken broth and water. I am sooooo mad that this crap can still be on the store shelves. On my last trip to the super market I left a post a note that said this stuff almost killed my dog…Caution unless you want to lose your dog….don’t buy it. I am so mad.

  34. I too wish I had seen this before last night. I bought the Sergeants gold 9-20lb and 61 lb and over. I put it on all four of my dogs. One of my Chihuahua’s and my Dachshund both started gagging so I immediately bathed them, they then started the uncontrolable itching and whimpering, they shook their heads continuously. My second Chihuahua started with the itching about 2 hours later so I bathed her. I was up all night with the three of them and never thought that it would affect my 85lb sheperd mix. Early in the morning he was trying to tear the door down to get inside, I let him in and he was scratching and unable to stay still he was miserable. I then put him in my tub and gave him two bathes, I had to get in the shower with him cause he hates it. They are all somewhat better, I did give them benadryl and put some benadryl cream on the spots that I put the drops. Now its 15 minutes after the shower with my big dog and I then took one myself, I’m suffering with skin irritation, my neck and face are burning, itching and swollen. There has got to be something we can do to stop this from happening to other people. I am going to contact my local tv station, they do investigations and I’m going to get this out there in my area so no more animals suffer. Everyone needs to spread the word every where they go.

    Hope everyones pets are better and there are no long term effects.

  35. I bought Seargants gold for 20lbs applied it to my shih-tzu around 8 last night, then around 1:30 am he woke me up running around the room desperate and hiper ventelating, his heart was paunding very fast. I took him out side thinking he needed fresh air.That did not work.He ran under the bed and does not want to come out unless we drag him out.Im going to take him to the vet today after i bathe him. I wish we would have known about this earlier. My shih-tzu wouldnt be suffering right now.

  36. I purchased the sergeants flea and tick today for dogs 9 to 20 lbs and applied it to my 2 dogs. My older dog (10yrs) starting gagging 2 hours later and has not stopped, she is nervous and can’t get comfortable. I immediately went online and found all these horror stories, unfortunately too late. How can they still sell this product? I followed the advice and bathed her, however she is still gagging and restless. Looks like its going to be a long night that will probably end up in the emergency room. Do not buy this product.

    I too will spread the word.

  37. I purchased the sergeants silver product for our three dogs. After applying the product we had left only to return home three hours later to find our older dog convulsing, drolling and in obvious neurological distress, for she was unable to stand or walk. Having medical experience behind me, I knew it was this product and I immediately washed it off of her and tried to give her benedryl, however her jaws were locked and I was unsuccessful. We took her to the emergency hospital, for it’s Sunday and the vets not open. The vet confirmed that the chemical in this product is lethal and is the cause of our dogs symtoms. Although my husband and I are home and the other two dogs have been bathed and calmed down, we’re not sure our Kelli (older dog) will be coming home. We are waiting to see how her liver and kidneys are going to do. I contacted the company, which I probably shouldn’t have, I’m still to emotional, and all they did was piss me off. However, they haven’t heard the last of me.

  38. I wished I had researched buying over the counter flea medications. I bought the sergents gold for my two small dogs , I got the right stuff 9-20 lbs. My smaller pup Harley was gagging and drooling. My larger 14 lb. Boogier was drooling, could not get confortable and was whinning and crying all night until now. They both keep rubbing their heads on the floor and keep digging. I called the number and talked to a lady who told me to wash them in dishwashing liquid and put chicken broth in their water(that they wont drink). They are just calming down. I WOULD NOT EVERY USE THIS AGAIN,I WILL BUY FROM MY VET. PLEASE dont use this on your animals. It frightens them becasue they dont know what is happening and they cant tell you. I would never use this and will do what is necessary to keep anyone else from going through this with their beloved pet. ALSO the Lady told me that because I had two they probably ingested it .. I dont think so. But she should also read the box. Horrible thing to put pets through. Talk about animal abuse….

  39. I used the Sergeants Silver liquid on my Yorkie. He started scratching and shaking his head. We washed it off, but its now 3 days later and he’s still shaking his head like he’s trying to get something off of him. I feel so bad for him, he isn’t sleeping hardly, it seems worse at night. The vet said to give him 12.5 mg benadryl, but it doesn’t seem to be
    working very well.

    Does anyone else have a situatin with their dog shaking their head (kind of like the way dogs shake when trying to dry off).


  40. Placed Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze on for dogs on our 10 year old Shih Tzu last night. She kept us up until two in the morning with constant crying and itching. We bathed her, which didn’t seem to make a difference. Now about 16 hours later she is no longer crying or scratching but still lethargic. Fleas and ticks are gone. We’re glad our dog isn’t!

  41. Its midnight and I’m up with my toy poodle who is absolutly miserable. At 2:00pm I used Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick for dogs. He has all the same symptons as those above. I’ve bathed him twice. No luck.I can’t believe this stuff is out there for sale. How do I help him.

  42. hello i have 4 dogs and applied this junk on them my little mixed dog started gaging and breathing weird and vomiting and itching very badley i new something was wrong and new it was that so i got the milk of magnizuim and tea out and started with that ..then i got on here and found this website and boy did i find a bunch of pepole going threw the same thing i have bathed him now twiced and im getting the benadryl i hope it helps the itching….what a bunch of bullshit i got this from our local walmart….why can they still sell this shit…..

  43. I to applied this product Sergeants to my three dogs came home two hours later to find my dog wet all over and the entire house full of throw up and he was having convulsions could stand or anything it was awful.
    Rushed him to the vet and the vet told me that sergeants is a poison and should not be on the market. My poor dog spend four hours at the vet being treated. My other two dogs I had to wash them until it was all off.
    If I had not come home when I did the vet said that he may have not been with me today. To think that I bought the lesser amount that the label said to use hate to think what may have happen if I had used the amount for a 19lb. dog which they are.
    Folks do not use this product not any of your animals dogs or cats you are not saving any money and could kiss you four legged best friend.

  44. We bathed our two dogs with Hartz tick and flea shampoo, with out any immediate reactions, however, about 6 days after their bath, we noticed bizarre behavior. They would run around without warning yelping and barking trying to hide or get away from something. They would continue to run frantically while defecating and urinating through the house! The episodes would last a couple of minutes to several minutes, than subside.
    I am not sure if this is related to the Hartz shampoo, if someone could please let me know if they have had a similar experience, we would greatly appreciate it.

  45. I am absolutely devestated now that I have read all this. Please if anyone has started a lawsuit against this product let me know. No money can replace a pet, but it can stop others from losing their beloved animals.

    I was a dedicated Frontline user for over 5 years and never had a problem with fleas. We used it for preventative measures. Over the past year, we noticed a few fleas and it had seemed that the fleas were becoming resistant to Frontline. Our vet confirmed the issue and suggested we switch to a different product.

    Since we never had any epidemic and used it as a preventative I decided to use Seargantt Gold.

    I am very versed in animal care as I use to own a pet shop. I had an 80lb pit bull, a 50lb pit, a 13lb toy poodle, and 2 1 year old cats. I did not even use a full dose on any of them and none of them were given flea baths prior. I already knew that was a no no.

    I honestly just now tied everything together after reading all these stories… stupid was I.

    My 80lb pit only had the head shaking and rolling.

    My 50lb pit whom I first took to the vet had the head shaking, drooling, huge whelps on her back, urinating all over the house, and scratching sores all over her. I thought she had a UTI, but the vet said it was a severe reaction to something and she had to take antibiotics, benadryl, and prednisone.

    Stupid me I still did not clue in..

    My cats inital symptoms were howling and scratching. My cats and small dog stayed down stairs away from the big dogs, so they were not in my view 100% of the time. The next morning when my son went down to give them fresh food and water, his male cat was laying in front of the bedroom door dead. We were crushed. We assumed because he was so young that he must have had a congenital problem. We took his brother (our other cat) to the vet to have him checked for any congenital issues but they did not find any.

    The final tragedy was my 10 year old poodle. My poodle had a collapsing trachea so she coughed a lot normally. She was my angel. To make a long painful story short. Within 4 days after treating her, she was gone. She went into respiratory arrest and died.

    I never knew of any issues or warnings. I found out today, 2 weeks after my tragedy. I went on line to look up the medicine because I had a tube still at the house and could not remember which weight of animal it was for…..All that pulled up was story after story of misfortune and tragedy.

  46. This stuff is terrible.My mother and I applied this on our dogs and one hour later they were foaming at the mouth and there bed was covered with water and a terrible burn on their necks and one of our dogs are bleeding because of it.And my mother is worried because her dog Roxy is preagnant and we don’t know what will happen to her pups.This item should be pulled off the market.And we have already contacted our lawyers.

  47. BOTH of our dogs almost DIED from this horrible product. They have sores on their bodies, and didn’t sleep for over 48 hours. CAN WE SUE this company? If anyone wants to talk to me about this please email me, I have pictures and my husband and I want some action taken on this…..HELP!

  48. I used the Sergeant’s Gold® Flea and Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs 9-20 lbs on my small toy poodle. About 2 hours after I had dosed her, she started running around frantically and drooling. Over the next 2 hours it got worse and worse. I was so upset that I called a friend and after we talked about the events of the day, she thought it might have something to do with the flea/tick product. I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me earlier than then. I called the emergency number on the box and was told what everyone else that has posted was told…pins and needles feeling, drooling, bathe in Dawn, apply Vitamen E oil, takes up to 24 hours to get out of system, etc. After I had bathed the puppy (8 months old)three different times, she was still frantic. We had a long and terrible night. None of us got any sleep. The only thing that would somewhat soothe her was for me to continually rub her from her neck to her tail. If I stopped for a moment, she would start twitching and thrashing. This went on all night long…hours and hours. I am so upset about this.

  49. I administered the Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze on my 2 1/2 year old pomeranian and noticed within 30 minutes he was disstressed and have been lethargic since. Please explain to me and the other dog owner victim why Sergeant / Hartz is so irresponsible and foolish to market this lethal drug to our dogs. You will pay for this after you assist me with nurturing my dog, Jettson back to health. Please help!!!!!!!

    T. Morning
    Tampa, Florida

  50. Hi Kara,

    I work for Sergeant’s Pet Care Products and am writing in response to your post on Craig’s list and here on We monitor online commentary on our products to ensure that if issues do arise, pet owners know to contact our Consumer Affairs department for assistance. I was very glad to read that your poodle recovered quickly from the sensitivity, that her symptoms were gone the following day (from your original post on Craig’s List) and that the advice our veterinary technician gave you was useful when you contacted the Consumer Affairs department on April 21, 2009.

    We always encourage pet owners to carefully follow the instructions on the box before use of flea and tick control product, as reactions can occur using any pesticide product on pets when used in ways not recommended. It is especially important to pay close attention to the weight and dosage recommendations.

    Thank you for calling our Consumer Affairs number right away. This is precisely what we advise all pet owners to do if they experience any issues with any of our products. Knowing the details of these situations helps us to realize how important it is that we clearly state weight ranges and other application directions on our labels.

    Sergeant’s Pet Care Products

  51. I had just recently applied this Sergeants Pet care products to my English bulldog and i will NEVER do this again. This product made my dog foam at the mouth at first then start to vomit. Soon thereafter he had a burn area on the back of his neck. A bad burn, this product NEEDS to be taken off the shelves immediately I’m to the point of a lawsuit.

  52. I have a three year old maltipoo, last week I gave her a bath in Zodiac flea a nd tick shampoo which contains 15%pyrethins, last night I noticed she was itching so I use a flea and tick product by Adams about 6:00 p.m., at 12:00 a.m. she started having seizures, she has had seizures in the past and is currently on phenobarbital, the vet does not know if it is her doseage or the chemicals in the products, my bet is the chemicals, all of you people on this site dealing with this situation need to join forces and file a class action law suit against these types of companies that are harming your pets, and check into your states cruelty to animal laws to stop this from happening anymore

  53. I put Hartz Silver Flea and Tick Drops on my Yorkie Ahpso this afternoon. Almost immediately he began to panic, running through the house, looking like he was trying to rub the stuff off. I bathed him immediately, twice, but he was still going nuts. I called the 800 number on the box and was told to bathe him in dishwashing liquid. He has had three baths in dishwashing liquid, and two baths in Mane and Tail shampoo. Right now he is laying on his back, motionless, apparently trying to get some relief. As a business owner, I have several attorneys on retainer, so you folks with the same story, if you want to participate in a Class Action Lawsuit, leave your comments and e-mail address here. I plan to have them seek maximum remedy under the law as well as punitive damages.

  54. this is the worst stuff i have ever tried we bought the one for my cat and i am sorry but the shit fucking sucks and should be removed. My cat will not stop scratching and freaking out the bath shit doesn’t work ether

  55. My mom accidently used the dog meds on our cat. And the cat is in bad shape; it continues to meow in pain, twitch, lick, and tumble. It is truely distressing… what’s in this crap, arsenic? It’s at the vet now, I hope she’ll be okay.

  56. I am so glad to read that I am not the only one who has had problems with this medication. I gave some to my pug and she has been panting heavily and constantly for two days and her skin twitches all over as if there is something alive under it. I bathed her with Dawn soap three times and there seems to be nothing else I can do. Does Benedryl actually help or do dogs just finally work it out of their system?

  57. OMG! I used Sergeant’s Gold on my 4 year old Greyhound and he got SO sick; foaming at the mouth, throwing up, scratching, whining and yelping,he was just miserible in his own skin!
    I put this product on him in hopes to keep fleas and ticks off as any responsible dog owner whould. I had no idea that what I was actually doing was poisoning him. I honestly thought he was going to die. What a horrible experience this was for my whole family and most of all for our loving dog Trooper. Please pass the word on to everyone you know that own pets. They have to take this Poison off the shelves before anymore pets get sick or even worse….DIE!!!!

  58. Bath #1 down, #2 on the way…

    I used the 9-20 lbs Sergeant’s Gold flea & tick squeeze-on on my Mini Schnauzer maybe around 11PM last night… 12:30AM, he began hacking and scratching. I thought he was maybe having a reaction to the flea spray I treated the carpet with but then he began to drool very heavily which seemed even a bit foamy. Drooling is really unusual for this dog considering that he doesn’t even drool when he has to wait for his favorite treats. I washed him off and he seems to be a little more comfortable now but the poor pup is still scratching and drooling as I write this comment, at 1:45AM. I used a syringe to force him to have some water since he is refusing to drink on his own. Right now I am letting him rest a little since baths stress him out a bit before I can go for bath #2 with the dish soap. I will be taking him to the vet first thing in the morning before work.

    Will not buy this product EVER again.

  59. It is now 3 am and my little shih tzu is extremely ill. Tori is 9 and I put this on her at 2:oo today. Well I bathed her at midnight, got Benadryl from Walgreens at 1230 and administered. She is peeping, crying, in/out, scratching and sounds like someone is stabbing her. WHAT THE &^$$!!@@ IS WRONG WITH THESE ASSHOLES selling this shit ???? I am contacting an attorney in the morning and then a HITMAN if she dies. WARN EVERYONE with a pet.

  60. My little Tori 9 yr old shih tzu is just as SICK AS CAN BE. This truly is a nightmare for both of us especially her. I have broken down. Its so sadto see her suffering needlesly. SO HELP ME– REVENGE and LITIGATION is on the horizon for this 101% and I am not shy. My lawyerS are GUNNING

  61. We put Sergeant’s Silver flea & tick posion on our 80 pound mix and 65 pound airedale at 6:00 pm. A couple of hours later they were pacing. The mix was eating grass. At about 10:00 pm we realized it must have been the flea and tick application. That was when I found this website. We have now bathed them in Dawn it is 12:30 am. They are a little more comfortable but not yet normal. We intend to keep them moving through the night. I am very angry and cannot believe this problem has existed for over a year and it is still being sold.

  62. I put this on my 2 ShihTzus. It didn’t bother one I guess because her hair was longer. The other one however didn’t show any sign until morning . His tail was blood red and all over his tail and back. This has been almost a week and he’s still not normal. He has chewed off over “half” of his tail. He is in misery!
    He chews off all tail bandages. He never really cared for baths but now is jumping into the tub and waiting on me. I have done the muscle relaxers/benadryl. Lots of baths. I now have tethered him inside a large crate so he can’t reach his tail to bite anymore. He has enough room to stand up/move around/eat/drink/lay down and sleep but still not reach his tail. As of today I have not medicated him-I’m worried his liver & kidneys will fail.Does anyone know just how long it will take for my baby to act normal or if he ever will?

  63. December, 2009
    My dog suffered terribly from this product – running wildly – called the 800 number – told to bath her – did so and called the vet who took her in immediatly – gave her an injection and pills to calm her – couldn’t sleep – everytime she tried to lay down her legs would keep running – stopped eating – didn’t sleep for 2 days/nights (me, too). What a horror. What can we do to get this off the market.

  64. This product is pure EVIL… We had a horrible 48h, the poor dog was suffering so bad; She is such a sweet dog and I almost poisoned her! I feel so bad
    “Sergeant’s Inc. you are OFF my shopping list for life”

    * Apply some extra virgin olive oil where you applied the product after you wash your dog, It doesn’t heal much but it creates a “cold” sensation good enough to distract the dog for a couple hours. Make sure to wash it off the following morning.

  65. I gave my one year old Chia-pom a dose of the 9-20lb flea and tick squeeze on med yesterday at 2 and she immediately rolled all over the place, running in circles, trying to get the stuff off of her. Today she was foaming at the mouth, panting like crazy and shaking. Her heart is racing as well. She is going to make holes in her skin from the scratching. This is a true poison. When I called the number on the back of the box, they told me to wash her in Dawn dishwashing liquid, put vitamin e on her and have her drink tuna water or chicken broth to make the bitter taste go away in her mouth. I feel so badly for my sweet 9lb pup.

  66. Due to the fact that I trusted a petsmart store in my home town, my poor pug chloe is now suffering. I put sentry pro on her and within a few days my dog had a severe seizure. I actually thought that I was going to loose her. I rushed her to the emergency vet clinic right after the seizure and they did a lot of tests and kept asking me if she had been around any poison. Unfortunately I unknowingly provided the poison. I wish I would have stuck with the flea medicine that I had always given her. I blame myself everyday. Shame on sentry pro you are knowingly killing and poisoning our animals for the all mighty dollar. Shame on petsmart for knowing that there are problems with this medication and they still carry it. I spend tons of money in their stores but never again. I will be seeking legal action and using word of mouth for sure. Im sure that our news station would love a good story. I know have a dog that is lethargic, scratches constantly, and twitches all the time. Big thanks goes out to petsmart and sentry pro for your lovely poison. I PRAY that Chloe is ok because the emergency vet says their can be long term side effects from this medication. As for petsmart and sentry pro you better hope and PRAY that she is ok also, I will not stop harrasing someone from either companies until this crap is off the shelves. Sentry pro send my regards to satan.

  67. It is 1:00 am and my husband has our beloved Shihtzu at the emergency vet. I applied this crap on her at 7:30 pm and now she is so sick and having trouble walking. She is vomiting and coughing and is restless. We washed her off and my husband is now with her at the vet. How can this company get away with selling this product? We have always used Frontline and have never had any reactions at all. On the advice from a friend who used this with no problems I decided to try it…and now my little baby is suffering,

  68. I used this stuff on my two Malteese Poodles and they were fine. They had fleas on them 2 days later but they had no adverse side effects, thank God. However, I developed some bumps on my hands about 2 days after applying the chemical to the dogs. The bumps lasted for about a week and a half and then began cracking and peeling. My hands are still dry and peeling 3.5 weeks later! At least it was me and not my dogs who was allergic.

  69. I used the Sergeant’s Gold 9-20lb application on my Jack Russel mix, 13 pounds, yesterday. He never drools but within 2 hours he was drooling like crazy. Then he became extremely agitated, like he was trying to run away from his own body. Eventually I found this website (thank you everyone) and gave him a bath. I didn’t have Dawn on hand so I used a human shampoo/conditioner combo with a LOT of rinsing and it calmed him down. He stopped drooling shortly thereafter but I was literally up with him all night as his body continually went into spasm and he cried out in pain. Today, all those symptoms seem to be gone but he is extremely lethargic. If there is a class action lawsuit, sign me up. If not, we have to start one or see that the executives at this company are prosecuted. To continually sell this product after 2 years of these complaints (which they obviously know about) is animal abuse, pure and simple. Consumers shouldn’t have to research the safety of every product they use BEFORE they use them!

  70. I feel like the biggest douchebag in the world. last nite i gave my 10lb dog,chance, a bath and put sergeants gold drops as instructed. in less than twenty minutes after, chance was running around the entire house,panting like crazy ,drooling jumping on couches,beds knocking pillows off them ,whimpering. i realized the drops were the only thing i used that was different than other thing in our routine. i live about 45 minutes away from the nearest “anything”, add to that, my truck neds a new clutch, til then it is undrivable. so u can imagine my distress as the hours ticked into the night 8, 9, 10, 2,4,6,7 am. chance and i were up all nite, 8 baths/dips ,before we finally were able to speak to somone on the # listed on the box. i gave 4 separate shampoos of dawn then followed with vitamin e oil as instructed . we both woke up just a while ago around 2pm. while he is better, hes still feeling ill,the scratching and whimpering has stopped. i am fuming, pissed,livid and i want som answers. for all of u that lov ur pets like they r ur family,the way i do, then u kno what its like when they r hurting and they stare at u with those eyes that beg u to help them. they trust us, they depend on us, and to look at his eyes and realize im the one that tried to save the $$ in an effort to fix my clutch,so, i bought these drops instead,and my god, i could lose my best buddy,and stare at his eyes unsure of how to alleviate his pain,then u kno what i went thru,and what many others as well. i say class action lawsuit. all tose in favor,please reply to this very site. in the meantime,help spread the word about these poisonous drops. i am going to the store where i purchased them to speak with the manager. i suggest all u save ur receipts and leftover product,speak to somone where u purchased it at, i am going to call the local newspaper ,as well as news,and ofcourse spca, it needs to com out and the companies should hav gotten this off the shelf one too many affected dogs ago. on behalf of chance and myself, thanks and best wishes to u and ur pets

  71. My story is similar to everyone above – thank you to everyone who has shared their stories. I purchased the squeeze on flea and tick preventive treatment for my 12 pound Japanese Chin. She suffered foaming at the mouth and severe itching/scratching/discomfort. I cannot believe this product is still being sold.

  72. Wow, I am kicking myself for not checking this online earlier. Like all the stories on this post. I too, put Seargents Flea medicine on my Shin Tzu, as we also did not sleep last night. He has vomited, drooling profusely, running around, can’t be still. He’s biting himself as if something is biting him. At 2am I gave him Dawn bath. It’s so heartbreaking to read all of these stories, as my heart rang out to my baby as he’s in distress. I just gave him Benadryl, hopeful that will help. I too tried calling the customer service department, busy as I expected. I am not letting this go, I have contacted my attorney and left a message. I will pursue this to the fullest extent.

  73. I purshased this flea medication because I am running low on extra money and applied to my 8lb shorkie. I came home at 5 p.m. and he had vomited all over my house, itching his neck over and over, was crying very loud, and was disoriented. I knew immediately it had to have been the flea medication so I jumped in the shower and washed him with dawn soap 3 times. The shower seemed to comfort him but as soon as we were out the crying and itching started again. It is now 2 a.m. and my poor baby is still uncomfortable. I have been handfeeding him food and water all night and just gave him a benadryl. If this does not wear off by tomorrow morning I am taking him to the vet. DO NOT USE AND SPREAD THE WORD! This is so toxic for our babies!!!!!

  74. I bought Hartz Mountain Seargant Silver for my 3 year old boxer. This was the worst experience for my dog and I. I gave her a bath and used this solution on her. About 2 hours later she began to become extremely hyper, jumping around, not being able to sit still. I took her out and she had major diarrhea. For the next 12 hours she was a mess. I took her out a dozen times because of diarrhea. She could not sit still for any period of time. At about 6 in the morning, after a sleepless night for both of us, I took her to the emergency vet. They gave her a sedative to calm down, a shot of benadryl and anti-diarrhea medication. I am hoping this does the trick. As of now, she is sound asleep and I hope she gets better soon. This is the worst product. They should sue this company. If there is a class action suit, I will be one of the first ones on board.

  75. My wife pruchased Sargeants Gold and applied it to our 21 pound Shit Zou yesterday. Same affect as listed above: anxiety, baking, violent saking and sensitivty to touch, no sleep (for eitehr of us). I took him to the Vet today. They told us “we don’t recommend Sargeants or Hartz or Advantix becuase of the effect it has on animals”.

    I, like others on this board, want something done about it; however, I am trying a different tack. I am going to the store where we bought the Sargeants Gold and I will ask them them to post a warning, or pull it from their shelves. I am then going to every supermarket in my area and doing the same thing (if they carry it, I will ask them to warn or remove).

    There is more than one way to get this stuff off the market.

  76. OMG~ This is all I can really say, I used the Sargeants flea shampoo on my Yorkie and he started scratching like crazy and rolling around on the floor and biting at his skin, I thought it was just from the remaining fleas biting him because of the shampoo, I waited a couple days and went to walmart and bought the sargeants silver and put down his back and he went even crazier, i contacted poison control and was also told about the dawn dish soap, while this seemed to give some relief my poor yorkie has bald spots and sores in the location where the medicine was applied..this is nuts that a company knows this is happening and still has not pulled it off the shelf..I wish I would have researched before buying but like many others I was trying to save money…never again..I have told everyone I know not to use this product and when I am in a store I will stroll down the pet aisle and talk to other customers to make sure no one else buys the product!!

  77. if i could get my hands on these bastards id choke them. my dogs have suffered too.dawn works but dont expect a vet to tell u this before they can get an office visit out of u.

  78. What a disgrace of a helping product, that these poor animals who are more loyal and better friends than any human could ever imagine! I say this as a true breeder an lover of my family of 6 children and now three dogs!!! I , as all of you am saddened and absolutely livid and outraged with such neglect and lack of any true compassion , let alone care ,from a heellacious, greedy, corporate ,scum of a company!!!! This is a total disgrace of humanity!!! I Have two full belgium sheppards that are both only 5 months old and weigh over 50pounds , abby and Kaya, my two best friends!! i as many in this screwed up corporate world , did not have the extra money for frontline that i have used always on all my animals..Well applied it too abby and she started with her tongue sticking to her mouth didnt hink much of it and 2 hours later, my lady screaming in panic and concern , as any true dog owner would, hurry come up here. so go upstairs and th king size bed in a matter of 5 minutes , every inch was covered in drool and she too restless …. thnk god for this website first thing i went too and because of th info on these comments, i believe she will be better this evening.. thank god just lost my two german rots of 13 years, and 4 months later i will not be helpless too watch a young dog die or damn it , even suffer!tto putit lightly im pissed !!!! these are dogs that will not ever leave my side and would save me if i was drowning and dont ask for anything or talk back like my wifeLOL!!! On th bright side called schartz company and was told what any good dog owner would have already know wash and water and milk and bena dryl ………. The response i loved the most was ,,, WELL HAS ONLY HAPPENED TOO A FEW RARE CASES !!! WTF,,, SO MY IMEDIATE RESPONSE WAS IF IT WAS ONLY A FEW RARE CASES , THAN WHY SO MANY BLOGS AND YOUR OWN WEBBSITE ADMITTING FAULT AND TO HERE A 8 HOUR PERSON TELL ME THIS WITH NO REGARD OR COMPASIION WHAT SOEVER,, AND I THEN ASK WOULD IT BE OKAY IF A CHILD WALK IN A STORE BOUGHT A PRODUCT AND HAD DEATH OCCUR IN FEW RARE CASES,, SO YOUR KID EATS A CANDY BAR AND HER EAR FALLS OFFF,,,HMMMMMMMM AND THATS OKAY!!!! NEEDLES TO SY IM BESIDE MYSELF WITH IGNORANCE AND AGAIN NEGLECT,,,, THESE ARE LIVES TREASURES AND TO THEM ANOTHER DOLLAR SIGN ,, WELL CALLED MY LAWYER SO LOOKS LIKE 300 MILE TRIP TO THE BIG APPLE MANHATTEN HER I COME AND HARTZ YOU NOW HAVE BEEN OFICIALLY WARNED ,,,,,TO ALL THAT HAVE HAD THIS EXPERIENCE OF HELPLESNESS , MY HEART GOES OUT ILL LET ALL KNOW HOW THE CLASSACTION WILL BE SET!!!!!GET WELL PUPPIES AND ALL PETS!!

  79. I so appreciate everyone’s comments. Puppy was applied with the Sergeants flea and tick and I started researching. I got worried and decided to bathe the dog only about ten minutes after it was on his neck. Thanks to everyone putting their comments and info!

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